Saturday 28 December 2013

Christmas Disney

Christmas was typical. Panic about the food and wrapping the presents. I also played Santa this year, my little brother was surprising concern about Santa. He autistic so never had the normal excitement for christmas. I got a Nintento 3DS, Pokemon X&Y limited Edition Blue Version. I was meant to be getting red one but my little brother, being that arse that he is, decided that he wanted a red one even though he said he had wanted the blue one. Frankly, if I hadn't been getting one he would have been up a gum tree. It didn't help that my mum had got them mix up. She had given him the wrong game as well. I got Pokemon X as well. I've started playing it, I've got to it seems a lot easier than other Pokemon games I played, which is actually only Ruby, but I do have other ones waiting to be played.

I got two dolls of my mother, a monster High one and a Belle Doll. I also a dress, gloves that work on Touch screen and of course chocolate. Christmas was nice, though a lot of it did get wasted due to the fact that I was ill and so were other family members. Also I think it was probably a tad too much.

Today I went to see two Disney films, Frozen and Saving Mr Banks. At Frozen we were probably the oldest people there without a kid (I went with my mum & sib). We were also late but they had technical difficulties so it was fine. Frozen was a lot better than I expected. It would have been really good if it had been one character shorter. The Snowman character was just annoying and pointless. I just think the film didn't need him and was only there because they don't give kids enough credit. He has this song in the movie as well that just kinda crashes with the film. He starts singing about modern things in a film that meant to be set sometime time in the past.

We then went to the Chinese which we haven't been to in ages and then we went to see Saving Mr Banks. It was a good film, bit historical inaccurate. It ends all bit pettily. I'm such a Disney geek that I know the facts and heard about  P. L. Travers. It was still good if you look past that.

So that all I have to this week and I guess year. I've decided to reflect upon it once it actually finish. I write to you next year then.

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Book Review: Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield

Christmas does not feature in this book at all despite it going on for a lifetime.

Caught up in a moment of boyhood competition, William Bellman recklessly aims his slingshot at a rook resting on a branch, killing the bird instantly. It is a small but cruel act, and is soon forgotten. By the time he is grown, with a wife and children of his own, William seems to have put the whole incident behind him. It was as if he never killed the thing at all. But rooks don’t forget . . .

Years later, when a stranger mysteriously enters William’s life, his fortunes begin to turn—and the terrible and unforeseen consequences of his past indiscretion take root. In a desperate bid to save the only precious thing he has left, he enters into a rather strange bargain, with an even stranger partner. Together, they found a decidedly macabre business.

And Bellman & Black is born. 

 This is not the sort of book you read to cheer you up but rather to enjoy misery.  There a lot of death in this book, I would its sort of it main theme. I also I know this get sold as a ghost story but its not really ghosts, more supernatural forces going on involving rooks. I don't maybe it is the ghost of the Rook William killed. I'm just that I wouldn't necessary say it ghost story. Yes, there a recurring strange man in black but he might not be a ghost per say.

The book is separated into three parts. William Bellman's life leading to deal, Bellman's life after it and part III is a tiny thing. I think it works for the book but I don't like how the chapters numbering resets at Part II. Through, that just mean like to know the number of chapters I've actually read of a book. Through out the book there is tadbits about Rooks somewhat corresponding to what going on in the story.

William Bellman is an interesting character, not perpendicularly lovable but do you feel for him. I really liked how well thought the background of characters are and their relationships with each other very rich. Even relationships from before William is born have been thought out.The characterisation was very good, they all felt rather real to me.

Overall, this was very good, creepy book. It will make you teary at times. It just generally interesting book. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars for a parliament of rooks.

P.S. Happy Christmas Losers, I didn't plan to put this up on Christmas. It just happen. At least next year I won't have to worry about the fact that last Wednesday of the year is on Christmas. No, it'll be New Years Eve.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Panto Happenings a.k.a I'm going sleep till Christmas

Hello peops, today has been a very busy day fro me as I had the two finials shows of Jack and the Beanstalk, so I be left at quarter to 2 and didn't get back till 11. Fun. I mean it has been fun doing it but after a week of shows everyday and another day with two of them, I'm exhausted. I'll probably sleep till Christmas.

