Saturday 14 May 2016

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision. The most entertaining contest that broadcasts live. Because I am a mess, here are my tweets of the night with slight explanation.

~ Eurovision the bitching begins with a weird flag ceremony. Yeah, I didn't think that really worked that well. Props for trying.
~No red button on BBC for Eurovision. Outrageous. Really annoying, especially as it was the only reason I came home and I liked having a translation of the lyrics so I can judge how ridiculous the song is with the performance.
~ Eurovision: Always one step away from a political statement. They technically banned but someone always singing about peace and stuff. 
~Germany outfit doesn't match the background or the song is weird. She was dressed like a cartoon/disney star with creepy tree behind her. It didn't match at all.
~OMG, France is singing in English. I can't remember the last time they did that. Nice song too. France always sings in Frence. I guess they finally cared about the Eurovision sigticas of an song with English in it winning. 
~I bet Poland does well in Eurovision. I was completely wrong but I liked them.
~I like how Australian has went for classy weird.
~There should be Eurovision drinking game just based on the common words that appear in the lyrics. Got fairytale, light, night and time. ~life is a miracle could be one. ~I am now drunk thanks to Cyprus. This would kill people so it probably shouldn't exist.
~ The Eurovision staple of striping but without the nudity.
~If you don't win a singing contest, enter for . There is a history of Britain sending the losers of singing contest to Eurovision. We have only sent a winner once and the sole purpose was to find a singer for Eurovision. Their performances usually make you wonder how they made into a singing contest at all. I found them really boring. Though, I never watched the voice to comment.
~About time show up with a cape and a smoke machine. These are the best clichés of Eurovision.
- I love how Eurovision both kisses up to Russian and tells it to go fuck itself. Russia like usual got a lot of points it didn't deserve and a song about Russian invading/being a dick won. This comes from the majority of Europe not agreeing with Russian politic views or actions but also not wanting to be invaded by them. I honestly don't know if Eurovision prevent Wars but people act as though it does.

That was Eurovision 2016, if I could change anything, I wouldn't have bother going home for it and just watched it in the common room. Waste of time making that Journey, don't tell my mother that though.