Saturday 27 July 2019

Slowed Down Writing

My writing has slowly gone out of the window. I got out of the habit of writing every day due to not being home all day. I have been feeling bouts of inspiration so maybe that's a sign that I need to keep going.

The StrangeAthon is currently going and that has only been a mini-fail as I got the challenges up in a reasonable time. Not so much the videos or the Sprints I said I was going to do.

Hell this post in only three paragraphs.

Saturday 13 July 2019

The "A Haunting" ep with the hospital.

Writing has taken a backseat to hospital visits and generally fucking around. I'm not the one in Hospital. Life is strange when someone in your immediate family is in the Hospital. I'm spending a lot of time alone with a small army of cats and a dog who is both clingy and doesn't understand that if she wants me to play fetch, she has to actually bring me the ball, not put it at the end of the couch and stared at it.

Stressfully and feeling guilty because you did the wrong thing, but also knowing you didn't know the full picture.

I got a wifi camera to spy on the animals when I have to leave them to their nonsense and there's no one to send me pictures. Pictures of Spiderman. I mean pictures of my dog, knowing what she doing at any moment. Even if that usually sleeping in a window; barking her head off for no reason or chasing a cat. She staring at me where a ball is out of arms reach of me. I love her but sometimes she drives me up a wall with her weird ball notions.

Basically, this has caused things I was planning for this week/month to be out a wack but things could be worse. Life is constant of throwing things out wack, while it laughs at your plans. Somethings might recover but making videos is unlikely thing right now. Though, I am in an empty house except for animals and apparently ghosts.

That's right the first time I have an infrared red security camera, I capture two orbs at 3am something. This amuses me more than anything else. I am the person who falls asleep to A Haunting. They do look legit but one also came from my cat's stomach.

I don't have much to say today, so I shall bow out until I have words. Now enjoy this video.

Saturday 6 July 2019

Camping at NaNoWriMo Again.

I am attempting Camp NaNoWriMo for the I don't know time. I first did it in 2012, but I haven't done it every year. Maybe this is the fourth. But Camp NaNoWriMo happens a few times a year, so probably have had a few half-arsed attempts over the years. I was trying to do a short story a day thing, which didn't work out again.

My 2015 attempt turned into a novel that has an ending of sorts that was never written out and now I find myself writing a very odd duo point of view superhero nonsense. It's a lot of office Politics but 

I haven't written a ton, probably due to it having no plot. It was meant to be a day in the life, but then I had to give my protagonist a fuck-up background and an Angsty love interest whose literal name is Angst right now. I haven't given most of the characters actual names, just stand-ins until I can figure out what I want their names to actually be. 

For example, a character is currently called E-Mega. It's a superhero thing, but it really doesn't suit him, primarily as he's meant to be this Golden Era character. If his origins were the 80s, then it could work, but him to be this stuffy immortal, that's out of touch with the world and kinda done. Going for that whole immortal thing. A lot of comic book characters are immortal when you actually look into, but no one in comics actually ages, so it rarely comes up. 

 I have a few characters I'm gonna have immortal or at least Legacies anyway. Dealing with the idea of these superhero organisations actually be around for the time for the superhero comic books. But mostly it's teenage adults fucking things up, hence why they could use the pet name Angst for each other. 

I'm enjoying writing this nonsense, but it's still ruined by the fact that it could only be a character study in its current form. Maybe if I keep writing, I'll eventually figure out an actual storyline that could carry something longer than a page. I guess I could go back to Nails Polish or the Stranger, novels where I know how they end, just have to figure out the well.

I've also started making videos again, participating in a month-long readathon. I also didn't get that job, shockingly. Well, now I can get a puppy guilt-free and shit talk the Big Bang Theory in all the ways it deserves. I've never read today, but I watched four films, including The Brady Bunch film which I have been watching clips of off YouTube for the past two weeks for some reason. Also Beyond Brief so it's been very retro today. I'm off to sleep or some other nonsense.