Saturday 21 July 2018

Cursed and naming cats after the Devil.

My family is perhaps cursed. Good thing our cats are all meant to be lucky. My dad got a phone call on Thursday evening to say there was a crack in his leg, from falling last week in the garden, and they wanted to give him a CT scan. His knee is broken and now they debate whether he should get surgery to get pins in his legs. If they do so that will bring the number of family members having surgery this year to three. Though, who knows when they're actually have the surgery. We're in the seven month of the year, and we thought it would definitely have happened by now. But probably September because sibling needs to have something checked out and the appointment they gave her was for August. 

Leia has taken to wanting to sit on my head while I'm sleeping. Waking me because it bloody hurts. Leia now almost two years, finds new ways to hurt me every day. The kitten also likes to attack people in their sleep. Also feet and hands. His name started as Shadow and now it's Lucifer, One is loyal dog from a classic live action Disney film, the other is the evil cat from Cinderella. It's also a name of a character that appears in some Disney shorts :). It also means Rising star, how pretty.

With everything going on I have yet to edit a video for this week, I also haven't filmed properly in two weeks. There is stuff to edit including my July Wrap Up and the Vlog for the Strangeathon. I had laid out an hour to edit on Friday, but I was force to leave my house due to the broken knee and someone being stranded in a strange town. Camp NaNoWriMo is fail since I haven't properly wrote anything since the second day of this month. My life is constantly busy, even with nothing going on.

Well, I'm having an Indian takeaway, so hopeful that goes well. It's a good thing I decided not to go to college or something, because life is going to be something in the next three months. God, life.

Saturday 7 July 2018

What is Life?

This is whole writing thing is not happening much. Still not finished moving all my junk out my mother's house. I also now have this random unassembled cabinet in my house. Thanks, Mum, where the hell I am putting this?

Next week, I'm also going to get visit from the Inquisition which sounds extreme but only if you never had PIP encounter. I have three days to sort out my living-room. There's meant to be open days for this water sport thing today. I don't know what's happening. Today or life.

What is life? What is Me? I have a puppy who might freak when I make her live in my house and her old hiding places are gone. I'm been focused to move out. I knew when my parents moved into a three bedroom house that one of us would have to leave.

I have now drank a half bottle of whiskey. So I should be slightly tipsy now but I mostly feel slightly more clumsy and tired. Alcohol doesn't give me much effect. I liked the burn of whiskey and vodka. Otherwise I wouldn't touch booze. It just doesn't seem like much a point. Some alcohol is nice tasteing but I would never drink it to get actually drank. That's just boring.

A lot of it just boring. Life is just boring. I'm off to sort a much of stuff, prepare for a readathon, stuff, read and write like the wind I guess. God, I feel tired now. I'm off to go on the trampoline. Hopefully, won't break my ankle.