Saturday 30 January 2016

Novel: Dance Hall, Chapter 1

Finally the the actual first chapter of the novel I'm writing for this blog. I have no idea where this is going. This is the third first chapter I've wrote. This combines a lot of those features from them. I'm current refering this as Dance Hall purely as working title as I don't have any ideas about a decent title. The short story 'Things that Go Bump in Haunted Dance Halls' is now the Prolongue, though should probably be rewritten to reflect the character's age and made more prolonguely. You do need the Prolongue so start there. I'll see how the other chapters go.
Chapter 1, Crumbled State

I stare at the old building. It looks more run down than I remembered. It has been ten years and things from your childhood ever looks the same. We always travelled around so much and things always change. It almost comforting to find a building still standing in the same abandon state with the same ghost probably lurking. Generally, just sad.

 I was standing in the same place across the street when I saw its lone ghost standing its doorway. I following it was one the dumbest things I did as a child. Followed something I sense to be dead into a building just waiting to fall down on someone. I even walked up those rotten stairs. I doubt I would have the same luck; I would fall right through the wood. Twisting my ankle or impaling myself support beam.

I never told my mum about the ghost I followed. To her I just wander away from her in the giant antique shop, looking for haunted objects. I say shop, but it more of a warehouse. My mum used her abilities for money in unusual way. She brought haunted objects that would be of value if people could stand to have them in their homes or stand to live in them. We were town for another house to de-ghost before selling or renting them out.

Better than being a shop or TV psychic that had to lie to over all the people that came in. Some ghost do haunt their love ones, but they so rarely follow them around. Nor do they show up on que.

We were in town to de-ghost a house that mum had heard about the last time we were in town and had kept a look out for it being up for sale again at a price she could afford. We were going to see it today but were killing an hour here looking for more investments. I was bored by it, so had came out to here.

Back then moving town to town had been fun and adventure. Now I sick of not having any roots or friends. We had plenty of money now with steady income from houses and my mother was now a respected antique dealer. She didn't even need to de-ghost objects to get profit from them. However, now we went after bigger stuff. Hell, my mum was going to buy a mansion. At this rate, I don't think she'll be happy until we were millionaires.

I scan the building's windows. It was four feet tall, but narrow. It was thin tower compare to the thick buildings it stood between. I saw nothing from any of them. They all seem to be unoccupied now.

"There you are," I turned at my mother's voice. "We gonna be late to meet the agent."

I just nod and walked to the car. I don't know how to her that I'm sick of living like this. I'm technically older enough to live by myself and I have some money saved of my own. I could just leave, pick a town and stay there. I won't of course. It’s unlikely that I could stay hidden for long anyway. Ghost ain't the only one who tell secrets.


This town is hot spot for ghosts. It's ancient, there a vast supernatural underworld based and a war or two have been fought here. Basically all the makings for a town full of ghosts. It hard to believe we haven't back since we left four years ago. My mum ran out of houses she could afford to buy here and no interested in the businesses so we left with a house that never sold due the rumours.

The manor was meant to be the most haunted building in town. Grisly family past, been used as hospital in the war and it was just creepy looking. It stood on a hill that looked over the town that had sprung around over its centuries of being. Dam and damp looking, it had been painted white or yellow but now it was grey looking.

"This place will sure be a breaut we're done renovating it." She hadn't even brought it yet. It had been sitting empty for at least a year. It had been brought by company wanting to turn it into a tourist attraction, Hotel Spook. They had started by fixing the roof but a rough time getting the planning permission and had never gotten to the stage of actually making it hotel like before they gave up the project and decided to sell up. The only thing they had achieved was having it on one of those terrible ghost hunting shows.

My mother had jumped on it as soon as she found out it was back on the market for a ridicules low price. Though, looking at it, I don't think it was the ghosts that made it so cheap. It needed a ton of work just from the outside alone. I hadn't humoured my mother enough to look at the photo. I had half heartily watched it “investigation” but the building had clearly gone downhill since then.

"It good you have vision," the agent said. She was a small, blonde woman who couldn't have been selling houses for long by the look of her. She couldn’t have been that far out of school. "The last owner spent a lot of money fixing the major problems, but as you can see there are a few things that need doing."

Like everything but the roof. Though, some of the tiles looked ready to slam to the ground. It was three feet so that would certainly kill someone.

