Saturday 30 May 2015

Short Story: The Last Glimpse of Playland

Okay, this is another re-post of a short story I wrote for a contest, based on a photo that I no longer have: a girl wearing black leather groves, holding on to a bar of monkey bars with one hand and standing on the ground as a boy climbed them and they about to kiss. It was meant to be about kissing or something contest. That's not what happened exactly. Not going to lie, this story is not that good, they are aspects that makes me cringe. I would have to rewrite the whole story to fix the pacing and the ending is needs work. I have fixed grammar and add some bits to sentences to make them flow better.The tense is also majorly messed up but I've opted not to fix it, so you can decide whether it the present or the past.

Anyway, as a bonus I have record me narrating this story and uploaded it to YouTube. I'm hoping to do more narration of my stories as specially since I brought a mic from a charity shop to do it. That two quid won't be wasted. I'm thinking repost will always have matching narration from now on, not sure about new stories though. 

Before we start the update, my parents left me for the night, imagine leaving your 22 and 23 year old children alone. Driving is still a mess but I can't back out of the test now and I almost went down the wrong lane on a roundabout. My mother deeply confuses me when driving. Now to the story:

The Last Glimpse of Playland

Original summary: "Are you insane? What if someone comes and sees you?" a panicked female voiced said.

"Don't worry, we do this sort of stuff all the time," I said calmly and continued

Jack always took the extra mile and Angela is never far behind him. So when Jack decided that he wants to play in the old playground just one more time before it gone. Angie is the one pushing him on the swings. Angela always thought Jack was special but maybe her motives are more than friendship.


He was the boy that took it too far and I was the girl who still followed him, even  when everyone else had turn back.

This was one of these occasion. We had all decided to come and see the old park. It had been closed since I was five years old, because of some sort of accident that happen in its playground. It had been closed for repairs but never re-opened. It had been unused, waste land in the centre of the town for the past 11 years, until now. The local council had sold the land to some developers who wanted to turn into apartments. Tomorrow was the day they tore down anything that remained of the old playground.

We had to visit the park, just one more time before it would be gone forever and just a faded childhood memory. We had came straight after school. The group of us mostly contend the sixth years, they really only ones that had strong memories of the park. The rest were fifth years and the odd fourth year. We all pressed our self against the bars of the old rusted fence which was the only thing separating us from the park. We could see the old wire fence that surround the playground but we could barely even see what colour the swings were painted.

"I wish we could get a better look," I said absent mindedly.

"Your wish is my command," Jack said. He had been next to me but was now shaking the old gate, trying to break the rusted lock. It didn't budge. "I guess I have to do this the hard way. Angie give me your camera." I always carried a camera. You never knew when you would see the most extraordinary thing of your life, especially when Jack was about.

"What are you going to do?" I said as I approached him.

"I'm going inside," Jack smirked. "I'll take pictures for the rest of you." He dumped his jacket, it wasn’t raining for once, and his bag down onto the ground and start to pull himself over the fence.
"You're not taking my camera anyway without me," I took my camera out my bag and handed it to Jack through the bars once he was over. I put my own jacket and bag next to his and then I put my black leather gloves on and start at the fence after him. He had already started walking towards the playground.

"Are you insane, what if someone comes and sees you?" a panicked voiced said. I balanced myself at the top of the fence, being careful of the spikes, and looked backed to see who was panicking. I didn't know her name but I could tell from the badge on her shirt that she was a house captain.

"Don't worry, we do this sort of stuff all the time," I said calmly and continued over the fence.

I ran to catch up with Jack, he was keeping to his word and was taking pictures of the swing sets. One of the swings' chains had broke and was hanging on by one chain. It was very arty. I didn't trust the others to take even the smallest child's weight. The chains were rusted completely, there wasn't any sliver left. The seat of another one had broke in half and the other looked close to doing the same.

"It’s shame that they just left the park for nature to destroy." I said as I made my way to the slide. "And they started building a new playground but still kept saying they would re-open this place."

"Yeah, it weird that they would waste money with building a new park. It almost makes you think some of the stories are true." I rolled my eyes. The park had became a urban legend of sorts. They were so many stories coinciding to why the park had been shut. Most say that a serious of murders were linked to the park and they had found the human bones all over it. The truth was though, that a kid had cracked their head opened when they had jumped off the swings but that only if you believe the papers.

