Book Review Policy

I rate book 1 to 5 stars. I rate on what the book is, for example I would not necessary rate a YA fantasy the same I would an adult horror or whatever. 

I tend to talk about the plot, characters, style/technique, issues and enjoyment. I will discuss the cover if I have something to say.

 I also tag reviews about what features in the books such as trigger warnings and whether its features a Graveyard in it or library. I've been doing the Graveyard one basically since I started reviewing, the others not so much but it's something I try my best to do now.

I sometimes swear in my reviews, if I feel its appropriate, but I just want to make clear that I only swear in reviews if there is swearing in the book at the same level e.g. YA that has them.

If I have received a book off Netgalley for review it will be labeled Netgalley. The same with Bookbridgr books. I also write at the bottom of reviews if I have received them from review and where from but my older reviews don't have this and honesty I forget to do it sometimes.

I can be contract to do reviews at: Nowhere because I'm a terrible reviewer. 

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