Saturday 29 September 2012

DAMN IT MOFFAT (I promise Last Doctor Who post till christmas but that only cause I can't think how it will come up again till then).

So I've just watch

Saturday 22 September 2012

When the cat is gone, the mice will read.

I am ill. I thought I would start this week's post off with my moaning. Okay,  I don't actually have that much to moan about. The bus to college didn't show up, well according to them the bus was 15 minutes earlier than plan without warning, after it being 15minutes late every other day before. I think they're just skipped my stop due to it being usually empty and its meant to be the first stop. Its not my fault I live in the village of the damned. I'm also still waiting to hear from SAAS to hear about my grant. Its been 30 days since I sent the addition information, so hopefully Monday a letter will come. Till then I am broke.

My parents are gone for the weekend, so be my sib have the house all to ourself. So obviously we have big plans for this weekend. However, as we're both geeks these plans include watching Doctor Who, Comedy World Cup and QI XL. I know we're so cool. Until then I plan to read Sherlock Holmes stories (and watching some lame British horror 'Demons Never Die').

God, I hate being ill. I always feel like I can't breath when I have a blocked nose. Maybe I have something to write about if I didn't have such a boring life, full of such interesting books.

Saturday 15 September 2012

My Sherlock Problem (with disturbing DW action).

I said I was going to talk about Sherlock Holmes today didn't I? Well, I'm not. Not really anyway, since frankly I talk about him far too much. It really just my problem which I inflict on my best friend. We had a  lovely chat last week until my phone declare we had talked too long.

I've bleached part of my hair so now I have sherlocks (that is probably no way the correct way to use that word), someone said (on the internet) that Sherlock meant golden hair. I have found no proof of this, and all the name meaning website have a different means such bright hair (which is certainly all my hair), light hair (some) or with cropped hair (none). Lock means hair most certainly.

I want to just do all my hair, but my mother is strongly against it. I want to do it as my last act of teenhood, It something that won't get away when I'm older, its not as premarted as a tattoo (someday, but have yet to find the right one) or a piercing (there can go horribly wrong, as in death). It's something I wanted to do for a while. I think I'm going to leave as it is for now and do it in October right before Halloween. That totally won't crashed with me dressing up as a female Sherlock (Vamp! version most likely). We'll see as neither plans are set in stone.

I've been fan-arting, something which I have never finish a piece of this yet and what I'm currently working on is challenging piece. Its Doctor Who related and might end the unverisal if were ever to happen. It also Slashy and can't help but giggly while drawing it. Even just looking at it sets me off. I have been informed that I must now finish it.

I would just like to take this time to make clear something. I am not Sherlockian or Whovian. I am Sherlockish and Whoish. This makes perfect sense since I am British, they are British therefore we are ab "Ish". The "an"s of North America are trying to inflict their ways on to us. Never. I will hurt the next person who address me as such.

Seriously, nothing to say this week.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Doctor Who thoughts as they happened.

GOD, Doctor Who makes me giggly. Watching it as I type. What with the orange opening? Queen Nefertiti is the best Queen of Egypt ever.  This is probably going to be rather random to begin with. Dinosaurs in space, isn't that like a little boy's fantasy. I would say kid except I wasn't that much into either as a kid.
LOL, Squeaky voice robots fantastic.Oh I know those voices, I love both those voices.

The Earth Lizard people are back.  I don't imagine a (can't think of the name of this) Dinosaur licking someone like a dog. I like Rory's dad better than Rory, its so sad when children go up...can't think of the right word. Everyone knows the Doctor is more like a PhD doctor than a medical one.

Eleven is really growing on me. At first I wasn't sure of him, I thought he would be better than nine who I did not like at all, but he's much better. Though, Ten will always be my Doctor.

The Doctor doesn't have a value, he's priceless. But definitely not worthless.

"Don't ever judge me by your standards" He probably stole that off someone. I'm now stealing that.

Robots are funny, as expected. "They've stolen a dinosaur." "I see that."

Gay kiss, well just give the fangirls what they're want then Doctor.

Oh, not the doggy Dinosaur *weeps dramatically*

Lestrade is all I can think about.

Ew, old man. No one likes a creepy rapist trying it on with a several thousand year old Queen. Nefi could definitely take him anyway.So could anyone he is on crunches after all and rather dimwitted.

Ha, I saw that coming didn't I?

Aw, who doesn't want to see their home from space. And Earth is rather petty. Thats amusing and sweet ending.

 Next week Cowboys. These writers are such boys.

I'm off to annoy my best friend, I tell about my (our) Sherlock problem next week. 

Saturday 1 September 2012

Blogger's block (with London's Safety being poked at)

It surprisingly hard to come up with a blog idea every week. I mean I know there's people out there that blog something everyday. I tweet most days, but most of those barely past as amusing nevermind interesting. Maybe it would help if had a life outside of books and the internet.

I mean I can't really write book reviews (from English I took the ability to only write essays about characters and deep themes, most people don't want that or most of the books I read are too shallow to do that or have been done who knows how many times before). There are no currently geeky shows to watch (the realisation I only watch cartoons and BBC productions) and I forgot to write about The Dark Knight Rises when anyone, including myself, remotely cared (it was overly obvious from a fan point of view). The Olympics are over and no offence to the Paralympics but channel 4 suck at sports so I've given up any notion of watching them (or any sports).

Wait, Doctor Who is back on tonight; technically I could just wait and watch that. Then I could freely bitch about why do the writer hate Rory so much (they've killed him at least Three times) and how I'm not fond of any of the Ponds (its nice to re-watch River Song's death). Okay, I could do all those things right now, but you know me... I like to bitch at the only semi-appropriate time.

I would also like to state that I hate Docter 9 and Rose that while the plots were okay (besides the characters) I never watch them because frankly I would have happily killed both. Still sightly sad that Rose didn't die...

Also why has London not been nearly destroyed the past two Christmases?

Oh, for those expecting a update about  how my first week of college went... there isn't one (not clearly written one anyway).