I kicked the slide, when it didn't crumb into pieces I sat down on it.

"Hmm...Just think that all that going to die, once this place is gone," I said as ran my hand over once smooth metal.

"Not necessary. We could all say his victims haunt the land, not the park."

"Scare everyone from living here." I smirked. There was flash of light.

"That’ll make a good picture."
*Recorded part*
"Give me the camera, I'm better photographer." He handed me the camera and started running towards the climbing frame. I rolled my eyes and started taking photos. Once I was finished with the old roundabout, I made my way to the climbing frame. It was about 15 feet from the rest of the playground. I could see Jack handing off one of the bars. The climbing frame was in better shape than the other equipment but I still didn't think it was a good idea to be climbing on it.

"Got a death wish?" I asked normal toned.

"Living on the edge", he said as he struggle to pull himself across the poles. I put my hand on the one above his head. My mouth was just a few milometers away from his. He stopped moving. The air became strangely still and the noise from the world seem to vanished. I lead forward. I could feel his lips against mine but they weren't quite touching. He leaned forward and I closed my eyes.


Jack was now lying on the ground with pole on top of him.

"Are you alright?" I blunted out.

"No..." He moaned. I couched down and lifted the pole off him, that when I noticed the screaming. I looked back at the gate to see the group screaming at us to run. Someone must be coming. I pulled Jack up and half ran supporting him. We were both running freely when we met the gate. We grabbed on to it at the same time. I was half way over when I felt three sets of hands grab on to me. Two were around my waist from the crowd below, the over on my left leg which was on the park side. I ignore it and I manage to jump off the fence into the crowd. They luckily caught me and put me back on my feet. I looked back at the park and no one was there.

"Are you alright?" The same house captain asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be," I smile half heartily. There was an eerie feel in the air. Jack pushed his way through the crowd and hugged me tightly. He didn't say anything but continued to hold on to me.

"There was a guy, chasing you with a knife. He grabbed on to your leg." The house captain said in panic. "Didn't you see him?"

"No, I felt someone pulling my leg," I said heisently playing it in my mind.

"Oh my God! Look! It’s a knife."

"It has blood on it,"

There was more random shouts of panic. I looked back into the park and saw the knife. It was a foot away from where I had jump off the fence. I gulped. I felt the blood drain from body as though the knife had cut me.

"Just leave it, we've got to get out of here," I said sounding a lot like the house captain.

"Yeah, lets," It had been the first thing Jack had said since we had started running. It wasn't his normal tone but I won't have my joking edge either. He pulled away from me and grabbed our stuff which was still lying on the ground. He grabbed my hand and started to run. We all did. The noise of our feet banged loudly in my ears. We ran past people, them giving us strange looks. We didn't stop running until we were safe at the school's ground. I had ran in the opposite direction of my house but I didn't care at this point.

"Is everyone here?" One of the other House captains asked. We all did a face check, making sure everyone who had came was still here.

"I think so." The panicky House Captain said hesitantly. No one corrected her and we all took a deep breath in. We all talked about the...event for what must have been hours, with a few awkward silence mixed in. It was dark before anyone even thought of going home and still didn't. We had forgot about our parents and how they would worry. We had to get it out our systems somehow. We had just experience proof of all those stories which meant that our parents had lied to us. They had all told us they were just made up nonsense but it was the truth.

Jack spent the whole time holding me and when the cops finally noticed that all the kids that had been reported missing were just all standing outside the school and finally forced us, all to go home. He walked me to my house and didn't let go once. It felt nice and comforting. It felt right.

Today I had change my life, in two aspects. I had been in real risk of being killed and that just changes things. I also realise that I had more than just feelings of friendship towards Jack and that could just change everything. I didn't know what I was going to tell my parents but hopefully they would me more relieved than angry.

♠ ♠ ♠
Original Author note: Okay. I sat down to write a nice story about people kissing and wrote a horror. Well, if you knew me, you wouldn't expected anything less. I hoped you enjoyed it, even if it wasn't what the description promised. Comment and tell me what you think.

