Saturday 28 June 2014

Lazy Accomplishments

Haló people, so another week has passed and I have accomplished very little. It's been a rather bad reading week. I have kept with the videos everyday. I've had a few ideas that I never ending up doing, such as doing a draw my life; I started writing it and it got really depressing. My cat died, school was depressing and the only happy thing was Florida so I kinda gave up on writing it. Maybe attempt it again some day but not this VEDJ. I have idea of doing stories with pictures drawn on on white board with me narrating the story. It's needs work so it won't work for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's video ended up me attempting to get drunk. I have over hour of footage that I need to go through and make into a decent length video. Well, that was what tomorrow's video was meant to be but I got sick of editing that video and I wanted to go to bed (and then I realise I hadn't finished writing this). I ended up putting a clip from the filming of that video up that didn't work for the video (mainly cause it got really long).

 Exciting news in terms of saving, I never spent any money last week. I mean I never left the house either and I steal the food my parents buy. I'm the healthy sort of person that can get away with eating one meal a day.

I'm the idiot that forgot to talk about Camp NaNoWriMo. I just remember about it as I was writing about not spending anything. That what Sunday's video should have been. I guess I could change it in a panic but l'm not sure I have a lot to say about it. I can just post something about it once I know that I've started it. I forgot I should probably go sign up for next month session especially since it starts in 2 days time. Hell, maybe this be the one I actually stick to and win that now that I'm one video away from completing VEDJ.

Though, July does have more pressing issues that I have left to sit at the back of my mind for most of the past 2 years. I have yet to edit anything that I could use as my Film portfolio. I have stuff filmed but it a lot of footage to go through. Doing this VEDJ has focused me to edit at least three 20 plus minutes videos that I've had to scan through a lot of footage to do so I done it for least.

Also I now have accessed to sound effects and music to soundtrack my videos thanks to YouTube. It's definitely new feature that I prove of, except for people are now randomly putting music in talking videos.

I have nothing to add for now so I'm leaving you for bed.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Book Review: Don't even Think about by Sarah Mlynowski

We write reviews as group now. Some of us liked this book.

Imagine if EVERYONE could hear your thoughts: your best friend, your worst enemy, your secret crush...

This is the story of how we became freaks. It's how a group of I's became a we.

When Class 10B got their flu shots, they expected some side effects. Maybe a sore arm. Maybe a headache. They definitely didn't expect to get telepathy. But suddenly they could hear what everyone was thinking. Their friends. Their teachers. Their parents. Now they all know that Tess has a crush on her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper. Some of them will thrive. Some of them will break. None of them will ever be the same.

This book is interesting as it technically wrote as first person but it come across as third person as it group people talking about themselves but there is certainly main character. I did take me a few chapters to get use to them talking as a "we".

There is probably like five main ones that we learn a lot about. We do hear about the others but not to the same extent. There are all quiet distinctive, a good effect has made to make them all them different. They have different family backgrounds dealing with cheating, OCD and other stuff. You like them on different levels but they all feel like real people.

The actual telepathy is interesting interpretation. I liked the rules of it, but did wonder why the connection with eyes. I also liked the fact that they developed aesthetic symptoms from the flu shots. It did dive into all the awkwardness that would come with classroom of teenagers being able to read minds.

Overall, I gave this book 4 of 5 stars for purple speckles. This is the start of a series and I would definitely continue with it. Best thing I've read with mind readers yet.

I got this book off Netgalley for review. Its published by Orchard Books and is out now.

Book Review: The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler

 If I worked at the Owl, I would go mad with the books being so disorganized.

Love doesn't always go by the book

Ardent and Idealistic, Esme Garland has arrived in Manhattan with a scholarship to study art history at Columbia University. When she falls in love with New York blue-blood Mitchell van Leuven, with his penchant for all things erotic, life seems to be clear sailing, until a thin blue line signals stormy times ahead. Before she has a chance to tell Mitchell about her pregnancy, he abruptly declares their sex life is as exciting as a cup of tea, and ends it all.
Stubbornly determined to master everything from Degas to diapers, Esme starts work at a small West Side bookstore to make ends meet. The Owl is a shabby all-day, all-night haven for a colorful crew of characters, such as handsome and taciturn guitar player Luke and George, the owner, who lives on spirulina shakes and idealism. The Owl becomes a nexus of good in a difficult world for Esme—but will it be enough to sustain her when Mitchell, glittering with charm and danger, comes back on the scene? 

