Saturday 31 August 2019

Writing in Bed

I am in my house which is an odd occasion due to the number of times I've had to housesit or serve weather has caused me to stay at my parents. Peace is nice to have and I get to do stuff like write in bed when my back hurts a lot like it does right now so that what I'm doing now.

Leia seems to be both delighted and confused. I think she likes the bigger window sill to sit in and she gets to go outside more because I'm still my parents' carer so I'm still going to my parents' house every day. I accidentally stayed last night because I walked over and then it got dark so I decided to just stay since why not.

Leia is also being creepy by growling down the stairs at night and cry over a ball she has not given me. So she thinks the house is haunted by movie logic. I can hear her now down the stairs, tapping on the kitchen floor. She also a major bed hog. I have a double bed and she still manages to hog the covers and take up the 80s of the bed by lying across it.

I've decided I'm serious about reviewing again so have requested a bunch of stuff off NetGalley, instead, you know of tackling my backlist which over a hundred books by now. But is that not me at my core. I spent too much money on books. I need to save money.

Tomorrow is September so Halloween begins now and I have things to prepare for. Still behind but I have 13 days to catch up. So not much to report, so I think I go to bed.

Saturday 24 August 2019

StrangeAthon Time.

The StrangeAthon is fully planned. Not fully designed. I love drawing/designing but I am also really bad at it since stopped. Also, I've ended up Graphically designing a lot of things, something I was so not about when I actually studied Graphic Design. I have thought about seeing if I could finish that qualification but I'm not sure. 

I'm still trying but I feel like I've done so little this month. Hardly any reading, hardly any film watching or TV. I've let my Bullet Journalling of out the window.

Reviews ha. Life is life I guess. I'll keep trying. I have did a lot of planning for the StrangeAthon but it doesn't feel like it was all my time.

Oh well.

Saturday 3 August 2019

A Sentence.

Well, I managed to forget my sibling's Birthday. It's tomorrow and I have not got a clue what to get her.