"I've always loved this building."

I trail behind the two of them as they gush over the ruining. It was not in a liveable state meaning we would have to start working on it before we could get a real feel of the ghosts based in it. It was cold, the doors water damaged and the some of the floorboards were warp from water damage. Black mould scaled a lot of the walls. The wiring would need to be done going off how old the lighting fixtures looked. I paused at a window in a lounge.

"The kitchen is currently in the basement," the agent as they voiced fade. I taped on the glass. It was only single planed and the frame was rotten. I could probably pull the glass out. To heat this place without the spending it's value every month, the windows would need to be all tripped glassed and tightly sealed. I sighed, my breath causing the window to steam up.

I wrote ‘HELP” backwards on the window. I had mastered the act of writing backwards spending so much time in the car bored. A little hand print slowly appeared under my letters. I sighed again.  Yay, it was actually haunted or invisible children were in its garden. This house was too cold to pick up on any spooks. Very rarely do they make the air hot.

I walked after my mum to hint at my discovery.

“What do you need help with?” A child said from behind me. I continue walking, toying with ignoring it before finally replying. “Fixing this house.”

The agent and my mother were still in the basement gushing about character and potential. I carefully creeped down its narrow stairs. I wonder if one of its stories involves something breaking their neck going down here.

"I'll have to talk to my lawyer, but I think this is the building for us."
What could she have seen to decide that? I turned around and went back up to wait in the car without saying anything.

I thought I was old enough for at least the fakey of discussion about things. I guess we’re being staying her then. 


They're in the building for a while. I sit in the front seat, turning the engine on and off. I know how to drive, despite not having a licence. My mum only boyfriend taught me the basics when I was twelve and I had access to lot of country lanes and parking lots. I could drive away, but wait for my mother.

I move to the passenger seat when I see her coming. She waves goodbye to the agent, getting into the car.

“What do you think?” She asks finally.

“Ghost children.” Children usually come in pairs of some sort.

“Ghost cooks.”

“Hoping they’ll bake for you.”

“It would make running a hotel cheaper.”

“Hotel?” My mother has always blasted haunted hotels. Though, she has a client that runs one and only buys haunted objects to put in it.

“I think it’s time to settle down.” Has she turned into the other psychic? “I know we haven’t discussed it much, but next year’s exams are really important and I never got that far to help you.” She could have if she hadn’t run off to a circus for 18 months before Christmas. Enough to fall in love, get pregnant, have me and then fall out of love with the circus but not moving around.

“I was thinking of following in your footsteps,” I joke. She huffs out.

“It wasn’t fun,” she starts. “We had a lot of good times, honey but I’ve done things that I’m not proud of.”

She doesn’t need to explain. I’ve been witness to her more dodgy medium dealings, when you only income comes from your only talent, you don’t always use it the best way. After the circus and before first house, mum had banished a few ghosts that didn’t deserve it instead of helping them for the quick clash. It was worse than the lying to grieving families

“I was thinking more about the antique, steal your clients,” I joked in effect to lighten the mood.

“Good luck with that,” she smiles. “We’re staying the night here while I sort some stuff out.”

“In the car?” I know this won’t be the answer as we in a tiny sports car with only two seats. I didn’t much appreciate since the business man that committed suicide in it before it was repoed. There wasn’t really a market for ex-haunted cars due for safety but people don’t junk porsche. Maybe I’ll find my own spooky junker once I’m legal for the roads.

“No…” she hesitates. “A client found out I was in town.” Oh, no. He lives here. She doesn’t have to say who as she already pulling up to “The World’s Most Haunted Hotel”.

Next Chapter: The Competition

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Book Review: All The Rage by Courtney Summers

A cover that actually matches the novel behind it.

Romy Grey wears her lipstick like armour ever since the night she was raped. The night she discovered that Kellan Turner, the sheriff’s son, is not the golden boy that everyone thinks he is.
No one wants to believe a girl from the wrong side of town, and so the truth about what Kellan did to her that night has cost Romy everything. Branded a liar, her only refuge is the diner she works outside of town, where no one knows her name or her past; becoming anonymous now feels like her only escape.
But when a girl goes missing after a party, Romy must decide whether she wants to fight or carry the burden of knowing more girls could get hurt if she doesn’t speak up. Nobody believed her the first time – and they certainly won’t now – but the cost of her silence might be more than she can bear.