Current Author Note: Bloody Sixteen years old and it's worth listening to my narration, to hear me not all disguising my thoughts on certain paragraphs. I'm obviously not ashamed of this stories and there are some nice sentences but it's also terrible. Improve, improve. Also finish stuff.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Book Review: The Devil's Workshop by Alex Grecian

Why dig a tunnel when a train wouldn't fit?
April, 1890. London wakes to the shocking news of a mass prison escape. 

Walter Day and the Scotland Yard Murder Squad now face a desperate race against time: if they don't re-capture the four convicted murderers before night settles, they'll vanish into the dark alleys of the London's criminal underworld for ever.
And in the midst of this mayhem and fear, the city's worst nightmare is realised: Jack the Ripper haunts the streets of London once more . . .

This is the third book in the Scotland Yard Murder Squad series and I don't have reviews for either of the first ones. Except I enjoyed and liked both. I think you should probably read the other two first but I'm pretty sure it explains the references to the other two.

The characters are characters and they are consisted from their last show. Though, we didn't much good interrogation between the regulars. The new ones were alright. It's not a spoiler to say Jack the Ripper is in this book as it's on every blurb I've read for this book. It was handled okay but still there was something off about the portrayal. He's blandly crazed and the devil symbology felt too much at times. I mean someone straight up calls him the devil without knowing who he is and seeing him for the first time from a safe distance.

The ending of this book wasn't very satisfying but that might have been the point. The plot was quite interesting and sets up the next book.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of five stars for nails on Mantlepiece. Parts of this book were good, but I think Jack the Ripper should have been left out of the series. The characters in this series are obviously based on real people, but Jack the Ripper is overdone and murdered people. The plot would have been good without him and it now makes me slightly anxious about the next instalment of the book but I will still be reading it.

I got this book off Netgalley for review and it's published by Penguin.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Eurovision 2015

I have not did the the thing. I will do the thing. I will do it eventually. Probably after the Eurovision Song Contest. Probably after the #RYBSAT is over because I will never stop trying to read my bookshelves and get distracted by library and netgalley books and books that I add to my shelves.

I've decided to liveblog Eurovision and here are my thoughts:

Building bridges, really? We all hate each (on vary on levels) and the song is terrible.

 1. Slovenia: HeadPhones and forgettable.

2. France is good and depressing as always. Though, I thought we not allow talk mention the war.

3. Israel: Ar...Pop music with weird lyrics at the end.

4: I didn't wake you up because your shadow doesn't match you.

5.UK: Yes this song is terrible. Neon US twenties. God, I want to know who picked this.

6. Aremenia:  I have sent a song from a musical/opera with every hope simile and metaphor possible. Why are they walking on the world?

Gay kissing. Gay Kissing every time.

7. Lithuania. I do not feel the love.

8. Serbia: Typical Eurovision song with striping, odd costumes and terrible dance music thrown in at the end. Lyrics were masked.
 Why am I reviewing these? Also fags (I post that on twitter. I meant flags).

I am not hashtagimg the countries.

9. Norway: Fairytales have won it for Norway before.

Lots of Duets this year. 

10. Sweden: Are you a singer or Magician? Making little boys appear out of Norway, that seems like... I can't finish you. Good Staging but I don't get why this is one of the favourite.

11. Cyprus: Starting a song in Black & White is now a thing and should be added to the drinking gamw which by the way would have you comatose by now.

12. Australia:The real reason Australia was allowed in this year was so we would confused it with the hosting country. This my favourite songs so far and I like the street lights.

13. Belgium: He wrote the music. Cool.

14.Austria: Don't set the piano on fire. Beads and long hair did work last year.

15. Greece: I hope they win and panic for a moment before they remember they don't have to host it.

16. Montengegro: The oldest contestant this year.

17. Germany: smoking by a UK writer.

18. Poland: Seriously. WTF Poland. Why are showing her dancing. Seriously, trying to get the sympathy vote. This isn't reality TV show.

Ableist much ain't you all. I personally don't like the song and I don't think you do either with your comment about her strength to continue. God, I hate comments like that.

Doesn't anyone else think it's fuck up that Poland had footage of their singer dancing in the background before her accident?

What with the death theme this year?

19. Latvia:

20. Romania:

21. Spain:

Someone had a red moon and I forget.

