Saturday 31 October 2020

Halloween still Happens

 I really should have planned for this special occasion. A Halloween Saturday with a full blue moon. Well, of course, I didn't. I don't write anymore and my life is always six stages of chaos all slowly happening at once. 

I do get to spend Halloween with my niece because of not good reasons because covid means they are no good reasons to see her. You can't just go visit for nothing. 

I went to a drive-in to see 28 Days Later on Friday. It was a burst and I won't be doing it again. It's just left me tired for today. It's wasn't that great of an experience and not worth the money for only two people having a decent view. Also, they showing Die Hard as Christmas film but actual Christmas film Gremlin as Halloween one. Terrible at that job and organising.

US Christians really need help as a whole. Halloween is the Christianflied version of a pagan holiday. All the shite they saying is just weird and wrong. Halloween is meant to chase evil spirits away and if you were a Good Christian you would celebrate it without being weird about. 

I suppose if you were actually a Christian, you would abandon the weird things the Romans did to Christianity.  Let's stop talking about those losers.

I'm off to stare into the distance and think about the giant pumpkin I'm gonna carve in November. 

Sunday 25 October 2020

Worst Sheriff of Cabot Cove

 Another week, another amount of time I never get back or being able to account for in a court of law. 

I did finish another season of Murder, She Wrote. I have now watched all the episodes that aired before my birth, which is 196 episodes. Probably all the good ones are in there. Definitely, the best seasons as whole have been, since we no longer have Sheriff Amos Tupper and the rest of the seasons have the worst Sheriff Cabot Cove has ever had and that includes the Sheriff that killed people and didn't last a week. 

The first seasons are the ones I have nostalgia for, despite them having to be ten years old by the time I saw them airing on BBC before the CBBC aired, or was it after... I'll never know but I'm also very nostalgic for Diagnosis Murder as well for the same reason. I suppose Murder, She Wrote was a Prime Time show rather a daytime so makes sense that they would use the re-runs for Daytime tv. Though, most of the murder shows are on TV here during the now, like Father Brown, which is on its ninth season.

Season 9 of Murder, She Wrote has JFK episode which proves its funk. A lot of shows will have a JFK episode when they are close to the end or running out of ideas. Murder, She Wrote has an lot of odd choices due blending to give Angela Lansbury a  manageable work load. I think now they would have just made less epsideos instead a full 22 US season. Probably a British 12 epsideos instead of having random characters we're now meant to care about. They were always men too, clearly not know why people were watching. 

Also Murder, She Wrote really relays on Angela Lansbury, there are definitely episodes that do not work with her. They are actors on her level but I don't think they would do a murder show for 12 seasons and four films.

I do think Jessica being a teacher makes a lot more sense, I think this was probably done to cut back on traveling to locations. Apparently, it took ages to get to Cabot Cove's location. It really annoys me when people talk about Cabot Cove's body count, because it's high but statistically speaking most of the murders happen when Jessica is traveling which is much more suspicious if we talking about her being a secret serial killer. I personally think she just a cryptid  that causes people to commit murder around her and trust her instantly. Also her dead husband had twenty sibings and that's why they had no kids of their own. 

There's also a random episode in season 8 where Jessica says she only been living Cabot Cove for ten years. Two years before the season started, instead of the decades implied when she talks about her attachment to her home. 

Cabot Cove murder rate is actually a lot lower next to most countryside based shows. I might do the stats once I finished watching all the episodes. I would do it now, but don't want to spoil myself. Though, you can't really spoil yourself for Murder, She Wrote.

My sister is sick meaning I've had less opportunity to waste money on fast food. That and with her cat she not having the best luck. I do wonder if having a chrontically ill sibling growing up has effected my concern level, because my sister was briefly hospitalised and they don't know what's wrong with her. I feel like I should be more worried, but maybe I've accidently trained my brain not to actively worry about about anything health related till the worst happens. 

Saturday 17 October 2020

2 Weeks of Eventish Stuff.

Shocking to no one who has seen me repeating say that I have no concept of time, VEODO is not going well. I also had no idea that I didn't post anything last week despite actually having things happen to me that worth talking about rather I missed doing things without the fear of the consequences killing my whole family. 

Last weekend I was at my sister's to look after her cat, who keeps getting injured at night. She was away and her cat needed surgery the day she was leaving. He needed surgery on his eye and cut his neck. He's recovering okay but it's been revealed that he had a broken nose. So there is a lot of debate about how he got injured. The vet doesn't think it's another cat, so it could be a fence, a fox or a person. 

He's not a person cat so I doubt that one. We'll probably never know what he gets up to at night. I did manage to not buy too much takeaway, but I did ice cream and ribs delivered to me. 

The StrangeAthon is going okay. I've read two books for it the counts and reading another that currently doesn't match any of the challenges. 

I actually excised on my excise bike and took my dogs for a long walk. Leia was not happy as she could not go in the field across the bridge because there's sheep in it despite the field being part of a public path. I guess maybe you could walk avoid the sheep, but sheep can be evil and I definitely wouldn't walk with my dog. Leia definitely cannot run up and down the field until she is tired with sheep in it.

I am tired as always, and as always I have so much stuff to do. I'm behind on reviews again as well.

Sunday 4 October 2020


 So you haven't been editing for months,  You have 30 films to watch and you've got 16 books to read, so what do you do? That's right now is the time to do a video every other day on YouTube, hence VEODO is born. 

I've also fucked it up by deciding I rather have Chinese than finished editing the video in time for it to be actually uploaded today. It was worth it and I hate odd numbers anyway. I would rather publish on even days. 

We see how long that last. Not much has happened other my longing want to go to the cinema continues to not be a thing.