Overall, everything went fine but there was issues. I messed up a dance in somewhere every night. The Beanstalk failed to appeared one night and on the last show the Beanstalk got caught up in the wires above it and was stuck there so didn't fall down with the giant. We were meant to be have smoke during a Thriller dance, however failed to appear again after one dress rehearsal. On Wednesday we had threats of power cuts during the performance. The road we normally take to the threatre was actually blocked with trees, we still made it petty of time. There was no actually power cut except for the planned fake one during the show and the lights flicking a few times in the dressing room. Another thing about that night was that a guy in a high vis jacket came in late, bit of a distraction but understandable with the weather conditions. The thing is he wore it through the whole show meaning the first thing you would see when you go on the stage was this guy.

We had banter and treat filled dressing room. We took in cakes, chrisps, biscurds and on the finial show we had homemade Bean theme cupcakes. There were lovely, but negated to get a photo of one. We also went out for a meal between today shows. I got ribs on mash, it was nice but it was not a half a rack of ribs. I had Hot Chocolate Fudge cake and could not recomended it from this perdicualar hotel restant.

I've been knitting a lot between being on the stage and that this week. I finally finished a bag I've been knitting since before I first went into Sixth year (though I do need to stitch it together). I've started on another bag just because I was in the mood to knit and couldn't think of anything else to knit. I've came up with idea (not completely by myself) to start a scalf the next show which I will I knit only in my spare time during the show and then the next show add to it in a different colour, so I'll be able to count my involment on the length of the show. I'll probably use green or maybe yellow wool for next year's musical.

That all I have to say on the Panto (or what I can remember at the moment about it). I'm aware that this is also the Christmas BookTube-Thon weekend, I had plan to take part but I've only read like 20 pages since it started and I'm so tired that I doubt I read much tomorrow. However, I will try to make an effect of some sort. Especially since I'm behind on my reading challenge for the year and want to conquer it.

That all for this week, I will see you next time when I hopefully be recovered.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Book Review: The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter

This book is so bad that I almost wasn't going review it but I change my mind.

The Bloody Chamber (or The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories) is an anthology of short fiction by Angela Carter. All of the stories share a common theme of being closely based upon fairy tales or folk tales. However, she's stated: "My intention was not to do 'versions' or, as the American edition of the book said, horribly, 'adult' fairy tales, but to extract the latent content from the traditional stories."

Lets start by saying that these are all fairy tale retelling. Some are just weird (in a bad way) and stupid. Just like where are you going with these. I mean some of the stories were alright, but then next one would be utterly terrible. The title story, Bloody Chamber was just bad. It was boring, overly long and the girl just straight up went to the forbidden room and opened it. Like there was no build up to that part. However, it was unnecessarily long in other parts.

My real issue with this book is that the writing is so self-indulgent. It also bugged me that things are constantly being compared to a Chinese box. Its like Carter got this nugget in her head about Chinese boxes being the only thing that hold secrets and are puzzles. It like she so in love with them that there nothing possible else she could use to add detail. I mean she uses it three fucking times. It might worked the first time but you can't keep using it.

Also it trying so hard to be shocking at times, I mean it seems like Carter just threw certain things in only to be shocking. It all bit trying too hard to be statement making. I mean you can make a statement with literature but Carter just doesn't do very good job of it. It was more she trying to be intelligent when it not. There's too many big words being throw about. At one point she uses a word that just makes no sense, I even looked up to make sure that this word meant what I thought it did which it did. I mean if going to use a word make sure you know what it actually means. 

Overall, I give this book 1 out of 5 stars for too many Fing Chinese boxes. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, if were possible to rate lower than 1 star I would. It just petty bad and not many redeemable factors.

