Saturday 26 May 2012

Summer Came early

Haló this fine morning, (okay it evening when I finally finished this). Scotland has been sunny and warm. Its too damn hot and I've got sunburn on random points on my body from yesterday which has been reinforced by today's actions. Went to the beach today, it was actually warm enough to swim.
My Epic Beach scene with my dog Shep

My exam are over, they went okay besides coming out my maths Higher paper crying and losing a mark in Bio for not being able to spell Hypothalamus. Though Maths Paper 1 objective was okay and I had a stoke of luck in Biology. Basically, I was going did Section A of 2001 paper the morning before my exam and it so happen that the SQA have been doing some recycling as question 3 appeared in my exam as question 2. It nice to know that it got promoted, though it did take 11 years to get 1 question up. I did get right the first time, anyway. No more talk of exams till August.

The tent I put all myself and slept in 25th May
So summer has basically started for me and as I've said above the weather has match that sentiment so far. I actually slept outside yesterday because of the heat. Though, I was still woke up today at 8am. I had woke at 7am the day before after finally getting asleep at 2.30 am. I suppose it was good for T in the Park which me and most of my sisters are going to this year. My older big sister has been few times, but it will be my other sister and my first time.Very exciting, I've actually got a busy summer this year. Going to England in three weeks time and doing Camp NaNoWriMo this June and August.

Sitting atop a waterfall (okay, a very small one)
 Probably got all my sun for the year, as I'm not that interested  in sun bathing and did my exploring of my farm and played in my "pool". So lots and lots of writing this summer, with tons of books being read. I've actually started my main book attempt of reading the Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes by ACD. I've already finished reading Study in Scarlet and don't worry I won't feel the need to re-enact "The Finial Problem"

P.S. Hope you've enjoyed Eurovision so far and enjoy what little remains.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Exams: The Epic Battle or They're here, They're here, Study for your lives. my exams have officially started and will officially end on this Wednesday (23rd). My first exam was the hellish English, that mocks me so with my many books. Being Dyslexic, I take my exams in the library/by myself because I get a scribe. So I arrived early and was the first person there besides the invigilator. It was ten minutes till the exam was meant to start. The only other candidate had arrived, but still no one from the support base. My English teacher went to find out what was going on.  Anyway, it turns out no one was assigned be to my scribe and the other person's reader. It was fine though, just got a scribe virgin (a person who never scribed before).

It all worked out, I guess. I mostly did the Close Reading myself, which was about the Olympics how very topic SQA. Way to go, staying in tune with the kids. I suppose at least one of the Passages wasn't written by Boris Johnson like last year. I wonder if was to test to see if the candidates actually read the wee info bit above the passages.

Well, I think the Close Reading went well. The Critical Essay part not so good. I finish both essays with decent points. I think one was far better that the other. I think I've past, I might have managed that B. However, I don't want to get my hopes up. I want to put it behind me until I get that Certificate in the mail or that email I don't fully trust, but is always right.

I'm glad to have my hardest exam over with. Maths and Biology next week, both which I been getting Bs in and hopefully I'll be able to produce that Mighty A in them.

The day of my maths exam will actually be the adversity of when I started this blog to complain about how I was probably going to fail. I feel haven't been repeating bad habits that much, except for that eerily similar post that appear on my LiveJournal this week.  Though, that was more to do about my panic over the exams, not that I had thought I had failed.

I thought my glare would be warning enough
My best friend brought me this necklace for my Birthday and it just arrived, I'm going to wear it to my remaining exams; because I'm definitely plan on kicking their butts.

I'm off to prepare for battle.

Saturday 12 May 2012

Point Horror Hunting (It was that guy who hit on me)

Now some of you might be thinking what the hell is a 19 year old doing blogging about Point Horrors, they literally pre-date said 19 year old (the first Point Horror was released in 1986 and last 2005, according to wiki) with their hay day being the 90s while she was still drooling (Hey, I was 7 when the 90s ended) and confirmed couldn't read at all then(I sort of could when I was 4, then forgot). Also shouldn't you're be studying so you get your childhood dream job of studying dead bodies?