Rape is a hot topic right now, which is good as the public view of it is terrible and full of false notions. It is good that it has made into YA books with a big part of its audience likely to be effected by it in the future or have already been. Doesn't the world suck? Even if you never victim of it; its the fear girls are taught to avoid and effects the way you live your life, but it still almost tabbo to discuss it which is so damaging. This book deals with some of the common issues that rape victims face, e.g. having wanted to be with your rapist before the assault or rapist having a better reputation and more connections than you. Also corrupt police.

I think overall its is done well. Romy mental state matches up with what she been through and her trying to continue with her life whilst not being ready to. Romy characterisation is done well, the other characters do feel a bit flat, just a little bit but with the book being from Romy POV, that could just because that the way she see them.

The setting plays a big part with it taking place in a small town where everyone knows each other business including the police so its hard to get non-biased help and people think they know you from other people's opinions. This is also applies to the whole of society and the town worked well as a microcosm.

The plot of this book is good, there is a slight mystery but it as confusing as it is in life. My one issue with the novel, a big chuck of the books relays on Romy getting in a situation that I have hard time seeing her doing with her suspicious nature and I can't getting more into it without spoilers.

Like I said this book if from the point of view of Romy and therefore first person, This book is odd in that doesn't really have chapters. The novel isn't that long so this isn't really problem, but there were times where I was confused about the time line, though that could have been intention.

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars for war paint. This is a good book with a serious topic. There were elements I thought worked really well and I really connected with the main character.

I got this book for review off Netgalley and it is being published by Macmillan Children's Books on

Saturday 23 January 2016

Sentiment about Dirt & Drool stains.

My dog died today at round 9.50pm to 10pm. He was 14 years old, so old for a dog. Lived past the typical livespan of a Border Colin by two years. I knew he was going to live for long on Friday, he couldn't get up by himself anymore. He wobbled down to the burn, but falling down only having the strength of his front legs. He seemed a little deflected. He wasn't eating and had lost weight, which had cause the rest of the muscles in his legs to go.

His brain was mostly still there. He was going sightly senile in his old age. He still tried to get up and go outside when he needed to go. We had decided that we put him down on Monday, if he didn't magically improve. Two more days so my brother could come and see him, instead of putting him down the first time we went to the vet today. But instead of getting better, he stay the same. Only being able to lie his on what ever side we would put him. It's been too uncomfortable for him to lie any other way for a while.

I missed him so much. It just feels odd that he's not here. I'm going back to the uni dorms tomorrow. I'm not sure whether that will be a good thing because he's only ever been there once or its going to be a terrible thing as the campus doubles as a dog park.

This month has been terrible. People keep dying, not just celebrities but in real life as well. Shep was up at the dorms on Thursday because my parents went to Funeral near where uni is and didn't want to leave a sick sleep by himself, but also wanted us all to go to Lunch? Parents are weird.

I still feel him in my arms. He had fit so my dad called the emergency vet number and we took him to the vet. He had a stoke and was paralysed down one side so it was definitely right decision. Mum wanted him to die by himself, in sleep but that so rarely happens. It wouldn't be peacefully with him so far gone. I think deciding when to let a pet go is so hard. Because even knowing their quality life was so low and that there not going to get better doesn't make it easy.

It was weird crying in front of a complete stranger when crying in a group. Being a vet must be weird and hard. Peting him as he dyed was weird, because I wasn't sure when he dyed though the vet checked right after I sort of stopped petting and he was dead. We getting him cremated so we can a little box of him because burying him would be too hard.

Of course, Shep's body decided to act out a zombie role with postmortem spasms and a last gasp (there is a term but I can't find it). I would have rather not seen that, especially with my mum still petting him. I didn't really want to pet him after that. Before we left, mum said don't you want to say goodbye, but I already had. He was gone, he felt gone. I did pet him and he felt colder, but still warm. I guess not right is the word.

My mum seems to be the one who took it the hardest. For me crying stopped being therapeutic and I just felt numb. I missed my dog.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My next door neighbours are real animals. Or an empty field.

I'm not sure what I think of this book. Frankly, I just have a weird relationship with romance books. I like them for characterisation but the romance side is something I never buy into the way other people seem to.