Saturday 14 December 2013

Panto Panic

I've had strangely busy week considering I had plans to do nothing. Well, except Panto rehearsal. On Monday I found myself driving up (I didn't actually do the driving) to Ayr to dump my sister on my other sister so they could go galavanting to the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. We got decent Fish & Chips, went to Primark and ASDA. Just a few things I miss out whilst living in the Borders.

So I was sister free for like two days. On Tuesday, I actually did nothing, but it felt like I did something. It just not true. On Wedesday, it was my little brothers Birthday so that sort of family chaos. I also had a lunch thing with the Carer people. Apparently, they getting someone to just work with the Young Adult Carers. Right now we get lumped in with the adults but we like different.

On Thursday, I went into college for the last time this year to finish something and see about applying to this course. It turned out that my Personal Statement was already fine and I only actually need to say why I was applying. University Personal Statements on the other hand are nightmares and I look forward to writing one this summer as while filming that portfolio *brusts into tears*.  So I have now applied to college for next year and now I have "Advise Session" in February. Oh, what fun that sounds like *Rebrusts into tears*.

Everything else had been Panto related. Been in every night for rehearsal this week and tonight was the opening. So we had the first show, there some last minutes changes and issues. I messed up dances that I've never messed up before. We're doing Jack and Beanstalk this year. Its been an interesting experience so far. I will probably do it next year. Definitely doing the musical this spring which will be a fun and interesting experience as well.

I'm going to go now as I have to get up early to a show in the afternoon. See next week where I will be exhausted from 9 shows.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Book Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

Nothing sexier than a naked Ken doll.
Before this all happened, the closest I'd ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds pathetic, but it's not like there were any guys at my high school who I cared to share more than three words with, let alone my body.

Then I met Wes, a track star senior from across town. Maybe it was his soulful blue eyes, or maybe my hormones just started raging. Either way, I was hooked. And after a while, he was too. I couldn't believe how intense my feelings became, or the fact that I was seeing—and touching—parts of the body I'd only read about in my Gray's Anatomy textbook. You could say Wes and I experienced a lot of firsts together that spring. It was scary. It was fun. It was love.

And then came the fall.

 I generally like this book, though they were few issues with it though that bugged me.

Domuqiue is a virgin with access to the internet yet she never looks up Sex tips or whatever. She relays on her Best Friend for her sex info mostly. I actually cringe at certain parts because even in my inexperince I know they're doing it wrong. Remember kids, if someone bleeding you're doing it wrong (even if it your first time). Dom is all about the safe sex, it just seems a bit weird that knowledge about that but not actual sex.

I don't percudilair like Dom, I don't perduliar like Wes. Maybe that makes them a perfect couple then. Probably not. Though, I do think they are very realistic teenagers, just the sort of teens I would roll my eyes at whist I passed them the hall at school. This book deals with Teenage sexuality realistic. They certain thing in here I could critised for being stupid but sadly certain things Dom does are what actual real woman do.

Overall, I give this book 3 out of 5 stars for buckets of fiction tears. I recommended it for anyone who likes Romance and wants a YA book that actually deals with sex. 

 Joins us next ( month probably, certainly not next) week where I shall be reviewing the sequel 'Anatomy of a Single Girl'.

Disclaimer: I was sent this book for Review by the Author, but you know me I'm highly critical of everything, even things I love, so I won't be swayed by free books. I just felt I should tell you that.

Book Review: Zom-B by Darren Shan

If Zombies ever attacked my school, I would have just fed the House teachers to them and leg it.
 When news reports start appearing of a zombie outbreak in Ireland, B's racist father thinks it's a joke-- but even if it isn't, he figures, it's ok to lose a few Irish.

B doesn't fully buy into Dad's racism, but figures it's easier to go along with it than to risk the fights and abuse that will surely follow sticking up for Muslims, blacks, or immigrants. And when dodging his fists doesn't work, B doesn't hesitate to take the piss out of kids at school with a few slaps or cruel remarks. 

That is, until zombies attack the school. B is forced on a mad dash through the serpentine corridors of high school, making allegiances with anyone with enough gall to fight off their pursuers.