 This was nice, quick read with annoying romance. This won't leaving you swooning. Maybe that it's charm. I did get so frustrated at Esme at lot, I just wanted her to stand up for herself at lot more. She blames her Britishness, I say it's her southern Englishness. The rest of Britain are not lay down and take it communities.

This book is weird because the Americanism is used for things when she talking to herself/reader. I mean colour is spelt without the 'u' and she fondly reminisces about Jell-o instead of Jelly.

 I spent most of time feeling sorry for Esme and not because she was pregnant. She has this attachment to Mitchell that I cannot understand at all. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but I think it comes petty clear in the first scenes with Mitchell is that he doesn't really care about Esme at all and it's just really sad that she can't see that. I would have liked to have seen why Emse "loves" him instead of being told he's charming. There is hint to another romance but it never developed which does work in with the book.

So this book is set in a Bookstore and New York which sets a lot of people drooling. They feature alright. There is a lot of book references in this book to enjoy. There is also sub-plot/issue of homelessness in the book as three homeless men work at the bookstore.

The dialogue in this book is quite good and there are a lot of funny lines just throw in during conversation with the other characters. The Owl is just full of characters (which is a sentences that works in so many ways. Three ways actually). 

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars for L. Frank Baum gays. I don't feel that strong towards this book but it was enjoyable read. If you find the summary intriguing then you should definitely check it out.

I got this book for review off Netgalley. Its published by Bloomsbury Reader and is out now.

Saturday 21 June 2014

Sun Hiding

I have sun burnt shoulders. I'm of coursed displeased about this. I washed "my" car this week and was how my shoulders got burned. It also been too hot for my likely this week. I'd be quite happy without a supposed summer. Heat and sun do not spell fun even sun does rhyme with fun.

I've been spending most of my time trying to think of video ideas. Not always a successfully progess. I have 9 days left for VEDJ and I have two ideas left for it. One I don't want to for a while as it a haul and I've already uploaded three hauls this past week so I would like some time between those ones. I have idea but that involves me sitting down to write it. Two other videos are going to be Monday Missions so that leaves me with five video ideas to come up with. If all else fails I could do tags and there is potentially another video I could do. Hell, maybe I'll even do a draw my life.

Today is meant to be the longest day of the year but I'm sure the sun went down later yesterday than it did today. I know these things because I was on my trampoline at 11pm on both these days.

On the update of my bedroom, I now again have a chair to sit on rather a place where serveral things have been dumped on. Still haven't moved those boxes (I blame the heat and my fans lack of power). I found myself sorting my books, not sure why as I will need to sort them again once I get to the book rearranging part of my master plan. Basically, it just means I don't have bags of books/boxes everywhere. 

I've been getting excited about the Edinburgh Book festival as I'm definitely going to go this year. There is four days I want to check out; none of which take place one after another. I'm thinking of just getting the bus up and down for it. We're see.

I worked that I should be able to catch up on my reviews before college starts which would be great as it kinda ridiculous that I'm this behind and be great to have a decent stats on Netgalley. I've actually read next three books I need to review so hopefully there will be on time.

That's all for this week, I see ya all next time. I'm off to write reviews and sleep.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Book Review: The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman (and art by Eddie Campbell)

Because if a cave doesn't have skull on it, don't go in it.

You ask me if I can forgive myself?
I can forgive myself . . .

Guys in kilts with questionable morals go on a quest to find a cave filled with Treasure with terrible and sad things involved.

So this is a short story, accomped with illustrations. It's basically a picture book for adults so what not to love. 

The illustration really go well with the story. They're pretty and sometimes creepy. (To think I studied Art.)

Since this is a short story, I can't really say much without it being spoilerly. I liked it. It features family, murder and the Scottish Highlands. It well written and I really like the ending. It was sort of perfect and twisted.

Overall, I gave it 5 out of 5 stars for just deserts. It typical Neil Gaiman goodness with awesome illustrations. Also the action book production is nice with fabric on the spine.