There are lot of characters and the writer manages to keep them distinct. The relationships were okay. The contrast between the two families worked well.  The main character doesn't give much in personality to attach to, she okay.

The plot was okay, but I'm not really fond of the everything is perfect and then everything goes to shit hundred pages before the end format.

 Overall, I give this book 4/5 stars for ridiculous names. While this is a new release over in the UK, this book has been over hyped from the American side for me. It's a decent  A contemporary, I'm just not at all invested enough in the characters to buy into the hype. I think I would have less mixed feelings about it if I hadn't heard how good it was from various sources.

I got this book for Review off NetGalley and it was published by Electric Monkey this month.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Book Review: This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

Ar...when everyone acts like a selfish arse to you.

My gut instinct of this book is a bit of a mess. It's a nice mess, but certain things just don't fit. The best friend Eden becomes really unlikable with very weak reasoning behind her actions. This definitely caused issues as there were main plot points that impact were weaken because of this.

The second part of the book was weak. The set up was okay and understood the attempt to create a boiling point, but I found a hard time buying it. Especially, Eden and Digby's mother's behaviour/thoughts about a perpendicular event was just odd and I thought I had missed something at first because of the way she was acting. Very end was just sappy nonsense that didn't make sense.

The book is told in first person by Lucille and organised by days since when Lucille's mother left, which I really liked and think worked well for the book.

The characters were okay, but I got say the nine year old sister was a bit babyish, especially as she was said to be intelligent. The love interest was as bland as a tree truck but Lucille was sort of bland herself. There's attempt to give depth, almost successfully with the flashbacks but this gave more depth to other characters other than her.

Overall, I give 4 out of fives stars for New Mexican earrings. This book only took me three hours to read and was pretty enjoyable, so despite it failings I would still recommend it. The ending is a bit of a mess I am interested to see what Estelle Laure writes in the future. A very promising debut.

I got this book for review off NetGalley and it is being published by Orchard Books on 14th January 2016.

Saturday 9 January 2016

2016 Goals

This is the ways I should do this year maybe.
  1. Read 52 books or the same number I buy. I want to go back to reading at least a book a week as I think this is the best thing for me.
  2. Finish 10 book series. Same reasons as last year. I still own to many and they are lots I want to finish. 
  3. To lower my To Be Read in all senses. Don't spend as much on books. Get that number down to something that isn't so horrifying. It's at 458 as I type. I would say go year without buying any books but that would take away all my fun, so I can some options. Just not 102 again, please.
  4. Read a comic a day till caught up. I am majorly behind my comics and I would like to change this. This would last me a while if I did it literally. 
  5. Stop being dumb with money. I should budget for what I have and stop making a game of paying my credit card. I would like a job, but that's just not in my cards at the moment. I need another income so feel free to pay me for my talents (whatever they actually are).
  6. Write. This blog was to make sure I wrote every week, but it just doesn't feel like enough effect anymore. Maybe my posts need to be more structured. Maybe I should stop doing posts where I say nothing about nothing. I might start posting creative work every week no matter how bad or unfinish it is. Just so I do stuff instead of nothing.
  7. Edit footage instead of sitting on it for years. I feel interesting stuff then never do anything or abandoned video ideas I that I feel that need to be done or give up on before I even look at the footage.
  8.  Write a script and then make it. I have no excuse not to do this. I mean I find a lot of the class work creativity limiting so this would be at my level and I've just got to do these things. 
  9. Stop doing stuff the night before, then the whole doing work making me tired wouldn't be such  an issue and  might fix the whole insomnia/weird sleeping patterns I keep issue as well. 
  10.  Actually finish the Stranger or whatever. One of my novel things anyway.
10 is a nice number for this year. There's other stuff I should work on but I guess in terms of being happy and realistic, this is the stuff I should focus on.  See you loser next year where we see if I'm the winner or failer. Also next week for stuff.

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Book Review: Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant

I would like to rate this series blurbs a 1 star due to them being highly misleading.

People are falling from the rooftops of Ghent. But did they throw themselves off - or did somebody push them?

Veerle has seen enough death to last a lifetime. But death isn't finished with Veerle just yet.

When people start to die in her new home town, some put it down to a spate of suicides. Some blame the legendary Demons of Ghent. Only Veerle suspects that something - somebody -has followed her to wreak his vengeance.