I really like this book, I plan to read the sequels as soon as I managed to acquired the 2rd one from my local library because they basically have them all and I'm not meant to be buying books at moment.

This book is quite misleading. It tricks you at least two times. It would be a major spoiler to tell how its misleading. But it was a highlight of the book for me, maybe even my favourite part.

This book has some series issues, spouse/child abuse and Racism plays a big part in the book due to B's father being a extreme racism. English Defence League and all that sort of idiocy. Like B's Dad literally thinks everyone who isn't white is below him. B struggles with this and whether kidding on to be racism makes you racism or not. Basically, B does it to have an easy life as Dad tends to beat those who disagree with him. B isn't really a racist but doesn't stand up when should.

Obviously, Zombies also play a major part of in this book. It be a random title/misleading summary if there wasn't any Zombies. There's a scheme behind the zombies, some weird guy that B apparently met as a toddler. Zombie look people stealing babies. B having dreams about Killer babies on planes. Interesting things happening. The zombie attack is built up well, we know the rumours and videos on YouTube. We also meet the background characters enough to actually care about them when the Zombie attack happens and to route for them to live. It big with Horror that you actually have to care for the main character for it be decent, the others for it to be good (unless the main character the only one in danger).

Also I enjoy that B is character that you don't like till you get to know them. It really works for this book and the issues within it. You still don't like or agree with most of B's decision but you see where they come from.  B is interesting and I like that.

In summary, I really enjoy this book and think it good addiction to the Zombie craze we're been having. I give it 4 out of 5 stars for making me realise something that bit of spoiler to say and fleeing masses. Basically, read it horror fans and everyone else. You might like it because it's good, god damn it.

Saturday 7 December 2013

A Day and Half without Power

I am now a graduate, no not the type with a degree or diploma. But I have so many certificates. Most of them useless, but hey I have them god damn it. Basically, this my complicated way of saying that I finished that Prince's Trust Course with a Presentation night that they like to call Graduation. It felt as meaningfully and as important as Nursery school Graduation was. Though, now I can no longer say that everything went down hill after Graduation (I have specifies it now). We all got Alphabet books which they no longer use to teach the Alphabet. I'm such a positive person, that must really show on this blog, doesn't it?

You can tell that I'm really inspired by this course to do great things with my life. Frankly, I'm not. Though, I now know what I'm hopefully doing next year if I get into the course, of course. I still have to write a Personal Statement thing and it's in high demand. So you know worrisome. I also might be a little over qualified for it. It basically to do more Highers so I can finally get an A. I plan to do 3 more next year. Should be hilarious next to the other five.

The presentation thing went fine we took pictures, people cried for some reason. We got terrible take-way. I order a large doner kebab, however, I received a tray of meat with a single, tiny pita bread, which I work out that pita bread cost a pound. So in summary, Fuck you Dante's in Dumfries, even if I lived in Dumfries I would never fucking go to you again. I get very worked out about my food. I mean the Kebab meat was still nice, but still I didn't order a tray of it. I knew I should have just order Pizza. I didn't understand why we didn't get Chinese or Indian, anyway.

We also had the opportunity to get our Hair and Make-up done by Students studying such thing. I took this opportunity by having my hair curled and make-up applied. I did now however touch my make-up with more colour.

We had went shopping on Thursday where we had got £50 off this other Trust to buy clothes for our Graduation/Interview wear. The boys all brought suits, the other girls brought party dresses/cat suits that there's no way you would go to a interview in. Though, in truth none of the stores in town really had anything at all. I mean if I had wanted to go down the party dress line, I saw nothing. I did get lucky with buying real leather brogue shoes for £6. There said were half price at £12. My family have it in their head that I have incredibly lucky just because I cleared out a School charity raffle thing one year. I think it more if you put yourself out there, you bound to eventually win.