22. Hungary: Love is a gun tree and the world is yours to walk all over. I wonder if Eurovision will ever happen without a political song in it.

Every year there's a song about politics even though that's not meant to not allowed.

23. Georgia: Feathers are a costume necessarily.

24. Azerbaijan:

25. Russia: If this isn't the most hypercritical song I've ever heard.

26. Albania: "I'm Alive" I thought you were dead.

27. Italy: I don't get why this is one of the favourite. It's not like they're hot. They can sing I guess. 

Every year it's a shock that I can't vote for the UK

 First Interval: Drums are favourite thing to feature in this part of the show.

Second Interval: This is a mini-concert.

Voting: Now the fun really begins. *The whole of European  and else watching groans*

Agreeing to down our drinks if we get nothing right before Malta gives us 1 point.

Why are Russia winning? Who wants them to host it again? The song wasn't that good.

11.05pm: Please stop with the bridge thing.

11.08pm: Booing the presenters when they say not to boo Russia. 

11.10pm: We keep losing country.

11.15pm: Why are you voting for Russia, Europe? I thought you were better than this. Especially, you France.

11.16pm: Fuck you, Ireland.

11.20pm: Nothing. Australia. We are your mother.

11.31pm: 6 points to Russia? We should have left the UK.

11.32pm: These Bridges ain't that strong because we've lost three countries.

11.44pm: Yay. Sweden.

11.49pm: Austria won last year, to get Nul points this year. That must be some sort of record.

I'm off now before we hit Sunday to read.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Book Review: Bomb by Sarah Mussi

Neither of these seem like healthy relationships.

My head's ringing. And I'm cold, lying here on my back. And stiff. I can't seem to sit up. And something's dripping, like I'm in a cavern. There's a sour taste in my mouth.
I raise my head and open my eyes. A blinding flash slices, like white fire, through the edge of my vision.
Where am I?
'Hello? Anyone there?' 

When Genesis goes on a blind internet date, she just wants to get over her ex-boyfriend Naz. Just wants someone to like her again. But when Genesis wakes up the morning after the date, she can't remember a thing. She doesn't know where she is, or how she got there. And she can hardly move because she is strapped into some kind of body armour ... and there's some sort of earpiece stuck in her ear.

And then a voice sounds in her head: 'You have been chosen for an assignment ... The vest you're wearing is packed with high explosives. And with one mobile call we can detonate it.'

To her horror, Genesis has become an agent of mass destruction. The countdown to detonation begins NOW...

This book features a fictional terrorist organisation recruiting the youth of the day and is very topical because you know the mass of British Student joining ISIS and fact this book starts with a quote about them. This make sense as topic for YA books and I'm surprised that there isn't a pageant of books dealing with this issue coming out.

The Terrorist are religionist and sexist so they worship the sun and have no links to any real religions.There was a weird aspect to this book relating to their mythology and Genesis has this thing, I have no thoughts, don't know what it means to this story and world.

This book is separated into three parts and those parts are lists which I liked. I thought it was nice feature.

This book doesn't have a clear ending which is interesting. Especially, as I didn't care that much about the characters. There was a lot of background information given. Maybe it has to do with meeting the character after they were in grave danger and never evolved into real people. There is romances that felt rather plain.

Overall, I give this book three out of five out of stars for yellow hair dye. I like this idea, the execution could have been better. Though, I do think it's worth a read.

I got this book for review off NetGalley and it is published by Hodder Children's Books.

Saturday 16 May 2015

Statements between Reading.

I am Twenty-Two, I have booked my practical driving test, I have sent my SAAS away and my hair on it way to be blue.

In three weeks, I will have hopefully passed my driving test in three weeks time. Mainly, because it costs a lot to take a driving test and I don't feel like paying 62 quid again. I also the cost of the car.

SAAS is away now so I should have money for Uni when it starts unlike the last time I applied to SAAS. Apparently, the bursary is going back which is good.

I had my hair cut and highlighted on Thursday, and now after bleaching the underparts at the front I'm sitting with blue hair dye on my head. I will probably sleep with it one. I might put photo up here after I wash it out.

I brought a mic. I was going to do thing but I never did because readathon. Also sorting my room and am now moving the bookcases because they can't be up against walls.