But she watched the hunter die, didn't she?

This is the second book in the Forbidden Spaces Trilogy, the first person being Silent Saturday. Beware that there will be spoilers for the first book so check out my review if you've not read it.

In this book, unsurprising the story is now set in the city of Ghent, instead of the Veerle's home village. We get new characters. We also get the creation of a love triangle. It is the more realistic type, that doesn't put Veerle in the best light. It felt a little for the sake of plot. I like the new guy, but why romance? Why not friendship? Instead of murder with a side of  meh drama.

We see more of Veerle's father Geert and his girlfriend. Pretty relations. Though, I'm surprised that Veerle didn't call him on his shit. His girlfriend doesn't feel like a real person. Terrible people exist, the lack of contract we get with her makes her feel unreal.

The plot is hinting at something weird. I feel like I can have no thoughts until I read the next and final book in the Trilogy. The mystery was okay. The climax was a bit er but did fit with the rest of the novel. I did enjoy how much Ghent was involved and acts as another character.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for salty nails. This a mature crime YA novel set somewhere other than America or England so what's to love. Also swearing in Flemish. I am intrigued to see how this story wraps up.

Sunday 3 January 2016

Bout of Books 15

I am once again doing the Bout of Books readathon. It's running from the 4th to 10th January.

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 4th and runs through Sunday, January 10th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 15 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

My Goals


Books to Read

  • All of the Above by James Dawson
  • Sleepless by Lou Morgan
  •  Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant
  • Urban Legends by Helen Grant 
  • Superman Annual 2014 
  • Straight White Male by John Niven 
  • Batman Annual 2014


Monday 4.1.2016 (wrote Tuesday, 8.42am(my web page messed up and I had to write this again.))
What I read today: All of the Above by James Dawson
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: 0
No. of pages read today: 142 pages
Books Finished: 1
Thoughts: Very little reading done today, due to sleeping through the day. I have flipped my sleeping pattern. I'm trying to fix it but I'm failing.

Tuesday 5.1.2016 (wrote Tuesday, 6.53 am)

Challenge-Would you rather:
  • Lend books to someone who dog-ears pages or to someone who reads with cheesy Cheetos fingers?
    Dog eared because food stains are the worst.
  • Be able to meet one character of your choice or meet one author of your choice?
    I have to say character because that just seems more magical.
  • Never be allowed in a book store again or never be allowed in a library again?
    I don't think I could function never being allowed in a library again but I would certainly save money if I was banned from all bookshops and online shopping is a thing.
  • Have to choose one of your favorite characters to die in their book or have to pick one of your favorite couples to break up in their book?
    I would certainly break up the couple mainly because none of my favourite couples are fully canon. Also people break up and move on. You usually can't move on from being dead, except in some books.
  • Be required to read Twilight once a year for the rest of your life or The Scarlet Letter once a year for the rest of your life? 
    I've never read The Scarlet Letter but Twilight was certainly enough once and it's four books and I'm the type of person who would have to read them all.  
What I read today: Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant,
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 200ish pages
Pages read total: 342 pages
Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished:1
Thoughts: I made a mistake of continuing to read the I'm reading without taking a note of the page I was on. I can't decide if it was more or less than 200 pages so I've decided just go for that number. Today could have been better. My reverse sleeping pattern is still problematic.

Wednesday 6.1.2016(wrote Thursday, 10.11am)
Challenge: The Rainbow Challenge

What I read today: Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant (263 pg), Superman Annual 2014 (49), Urban Legends by Helen Grant (7)
Total of books read today: 3
No. of books started today: 2
No. of pages read today: 319 pages
Pages read total: 661 pages
Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 2
Thoughts: I stayed awake till 2pm. That's somethings. Reading tired is a hard thing next to tv.

Thursday 7.1.2016 (wrote Friday, 4.35pm)
Challenge-Villain Mash Up: De Jeger (the Hunter) from Helen Grant's Forbidden Spaces series with the beast from The Mad Man's daughter trilogy. I have no idea how that would work but would be interesting. Everyone will die.
What I read today: Urban Legends by Helen Grant (429), Superman Annual 2014 (18),
Total of books read today: 2
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 447 pages
Pages read total: 1108 pages
Books Finished Today: 2

Total Books Finished: 4
Thoughts: I read a full book today which good. Back to having read a book a day for the year.

