Saturday 16 March 2019

It Blows here.

The wind has knocked out the power five times and caused the lamp in the living room to blink on and off without knocking out anything else using a socket. It never completely went at night, was probably likely repairs for others. This was annoying as I had been going to make food the first time and the second time I had already turned the kettle on for the healthy feast of a podnoodle.

The wind also rearranges the garden. It felt that the wheelie bin should be next to the shed at the bottom. The garden keeps patches of grass and is slowly turning into a mudpit from the wind taking chucks out of it and the path Leia takes around it so often that she craved herself into the soil. Another creature likes to dig in the centre of the garden.

Pixie is an odd, half-feral thing that has decided to leave the kitchen and come back in the house, so now when I stay at my parents, I wake to her staring me now. Or sitting next to me. So now the bedroom cat also comes into the living room and sits in the window and they all growl at the kitten and Leia. Pixie is also roughly a ten year old cat.

I had already decided that the news gives me more amounts of frustration and annoyance, also anxiety attacks so I have stopped watching it activity but I can still hear it from the other room. Also twitter keeps me informed. They not much I can say, other than the world is horrible place, newspapers are truly sickeningly, company choose views over morals and advertisers should be more concerned over that. It would be nice to live in a world where Nazi were joke and not something that maybe Superman should go back to actively punching.

There's not much more I can say that other people haven't already said, other than I love you, with our differences and I want you to be safe. That someday we're go forward together.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Book Review: Remember Me by D.E.White

Ava Cole, wanting to stay in Wales like a adult and not a seventeen year old.

Fifteen years ago Ellen Smith vanished from the woods near her small Welsh village. Never to be seen again.

Eight people were in the woods that night: eight splintered lives, eight people hiding a terrible secret. But who can remember the truth?

Now, Ellen’s best friend, Detective Ava Cole is all grown up back in the village where it all began, and everyone is asking the same question.

What really happened to Ellen?

Filled with shocking discoveries and traumatic memories this fast paced thriller is perfect for fans of Friend Request and Close to Home.

A woman originally from the states, moved to Wales as a kid, had a baby and left him there, went back to the states, the kid's dad is dying so she goes back and deals with the terrible thing they did in the woods. Then plot happens.

Everyone has this shared secret, this secret is also used to threaten Ava Cole by a person who has this secret also, so Ava Cole justifying her shitty behaviour with this was kinda dumb. Maybe if this character was introduced as being more spiteful than sense. The thing is the more you know about this whole situation, the more you're like: "hur, well you really were all the place at 17, Cole". Her actions are explained by having postpartum depression and not having a support group. A much of bad parenting happens in this book.

This book has two narrators, one the antagonist in first person and close follow third person of Ava Cole wandering around Wales, I know it was a specific area of Wales but I have terrible memory, and this was library book I no longer have. This works well, it wasn't frustrating obvious who the unknown narrator was but also you're able figured it out.

The audio book has single voice actor, she does a decent job, especially when she has to do Welsh, American and Southern English because Southern English is obvious the standard narrator voice we all must adopt (okay, I get the choice of using newsreader voice over fun accents for the narrating parts but I will still make unhelpful digs about it).

Overall, I give this book 4/5 stars for Reality TV. This feels like a set up for a series with Ava Cole investigating, but decided to start with the middle book of the series, where MC goes back to their roots after their first big mystery. This does appear to be D.E.White debut, but it's just the debut of the pen name, she writes as Daisy White. Not sure what I think of this if it is a series, maybe I would read the next one if it is the start of a series.

Saturday 9 March 2019

My Original Online Persona

I have decided to change my Twitter Bio. It's been a a bit squished for a while and outdated.

"Filmmaker & Online Content Creator. I also like to criticise things. I'm dyslexic, creative, autistic, Artistic, a writer,book&music lover and Despaired Student".

I don't know what to change it to. It's currently I like books. Well, actually it's "I like Film & Books, I try to make things and talk about things." I will change it later, I was motivated to do this as there's programme I'm going to apply to that has the horrifying question of "Do you have a twitter?" and "Do you have Instagram?"

I'm not partying all the time, but there's personal stuff on my twitter and probably buried in the Instagram captions (also stylist pictures of Whiskey and Pride Vodka), that might be used against me, but they also want Disabled people to apply. Nothing about the Queers (by the way, you should not refer to any group people as the "preferred term"s, this was a joke) Also raises questions about having your writing from your teen hood of being undiagnosed Autistic child struggling in school and with your identity as you went about not talking about your problems, even only referencing it on the internet.
but then again imagine if potential employee/place of study dug through your internet history like the tolls do. Though, if does make you major public figure maybe they should. But I only want to do weird internet jokes and behind the camera work. Let's be honest, no one cares about the camera person unless they got bored of harassing the cast.