Book Review: The Long Fall by Julia Crouch

If someone likes to play game called "Danger" is when you leave them on the curb.

How far would you go to protect your secrets?

Greece, 1980

Emma takes part in a shattering, violent event. An event to which she is anything but an innocent bystander.
She is only eighteen, but this marks her fall from innocence.
It will haunt her for the rest of her life.

London, now

Kate has the perfect existence: a glossy image, a glamorous home, a perfect family.
But there are cracks.
All is not what it seems.

And now the two worlds are about to collide.
Somebody's out for revenge.
Someone who has been waiting thirty years...

I didn't really enjoy read this book much. It was alright but I got bored and frustrated whilst reading, mainly during the third Part. There were somethings I liked about this novel, the actual format was good.

It split into three parts, one switching between the diary of Emma and then third person narration Kate's life. Then the Part Two, is solely Emma and then Part Three is just Kate. I liked the diaries there were done well enough. The writing was well enough. It's plot and characters that get me down.

Okay, Emma can be seen as being naive and not being able to see warning signs but Kate is adult with experience. She does no checking and blindly follows someone with dodgy past. The scheme is overly complicated. Kate is meant to be really smart, at least in educational sense but none of that is reflected in her actions. I also found it hard to sympathise with Kate at all, I think it the way she was written and her thought path. Characters do stuff for no apparent reason that never plays into the story and have complete personality makes over, that whilst fit with the plot make me wonder why Kate was so trusting.

There is the effect to have a twisty turny plot but it just kinda fell flat with me. I think the opening prologue thing was a mistake because it makes what happens obvious so I start to wonder when they would just get to that part and how it would play into the story. Now that can be a prostive thing but I don't think it worked with this story. Generally, I thought the thing that connect Emma and Kate was dumb and never got Emma's reasoning (if I say more we get into spoiler zone).

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars for luckless charms. I can't really say I enjoyed reading this as I had to focus myself through at lot. The second half of this book lets it down and which is disappointingly as I do like the format of the book and the certain plot points if done differently would have been great. I would give Crouch another chance.

I got this book off BookBridgr for Review.  It being published by Headline on the 19th June 2014 (tomorrow).

Saturday 14 June 2014

Weirdly Poetic.

I have a sleeping dog in my room that I think may be trying to keep me trapped in my room. He lays blocking the door. To leave I would have to stand on him and manage to get the door open though his body would stop the door in it's path. It's a good thing that I do not plan to leave my bed. I have blog posts to write and it's too hot to move.

The exact temperature I do not know, but room's location doubles it ten folds. I hadn't spent much time in my own personal oven that day as I had drove in and out of time after my sister who can't drive and volunteers three hours of her time whilst my mother asks when I will take my theory. I say the end of August as it is far away as she will be pleased with but who knows, maybe I mean the august after next.

Father's day present I brought, birthday present remains to be fulfilled. The gift of jeans cannot disappear with the intention of dinner. I also spent too much on myself after last week's twenty-one books to sit pretty amougst the other pile of tomes.  A candle holder, usefully for when modern light fails; vitamins to make stronger nails, brighter hair and skin involvement is a mystery; skin masks to peel away; and finally hair dye did I buy.

My hair has been tamed once more by others hands after years only mine. It is slightly shorter and certain top strands lighter. I do not care for the lightness so I plan to turn the lightness into brightness with shades of pink and purple. In a week or so.

Until then I have my books and videos to be busy with. My VEDJ project is going better than it started with each day have a video to go with it. Issues I did have on the cursed Friday the 13th as it rained where my creativity called for dry skies. Creativity was stilled until today where it finally flowed.

Father's Day is tomorrow, my sister never brought a card so now we're meant to share. She owes me a coin then. I've spoken all I have today, so I type to you the same day I always do when it comes age new. Farewell til then.

P.S. Yeah, I wrote the post in a weird style mainly because I haven't wrote anything creative in a while, maybe next week. If you want weird comments go by your parents room in oneies during unusual heat. 

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Book Review: Zom-B: City by Darren Shan

Okay, for a sec there I thought we were in the Walking Dead.

How many survived the zombie apocalypse?
Where do the living hide in a city of the dead?
Who controls the streets of London?
B Smith is setting out to explore...