I don't have to say and I need to read.  So Farewell and hopefully I get around to doing the thing for next week.
Most of my hair has took the colour in someway

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Book Review: Flesh and Blood by Simon Cheshire


I must record the facts that have led me to where I am now. So that, when someone reads this, they understand.

Sam Hunter’s neighbours are pillars of the community, the most influential people in town. But they’re liars too. The Greenhills are hiding something and Sam’s determined to find out what it is. As his investigation unfolds, he realizes the lies reach further than he ever imagined – is there anyone he can trust? Uncovering the horror is one thing … escaping is another.

This is the third Red Eye book out, unlinked horror and the seconded I've reviewed (Bad Bones by Graham Marks).

This is classic horror story with conspiracy about the rich upper class family which is the classic thing to fear because it's real.

This is written in first person, meant to be Sam writing these past events, but it often written more like its happening to him now.

Whilst being a scary concept, it wasn't that scary and the main character just straight up walks into trouble. There is some interesting imagery but it's gore does not work.

Sam and friends are likable characters and I cared about their outcome which is essential in horror.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for talented friends. I enjoyed this novel and whilst not at all scary, it's attempt was great and interesting. Maybe a younger and less jaded person might even find it disturbing.

 I got this off NetGalley for review and it is published by Stripes Publishing.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Blog Tour: Renegade by Kerry Wilkinson

Frankly, I think we should have a better wall now.

Wow, Sliver sure looks younger
Silver Blackthorn is on the run. All she really wants is to be reunited with her family and friends but the time for thinking about herself has passed. Now the fates of eleven other teenagers are in her hands - and they are all looking to her for a plan. With an entire country searching for the escaped Offerings, Silver is under pressure to keep them all from the clutches of the Minister Prime, King Victor and the Kingsmen. As expectations are piled upon the girl with the silver streak in her hair, she realises that life will never be the same again. Huge changes are on the horizon and Silver is in the thick of them . . . Renegade follows the heart-stopping events in Reckoning, from Kindle bestselling author, Kerry Wilkinson.

For those dazed and confused, this is the second book in The Sliver Blackthorn series.If not familer, there is always my review of the first one to check out.

We'll back with Sliver straight after the escape and because this is a sequel more catastrophe happens.

 The plot was interesting and developed this world more. It also answer my hunch from the last book, which I won't say more about because spoilers. That was actually good planning/foreshadowing in the last book, which is great to see in a series.

The characters continued to be their depthful selves. The friendships are really nice. The romance is eur and the way intertwines is annoying and very cliché. While not being the worst love triangle I ever read and it has a realistic root, it still takes away more than it adds. I also no medicate treatment was ever sought and of course that played into the plot. It was obvious axe hanging.

Overall, I gave this book four out of five stars for sonic hearing. There is some issues, however this is a interesting world and want to see what Sliver ends up doing.

Random Author question and answer time.

8. Why The Gully is a great play park

Not far from where I live is a play park next to a community centre. It's all fairly standard stuff: a climbing frame, a slide, some swings, a roundabout, one of those weird rocky horse on a spring things, underage kids hanging around smoking. Not much has changed in the 20 years since I was that age.

Except for one thing.

Nowadays, there's black padded matting everywhere. It's near impossible for some kid to be messing around on the swings, overbalance, and land with a satisfying splat on the solid concrete floor. Sure, there used to be blood, tears and embarrassment - but there was also a very important lesson learned about not messing around on swings.
Not so much in 2015. If a kid wants to split his or her head open, they have to actually try, which, I guess, has taught perseverance to the younger generation.

With all this talk of health and safety gone, er, sensible, I can't help but think that perhaps my fictional creation I would most like to encounter is The Gully from the Silver Blackthorn trilogy.

In my slightly twisted future, there is little power, meaning all the gadgets, devices and vehicles with which people are so familiar have become obsolete. The Gully is an old, emptied lake that has been filed with husks of rusting cars, abandoned train carriages, plane hulls and all sorts of other fun things.

Rather than a boring old roundabout and swing set, I like the idea of hopping from car bonnet to car bonnet, or climbing through the shattered remains of a plane. How about swinging from an old helicopter rotor, or sleeping in the hull of a tank?!