I looked through old tweets briefly, it mostly cringely stuff but that I've had that thing since 2011 so of course. There's also stuff that put harshly, which I guess I should delete if I wanted to appear squeaky clean. Or trying to make a point but just like those dumb shame posts on Tumblr.
A lot of it's weird poetry which was definitely my thing in my teens: On 08/10/2011 19:36:50, "I lost myself in a moment and found myself again, in a lifetime of regret".
Also I've always been annoyed by TV channels/producers lying about their stakes in things.

I've always posted about about stupid my dogs are:On 17/10/2011 23:28:18 "I love my dog, but he's so stupid. He lies in the middle of my bed and on my art work. Then stares at me as though I've broke his heart."
The one awkward thing, On 27/10/2011 18:17:19 "Adolf Hitler is a lovely name for any child, born before 20th century." I mean I wasn't wrong, I don't why I didn't just stick to Adolf for the tweet. Also the 19th because people in the 20th still had to change their names after that. Not many people chose to live with either of those names. I might actually been watching something dealing with that.

Most were sad: on 08/11/2011 21:58:11 "With 13 years of school behind me, I can confirm it broke me. It unscrewed my screws and forgot to rebuild me in their image." School Shockley was not great time for a Younger carer that had Dyslexia, Autism and chronic pain issues.

I've only read 2011 tweets, maybe there's something horrifying lucking in later years. 

My YouTube also just comes up when you google my name. I share opinions there on films, not so much TV, I never got around to criticising Autistic TV shows that was my plan. I just feel weird that they so open about online Stalking you for something that's meant to be on screen thing. They have an info day that I'm going to go to.

Maybe I should just privatised everything and leave the internet to be hermit. There's a lot of these posts that end with my wish to disappear and only read books. Though, I no longer feel like doing it on a permanent basis. Maybe a week away.

On 2011-11-13 22:42:15 "I'm beautiful because I'm not perfect. Note to self: the same should apply to my art work/writing."
On 2011-11-27 14:44:02 "I don't want to fit your mode, if I have to break mine."

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Book Review: The Apple of My Eye by Claire Allan

Probably should question the note flung through your window.

Just how far is a mother willing to go?

When a mysterious note arrives for seven months pregnant nurse Eliana Hughes, she begins to doubt every aspect of her life – from her mixed feelings about motherhood to her marriage to Martin, who has become distant in recent months.

As the person behind the note escalates their campaign to out Eli’s husband as a cheat, she finds herself unable to trust even her own instincts, and as pressure builds, she makes a mistake that jeopardises her entire future.

Elsewhere, someone is watching. Someone who desperately wants a baby to call their own and will go to any lengths to become a mother – and stay a mother…

A lot of this book revolves these notes that just say stuff and Eli takes them as gospel without prove. She pregnant and therefore really vulnerable but she doesn't question them. Maybe if they relationship being in a bad place was established before the letters started arriving. Even with the slight Gaslighting she gets, I think it would worked better if the start of the trouble was dragged out more. This is on the short side for Thrillers, so maybe just little more time might have been better. I guess it's actually minor to the story.

The novel has three POVs first person narration, including the main character Eli and a mystery stalker. This works well for the story, I mean I knew what going going to happened by chapter three. I had doubts along the way that it was a red herring, but I knew it probably wasn't.

The plot worked well. It's a thriller so it's meant to have twists, they work fine. I never know what say about Twists because I always guess them. I'm more here for the execution.

The characters are okay, they their parts okay, it's hard not to get frustrated by Eli sometimes. Mostly never questioning the notes, especially when no one would have motive to send one of the notes if they were fully true.

I listened to this on Audiobook and the Irish accents were delightful in the way ya get sick of English being the standard for British books. Besides personal taste they were fine.

Overall, I gave this 4/5 stars for Baby Bumps. The story was pretty obvious for me, but I enjoy the process.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Solving Mysteries with Online Dating.

Back again, back again with nothing but nonsense. I haven't done anything this week. I'm meant to be running a readathon but I keep falling asleep. 

All my creative thoughts are about some fanfict nonsense that no one would be interested in even if I did take the time to write it out. I just have to do stuff. I did go to IKEA and built a wardrobe. That's something. It's also right now sitting empty. I'm been in my house for over year now and It's still a mess with boxes, my bookshelves ain't even properly organised but that is me. Family stuff, things are somewhat peaceful, but my internet still somehow doesn't work. It must be the router somehow.

I want to get back to excersing and the editing, the writing, the reviewing, the reading of books I want to read. I could lie and say I'm going to do all that stuff but the truth is I'm going to solve the StrangerVille mystery and my sims is going to join the army and hack into everything. What I am going to with my life? Who knows?

The online dating thing has became quite disillusion, so my profile currently includes this as what I'm looking for:

A very specific DisneyWorld park joke, but I do wonder when Buzzy will reveal himself. Maybe I go back to it and take this weird joke or maybe I'll find my soulmate with it. I was tempted to just message everyone if they knew where Buzzy was to see if anyone would understand, then maybe they would understand me.