This is the third book in the Z-Bom series, I have done reviews of the first two books: Zom-B and Underground. Go check out those reviews if you haven't read them if you haven't as there will be spoilers for them in this review.

 A few interesting things are introduce/brought back to the series in this book. We have extreme religious nuts and get this very "The Walking Dead"ish speech from artist. He even says "I'm the Walking Dead" (that might be slightly wrong as I've lost the actual quote).

Through most of this I wonder if B had lost her brain. She does some dumb stuff and I think she doesn't really think everything through which has always been B's problem. She damages herself so much, she a zombie she can't heal she really needs to be more carefully that.  She generally puts herself in way too much risk. She is trying to be a better person but she still not doing the best job of it.

 I really don't like the "villains" very much, not in they villains ways. Just why more than anything. We get grimaces of them with no real answer to anything. I would just generally like more information. What is there motivation, why is this happening, how did this happened? Going off the end of this book we are going to get some answer in the next one.

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars for painted zombies. I enjoy reading theses books but I am currently frustrated with the series at the moment. I shall continue on especially since I have the next one in my hands.

Book Review: Robot Uprisings by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams

I'm currently not in talking terms with most of my technology.

Someday soon, our technology is going to rise up and we humans are going to be sliced into bloody chunks by robots that in our hubris we decided to build with chainsaws for hands. That's a fact as cold and hard as metal.

It is self-evident that our self-driving cars are going to drive us off bridges. Not long from now, our robo-vacuums will pretend to be broken and our love androids will refuse to put out until the house is cleaned . . . and we'll know that the inevitable robot uprising has finally arrived.

Well, maybe. But even if we are not 100% confident that this horrific future is going to happen, it's fair to say that we won't be surprised when the robots come for us. Because for nearly a century audiences have been entertained by the notion of a robot uprising.

In this collection, seventeen of the biggest names in sci-fi have explored their own visions of the classic robot uprising tale. The robots in these pages aren't safe, by any means. They are crouched in abandoned houses, eyes ablaze and chainsaws dripping with oil. But they are going to do more than slice us up. They are going to push us to consider our world of technology from new perspectives, on entirely new scales of time and space.

Even though this book is called the Robot Uprising, most of them don't involve what you would call Robots. More just AI in everything. I got to say I don't think it will be technology that will be the end of humanity especially since most tech seems have the lifespan of a well-cared for rabbit. Just don't let them build themselves and we're be fine. Oh, might already be too late. Okay, lets get into the actual stories.

Complex God by Scott Sigler: This was a strong one to open with. There is Harry Potter references so that makes it the best story ever. The tone was nice as well. Deep and questing humanity and all that jazz. And. 4/5 stars for frogs.

Cycles by Charles Yu: I quite like this one. It more interesting to be told the story from the point of view of the robot because motive is something I never really got about "Robot Uprisings".4/5 stars for Procrastinating Robots.
Lullaby by Anna North: Sing to the robots, save the house. This one is interesting as it actually set after a war with robots have already taken place. A young hacker moves into her grandfather old house which she hears is meant to be  haunted. It is *evil laugh*.  4.5/5 stars for incompetent  authority figures.

Eighty Miles an hour all the way to paradise by Genevieve Valentine: I liked the ending, it’s sort of sad. Also in this world, Britain would probably fine going off the ending. I'm disappointed that appears not to be a real song. 4/5 stars for death cars.

Exeutable by Hugh Howey: You should have better things to do in the robot apocalypse than have a pointless trial. Especially, since the person on trial could be valuable in his knowledge of Robots. 3/5 stars for idiots.
The Omnibot Incident by Ernest Cline: Really cute story about possible killer Robot set in the 80s. No, it not a fanfiction of Johnny-5. It should be. 5/5 stats for knife play.

Epoch by Cory Doctorow: This was sort interesting as it was about survival and think it made the good point as to why we would care about AIs. Why would we want Artificial Intelligence be a thing? 5/5 stars for non-sexy phone calls.

Human Intelligence by Jeff Abbott: Oh, the trickery. I could also get behind this apocalyptic scene with how believable it is to me. 5/5 stars for man's last hope.
The Golden Hour by Julianna Baggott: I like this one, kinda unique as it about a robot making human baby and loving it. Robots are still our overlords but questioned the relationships and emotion.4/5 stars for stolen DNA.