Look at me Speaking.
I also won books (and minty biscuits) on Tuesday. I've been doing the British Book Challenge this year and there is a monthly draw of reviews entered which is of course a book prizes. I won November's which I was quite chuffed with considering that I didn't enter at all in October. Tuesday hadn't really been a good day, just little stuff that did it, though winning books turn it around some what. I was actually so depressed that I had actually already purchased four books before I had found out my winnings. I'm not really excited about the books I won, but that mainly to do with the fact that I never check out them out and I figure I just leave them till they arrived to see what they're about. However, any books make me happily, especially when they free to keep.

It strange I won this month as I've decided that December will be the month of reviews. I mean I'm planning to catch up on the books that I need to read/write reviews on. You know just getting all unfinished business over before the end of the year. These upcoming Wednesdays will have several books and you should enjoy that. I'm working on two right now and know what the one after them will be. also need to finish tidying my room.

The other major event of this week, was the fact that my house was without power for two days. Though, I only experienced a day and half of it as I had just left when power disappeared. I mean we had power issues before then. The power had cut out in the midnight of the night, I know this because I woke at 5.40ish to darkness. My TV was off and my alarm had reset so it was good thing I woke up when I did or I would have ended up missing the bus. Well, I would have been lucky if the bus had show up at 7.15am like it was meant to. However, it never showed due to the same reason we lost power and now have a fallen tree in a garden. I'm sort of going to miss that tree but it's a lost cause. You probably know that the wind was windy as hell and took down several trees/branches causing hazards on and blocking the roads in South of Scotland/something about the North of England. The power also briefly went off right before I left at house at 8.30am and apparently went off straight after I finally left for College. It then didn't come on till Midnight on Saturday. We had been told it would come on at 10pm on Thursday, then 6pm on Friday, then 11pm.

In the meantime, we had a lot of fun with fire and takeaways. We had MacDonalds, KFC and chip shop. We try to warm up the left over KFC by the Gas-fire (which was the only heating we had, really miss the Rayburn at times like that). I read Batman comics by Candle light and attempt to write a review by candle light before losing patience with the idea of work. BATMAN SPOILERALERT!(Though, I'm sure most Batman fans have heard about this already), I read the Death of Damian Wayne by Candle light, I'm just hating (not in the crap sense, more emotional pain of it) the whole of arc of Bruce grieving. It just so terrible. I mean Damian had start to grow on me but its the Bruce's suffering that really getting to me. It just so sad. I don't like and it the tiny stuff as well. Like cat Alfred sitting on his grave and stuff. SPOILERALERT! OVER!

I've made quite leeway with my pile of comics. I've Batman:The Dark Knight (which turns out is being rebooted as Asylum next year). I've got four comics left to read in Batman ones and then it Justice League and Superman action left. Well, before this month actual comic arrive. Though, I'm sort of annoyed with Titan as last month Superman has yet to arrived. I'm going to contract them about it because it sort of ridiculous how late some of the comics come. The last Dark Knight comic came a day early but that doesn't make up a Superman and Justice league one was sort of late too.

I also had to sleep downstairs on the couch due to the power cut as my mum has a thing about candles being upstairs. I suppose my mum has point considering how many books I have in my room that I would hate to see burn. Also all my other stuff is important I guess.

This week has actually been that eventfully. Next week probably won't be, but it certainly will be busy as I have Panto rehearse every night week and then the actual thing so I shall be rather tired by Saturday(a.k.a Opening night). Type to you then.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Book Review: The Dead Men Stood Together by Chris Priestley

Have you ever pick up a book and wonder why you picked it up?
'The Devil is coming to your house.

Crazy words begin a gripping story of madness, demons and death. Home from the sea, a boy’s uncle entrances him with tales of life aboard ship and of foreign lands. Soon the boy decides to join his uncle on his next voyage.

A violent storm blows the ship off course and the crew find themselves marooned in a sea of ice. As their despair grows, an albatross seems to befriend them and restore their hope. But seized by an evil madness, the uncle kills the great bird with his crossbow, and so condemns all on board to unimaginable horrors, of which life in death is the greatest . . .