Yes to all the above, so the story of my beloved Point Horror books begins with the lovely fact that I come from a family of book thieves apparently (which in my younger days I did partake). I own (well acquired from the family book case with the intent of not returning) several Point Horror books that once resided in a school library. It is possible that they were bought from a library book sale, but I find that unlikely as all the suspects, I mean my siblings were still in high school during the 90s and I know for a fact (petty certain my memory is right) this is the decade these books appeared in my home.

I can clearly remember "Funhouse" by Diane Hoh being present in my bedroom/playroom (it so big, should have doubled as two rooms). It was never read to me; I was left to my own devices when it came my thirst for fake blood and mayhem. I was such a sweet, innocent child who had to settled for Freddy Krueger.

Now having read "Funhouse" I realised I like the spooky cover better. Oh, well it probably for best that it no ways resembles my short story I wrote based on the cover before I read it, "Deathhouse" in which a funhouse that puts the fun back in Funeral. I put it up after my exams most likely (or never).

Anyway, these little gems of 90s teen horror have found they're way into my heart, but once I had read all the ones I had found at home and my school library; I some what forgot about them. Sure, I did look for books similar to them. However, I got caught up in my failing education and my thirst was never fulfilled.

Till one day (last Tuesday), I went to visit the bank. As most banks do, they sold books (well, my one does) where I spotted six Midnight Library books. Wait a second those ain't Point Horror books. Shh, I'm getting there. Midnight Library is a series of books containing three horror short stories which is one of the books that almost quench my ever growing thirst for terror (at a teen level). Anyhow, I brought these books at the small price of 3 quid and put £30 in my account.

When I got home, I started thinking about the other 6 books in the series. So I decided to hunt them down and buy them off the interweb. The Amason's book fruit was not ripe, so I ended up on ebay where I manage to catch my book prey. One of the sellers was meant to have a deal on the if bought three books, but they had no other Midnight Library books so I thought maybe they have some Point Horrors. And they did, exactly two. It was fate, or more likely coincidence.

So basically I went on a book buying frenzy and ended up with 24 books at the small sum of £40.93. I've decided to join Book Addict Anonymous (BAA) to battle my problem. Frankly, I don't need any more books. I currently, roughly own 221 books and 124 of them are waiting to be read. I'm really need to keep to my promise not to buy any more unless I come across Point Horrors  in a charity shop or something.

This is likely a broken promise, but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Proof that I'm not a total lost: this week will be the first and hopefully next week the last that I miss my goal of reading a book a week due my exams. 

Also thinking since I have all these Point Horrors now, I start doing reviews on them. I might even start Point Horror Wednesday. It depends on my busy, busy schedule this summer. You're know how it is when you have no job or major commitments to meet. Seriously, I am meant to be writing a novel this summer and other such things. So we're see.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Goodbye High School (My Seven years of Hell)

So yesterday was my last day of Secondary school and my 19th birthday. It made me consider what the hell I'm doing with my life; in the normal mental melt down type of consider.

Okay, mental melt down is a bit of exaggeration, but it did make me think about what I'm planning to do and the limitation I'm facing. I don't think it normal to cry on your birthday typically (when you're still in your teens). As I've wrote before I've had many problems with school over the years and applying to uni: this is where most of my limitation come from.

My problem is I can't really decided what I want to do. There a lot of things I'm good at. Art, science and writing. What I really want to be is Leonardo Da Vinci, paint and do sciencey things. However, the structure of learning now a days is more strict. I suppose it always has been, but people wouldn't be that happy if you just showed up at the dissection of a human cadaver now.

Going to do Visual Communication after the summer, but the more I think about it I feel less confident about the idea of pursuing Art/Design. At this point I feel biology would the better route for me to take in some form. The only problem with that is the best course are looking for Higher Chemistry, which I never got to take due to the school's meddling. Its always haunt me that they never let me take it at SG level. I would have been so far better off if they had just left me at my own devices.

I think yesterday episode was built up from stress over exams and everyone asking where I was going after the summer. My answer wasn't the one I wanted to be giving. As my mum keeps telling me I'm only 19 and I still have time to do what I want hopefully. With all that said, All time low's "weightless" petty much describe how I'm feeling at the moment.

So I'm off to study so I can hopefully pull two As and B out of my brain on the days. Also trying not to worry about how unrealistic that might be, but then how I have the potential as well.