Sleepover by Alastair Reynolds: DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. There are so many things I did not like about this story. The concept, the structure, the suppose explanation. Basically, most of the human race has been put to sleep except for a group of caretakers. They wake up this guy to be a caretaker and explain absolutely nothing to him. They say there is a war, that’s it and he left to figure what going on himself.  The character were annoying as no one explains themselves. 1/5 stars for being Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.  Okay, I’m being a bit mean, but really don’t like this one.

Seasoning by Alan Dean Foster: It could be argued that humans could behind what’s going on in this story. I guess still sort of interesting and involves one of those unavoidable things of life: Food. 3/5 stars for making me want a pretzel.

Nanonauts! In Battle with tiny Death-Subs! By Ian McDonald: Lesson, boys should wear concealer too. Also protected your drinking glasses in bars and don’t brag to strangers about your job. 3/5 stars for being Nanotastic.

Of Dying Heros and Deathless Deeds by Robin Wasserman: Wasserman is the only writer in this anthology that I’ve read before (though I own others’ books and not hers). I generally like her writing style. This one was so sad and I had tears in my eyes at the end. 5/5 stars for alot of talking.
The Robot and the Baby by John McCarthy: This weird, kinda funny story, basically robot that sort of goes against it programming whilst keeping with it. 4/5 stars for spider legs.

We are All Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War By Seanan McGuire: I liked this story but I think there was some issues with it. As not to spoiler it, let just say everything is on the internet. 4/5 stars for a updated horror cliché.
Spider the Artist by Nnedi Okorafor: Killer Robots and music. This was the only story not set in the west, definitely make it stand out more. It's set in African country (I can't remember which one). It has this nice soft tone, that almost musical so goes very well with the story. 4/5 stars for spurting oil.

Small Things by Daniel H. Wilson: This is the longest story in the anthology. It even had chapters. Because of it's length I did spend most of the time wondering when it would start getting interesting. Follows a shamed nano expert who tricked by the government (petty sure it's US but don't think it said it them), into going to a nano infested island with a mad scientist making them do weird things to living things. There is some horrific imagery in this story. 4/5 stars for

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars for junked cities. I enjoyed reading this and there are some interesting, well-written stories in it so definitely recommend to robot and sci-fi lovers.

I got this book off Netgalley for Review. It's published by Simon & Schuster and has been out since April.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Broken Things.

 Hello friends of the internet, I went to Food Town Day today. Don't worry I didn't partake in any of that. I went to a café that opened everyday and ate food that you could get everyday. Okay, so I didn't really go to Food Town Day, It was raining so barely any one did go and it's a tourist scam anyway.

You're be horrified to find out that I broke my Book Buying Ban in a major way. I didn't just break it, I smashed it on the ground whist the glue was seting and then did that same thing again. Yes, I brought books three times this month. I brought 13 books on Monday, (I also brought a book for a pound but that doesn't count), four on Thursday and another five today. I have a serious problem. It's not my fault it's Waterstones. No, BookTube. Goodreads? Mine? No, it couldn't be. It's yours.

Okay, now I'm just blaming everyone. It's mine for being weak. Sure, I have excuses: my TV and laptop broke on the same day; making me depress and I buy books when I'm depressed. It probably not the best coping mechanism, but definitely not the worst. I went to steal my little brother's TV today but he was in there and still is. Not using the TV though. I've stolen my mum's laptop successfully.

I know why I do it partly, I just wish my book guilt would override my want of books. I shouldn't have decided somewhere in my brain because my TV and laptop broke meant my Book Buying Ban should match.

I have started a new system to tackle my Mount TBR challenge. Every time I read a book I don't actually own e.g. library, netgalley; I have to read a book I own before I can read another book I don't own. I have my doubts that I'll stick to it fully, but it should at least stop me having months without reading any books that are actually mine.

I'm also having a book giveaway on my BookTube channel, I'm giving away some books that I'm planing to get rid of anyway (mainly because I own several copy of them). That's all for this week, I'll leave with the giveaway video.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Book Review: Winger by Andrew Smith

This book rugby tackles you while you're playing rounders.