In all three books of the Silver Blackthorn trilogy, including Renegade, Silver has an opportunity to explore The Gully. Because she grew up close by, it is her playground, a place she knows better than anyone. I'm kinda jealous.

All that without the hint of a black padded mat.

My question is how does Sliver know what a playpark is, but that might have came up in the first book.

This is the end of this post, you may leave, after having enjoyed an even day post.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Bout of Books 13

I shall be participating in the Bouts of Books again (missed the last one out), a week long readathon from the 11h to the 17th May 2015.

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 11th and runs through Sunday, May 17th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 13 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

I'm just going to put my goals here.

My Goals

  • To catch on Project TBR
  • To catch up on some of my review books.

Books to Read

  • Finished the Abandon by Meg Cabot (Underworld & Awaken)
  • Night School: Legacy by C.J. Daughtery
  • While the others Sleep by Tom Becker
  • Bomb by Sarah Mussi
  • The Selection by Kiera Cass
  • Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

Time Devoted to Reading 

I plan to read 5 hours a day of the week.


Monday 11.5.2015 (wrote Tuesday, 12.5.2015, 11.11am)
What I read today: Renegade by Kerry Wilkinson
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 40 pages
Books Finished: none
Thoughts: A bad start but leaves room for improvement. Push myself to do better. I did take part in today's challenge, Bookish survey by way of youtube.

Tuesday 12.5.2015 (wrote 9.39am, Wednesday 13.5.2015 )

What I read today: Renegade by Kerry Wilkinson, 
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: none
No. of pages read today: 315 pages
Pages read total: 355 pages
Books Finished Today: 1
Total Books Finished: 1
Thoughts: Better but not great. I have nothing to do tomorrow really, besides writing reviews, so hopefully it will go way better. Always better.

Wednesday 13.5.2015 (wrote 12.34am, Wednesday 14.5.2015)

What I read today: Bomb by Sarah Mussi, Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead,Yes Please by Amy Poehler, 
Total of books read today: 3
No. of books started today: 3
No. of pages read today: 267 pages (Also 2:32:58 hours of audio books)
Pages read total: 622 pages
Books Finished Today: 0
Total Books Finished: 1
Thoughts: I started two audiobooks because the first one I started, messed up on my phone so I have became more invested in one over the other. Could have been better, but I am easily distracted and need a catchpharse.

Thursday 14.5.2015 (wrote 12.26am, Friday 15.5.2015)

What I read today:  Bomb by Sarah Mussi, Yes Please by Amy Poehler,
While the others Sleep by Tom Becker
Total of books read today: 3
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 173 pages (5:06:02 hours of audio books)
Pages read total: 795 pages (7:39:00 hours of audio books)
Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 2
Thoughts: Not a lot of pages read but look at all those hours listened. I'm probably going to move my bookcase because pain.

Friday 15.5.2015 (wrote )

What I read today: Yes Please by Amy Poehler, While the others Sleep by Tom Becker
Total of books read today: 2
No. of books started today: none
No. of pages read today: 224 pages (1:29:50 hours of audio books)
Pages read total: 1019 pages (9:13:23 hours of audio books)
Books Finished Today: 2

Total Books Finished: 4
Thoughts: I have started to move my bookcases because the mould is after the ones I love so reading has lost focus. I am tired and sad about this situation. Better is tomorrow, or ten years ago.

Saturday 16.5.2015 (wrote Sunday, 2pm)

What I read today: Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead, Underworld by Meg Cabot
Total of books read today: 2

No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 21 pages (05:37:18 hours of audio)
Pages read total: 1040 pages
Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 4
Thoughts: Audiobooks have took over this readathon. So not much actual reading, more me listening while dying my hair so it colourfully again. Tomorrow, being the last day I should focus more on reading.

Sunday 17.5.2015 (wrote 12.36am, Monday 18.5.2015)

What I read today: Underworld by Meg Cabot
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 288 pages
Pages read total: 1328 pages
Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 5
Thoughts: I sleep till 1.30pm and repeatedly distracted by my parents. But I finished a book today so that's something.

Overall Thoughts: This is not the best readathon performance. I could have put more effect in and I guess it was alright if you consider audiobooks.