Friday 8.1.2016 (wrote Saturday, 6.56am)
Challenge-Scavenger Hunt:
What I read today: Straight White Male by John Niven
Total of books read today: 1
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today: 3 pages
Pages read total: 1111 pages
Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 4
Thoughts: I was just bad and didn't read anything today. I sleep for two hours and set me up for a weird mood.

Saturday 9.1.2016 (wrote Tuesday,6.25am)
Challenge-Comfy Reading Spot: Purposely picked another corner for today's challenge.
What I read today: nothing
Total of books read today: 0
No. of books started today: 0
No. of pages read today:  0 pages
Pages read total: 1111 pages
Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 4
Thoughts: Sleep. Driving. Sleepy Sleep.

Sunday 10.1.2016 (wrote Tuesday, 6.50am)

What I read today: Straight White Male by John Niven, Batman Annual 2014
Total of books read today: 2
No. of books started today: 1
No. of pages read today:  pages
Pages read total:  334 pages
Books Finished Today: 1
Total Books Finished: 5
Thoughts: Better today.

Overall Thoughts:  Okay readathon, would have been better if I had read everyday.

Saturday 2 January 2016

2015 in Summery

This is a post I should have write maybe last week, but then again how can you reflected on something till its over. My goals for 2015 were:
  1.  Read 60 books.
  2. To finally catch on my book reviews and stop requesting books that I don't time to read.
  3. I would like my To Be Read pile to go down as it now sits at 519 books.
  4. In the same spirit I want to majorly cut back on the books I buy.
  5. I would like finished reading/catch-up on 10 book series.
  6. To save money.
  7. To get a job this summer.
  8. To pass my driving test.
  9. To write creatively more and post it on this blog.
  10. To finished a first draft of The Stranger.
  11. To As in the Highers I'm study or at least put my best effort into doing it. 
  12. To stop procrastinating.
  13. Exercise and eat less junk.
  14. Talk to people, make friends and don't be in my shell so much.
  15. To put together a good portfolio together in less than month's time.
The majority of things were accomplished but also weren't at all.

1. I read 93 books last. Though, I'm not that happy about that considering I changed it to 102 for a very good reason which I will explain in a following point.
2. LOL. Still do this, but I seriously think about how unrealistic I am being before finally requesting a book. I have stopped requesting books I will never read. I might never catch up on though.
3. I think I counted wrong last year, because according to my spreadsheet I now have 459 books unread in my ownership and I only read 29 books that were mine last year. The thing I don't where I got that number from to say. Maybe it included NetGalley. So technically yes, but also hell no.
4. I brought 102 books and decided that if I was going to keep buying books I had to read at least as many as I buy, even if they not all owned books. I've never kept proper track of the number of books I buy per year before, so it's hard to say if this goal was achieved or not.  But I didn't a buy book every time I went into Waterstones. I stared keeping track of how much I was spending which was semi horrifying but that being said I've always thought of money in how many books I could buy with it.
5. I finished 10 series this year, meaning this was goal I accomplished without figuring the books I'm caught up with, but still they are ton of series I should finish.
6. No. I am still very bad with money.
7. I was unable to find one. I did work at charity shop so there's that.
8. I passed. I can drive by myself. I have been on a motorway. I have spinned my car in circle. I still hating driving.
9. I have been writing again, but I've also censored myself a lot this year. This a spiritually no. But I have stuff that mostly for me right now.
10. No. I think I added stuff. The Stranger is something I will finish, but I'm over aware of it's issues. I don't know if I should just straight up re-write it or continue with the plan to have at least one full draft of it instead of strips of scenes and beginning, end and middle.
11. I quit. This is clearly a fail in this front.
12. I will never likely stop. I put the pro in the word.
13. This is hard. Eating healthy is hard on a budget but I try. I still eat too much chocolate and need to find a form of excise that suits me.
14. Still Lonely. Still uncomfortable with this thing called Other People.
15. I did. Ish. But I also got into the uni I wanted to, so it doesn't really matter.

2015 was another year I lived. I got finally diagnosed with Autism and I went to uni so it's notable but in terms of emotions, nothing big happened to me. I achieved some goals and failed majorly at others. I will do the same next year. You can look forward to seeing those goals next week which is the typical scheduled for this time of year.