Ryan Dean West is a fourteen-year-old boy at a boarding school for rich kids. He's living in Opportunity Hall, the dorm for troublemakers, and rooming with the biggest bully on the rugby team. And he's madly in love with his best friend Annie, who thinks of him as a little boy. 

With the help of his sense of humour, rugby buddies, and his penchant for doodling comics, Ryan Dean manages to survive life's complications and even find some happiness along the way. But when the unthinkable happens, he has to figure out how to hold on to what's important, even when it feels like everything has fallen apart. 

I had heard a lot of hype for this book. I don't think that help as I spent a lot time wondering why this was so many people's favourite. To be honest it's the ending that leave me a little numb. Just no. Okay, I get why so many people like Winger. There is cartoons meant to be drawn by the character. Illustration are something I love in books, though I don't think all the comics made sense or add anything to the situation.

I think the whole book balanced on whether you like the main character Ryan Dean which I didn't really. He so needy and does the same dumb things repeatedly. Also we get told of his past mischief that I have hard time actually imagining him doing any of it. I just couldn't behind him at all. It doesn't help that the only girls we introduced to in this book are either described as hot or mocked for the looks and as Ryan Dean is the narrator he one doing it. The supporting characters were generally more likable.

There was this one scene that just felt so fake and really what the chances of that happening. It just seems the whole point of this book to give us, the reader a lesson out of the suffering of a character that's not main character (though who is hella lot more likable).

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars for bloody uniforms. There was parts of this book that I enjoyed and found humours. However, with that ending it lost a whole star. Though, saying that I'm sure there is people who love this book because of that ending, I'm so not one of them. There is also meant to be sequel of this book coming out and I don't get why. I suppose there was meant to plans of action that Ryan Dean wanted to be doing. I would probably read it if it dropped into my lap but I wouldn't make any effort for it.

I got this off Netgalley for a review. It’s being published by Penguin on 5th June 2014 (Tomorrow).

Book Review: Smart by Kim Slater

 Jamie Oliver should read this book because it would tell him quite clearly what my generation thinks of him.

'I found Jean's friend dead in the river. His name was Colin Kirk. He was a homeless man, but he still wanted to live.' There's been a murder, but the police don't care. It was only a homeless old man after all. Kieran cares. He's made a promise, and when you say something out loud, that means you're going to do it, for real. He's going to find out what really happened. To Colin. And to his grandma, who just stopped coming round one day. It's a good job Kieran's a master of observation, and knows all the detective tricks of the trade. But being a detective is difficult when you're Kieran Woods. When you're amazing at drawing but terrible at fitting in. And when there are dangerous secrets everywhere, not just outside, but under your own roof.

When I first started reading this book I thought we had another Curious Incident in the Nighttime. Thank God, we don't. Let me start by saying I'm on the Autistic spectrum (Aspergers side of things), I'm also dyslexic and my little brother autisic so I know about kids with special needs. It's never actually said what Kieran has in the book but I did read a blurb that said it was Autism. Most of the books written in the point of view of  kids with learning disabilities (such as Curious Incident in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon) have this weird dumbed sort of tone, which I hate. Because it all about the disability and not the person with the disability. Smart's not like that.

Kieran becomes his own person. At first I thought it was going be one of those books, but it so not. Sure, his disorder does feature in the book, but in the capacity it does in the life of someone with that sort of disorder. It develops into this a really good story.

The plot is interesting. This is more of a character book, but there is a mystery of course. Everything goes in a nice circle, if that makes sense. It does deals with abuse, homelessness, drugs and other stuff. There is a few a sadish moments.

I really like the cover, especially since it so linked with the book and is interesting enough.

The characters are well developed. Even the minor characters are strangely memorable. Kieran get his information wrong sometimes, he says that the invisible coat from Harry Potter was made from the hair of a magical creature but that's not even how things become invisible in the world of Harry Potter, there was something else as well. He does a lot of drawing and wandering the streets. I think Kieran was quite likable, sort of humourist and does what he thinks is best. The characters are realistic is my main point.

Overall, I gave this 4.5 stars out 5 for missing sharpers. I enjoyed reading this book and have already started to bug people I know to read it.

 I got this off Netgalley for a review. It’s being published by Macmillan Children's Books on 5th June 2014 (Tomorrow).