This book and me didn't really mix well. I'm not why I initially wanted to read it either. I think it was because I had been tempted to buy another book by Chris Priestley. It just kinda dull. I don't know maybe if you like adventures stories for the sake of adventure, then it might be the book for you. It just wasn't mine.

I think my biggest problem is motivation. I mean most of the event that happen because of one person, but I never understand his motivation for doing what he doing. I suppose it might not be him doing per say, maybe just puts things in motion for spite but doesn't actually know what his actions will do. I don't buy insane and kinda evil as motivation since he wastes a lot of his own time.

My favourite character was the Harbour Master's son. What a shame he was barely in it. I guess the characters all fine, but I didn't feel much sympathy towards any of them and their fates. Maybe the protagonist's mum, I have a soft spots for mums (Hi mum, though you don't read my reviews and I don't really want you on my blog at all. I wish to leave, if you reading this now. Bye).

I found myself rather bored once we got to the second half of our sea voyage. All of the bad stuff happening, just wasn't that interesting. It was bit boring after a while. I had to make my self finish the last half of the book.

I gave this book for teaching the lesson of not trusting strangers just because they're family and not to leave home (well, that's what I got as the morals). I gave it 2 out of 5 stars for dead birds. I recommend it to people who like adventure without purpose and younger than me.

Saturday 30 November 2013

Baking Batman

Since we last spoke I have been to Glasgow and back, made 36 fairy cakes (and iced them), attempted once again to make pastry, spent too much money and become a vigilante of the night. One of those things was a lie, have fun guessing which one.

Like I said last week I went to a Christmas crafty sort fair thing. Basically, I have a cousin (I think she my cousin of some sort anyway, well technically everyone is everyone's cousins) who does these corn straw things. She been feature on TV and stuff. She had a stall at so my mother and that got free entrance to it. We took this opportunity to take out the Wheelchair for another spin.

I've feel tired that lately and it was no exception on Sunday. I guess it could be argued that I didn't actually get enough sleep that day. I was a wake at midnight and I got up like at six to drive up to this place for ten opening. I was kinda half wake on the ride up and we got there at like 9am. This thing at the SECC and the parking is terrible. You have to pack at this packing lot tower thing that is a long walk away from the actual venues which is petty terrible for the disabled. It didn't help that it was freezing that day.

My mum had been planning to keep the wheelchair in the car and going back to get it if/when she needed it. However, a terrible distance away the car being, we took the thing with us. So we only use the wheelchair in Glasgow it seems.  My legs really hurt that day so I spent sometime in the chair which was an interesting experience where I decided to fuck it a few times by getting out of the chair just to turn it. I also push her in it and used it as a trolley.

I bought a tartan skirt that was two colours. It was petty and technically half price, at the low, low cost of £39. I know it a lot more that normally pay on a single piece of clothing.  It real wool and cool looking. I also brought a doctor who necklace, skull earnings and a skeleton girl necklace. They're petty too.

I also brought Nerds, I love nerds, I wish Nerds were in every store and cheaper. Oh, and we had every  flavour  over here. I also got Olives and this giant cinnamon swirl because food is nice but things that ain't really means are nicer.

We were mean to be going for dinner but we didn't and we left early meaning we got home at like six which was weird. I was half asleep on the ride down. My hips really hurt, I'm just not good with standing for a long time. I went to bed where I woke at 5am for some god reason. Went back to sleep, miss the bus, said I get the bus from CD into college, fell asleep, had stomach issues, missed that bus. Fun times not going to college on the right days. I went on Tuesday and Thursday but not Monday or Wednesday.

I did a lot of baking this week though and it was for the course sort of. On Tuesday, I made 36 fairy cakes, iced 35 of them and ended up with 34 in the end. My dad eat too of them, proving he can't be trusted. I don't really mind as I hadn't really been planing too make that many any how. I then made 24 mini-pastry cases. I eat one because I fancy it, i made them too thick, I really should have done three trays instead of two. I left them to cool before turning them into caramel cakes. When I came back two were missing. My dad had ate them dry. Apparently, he thought they were failed fairy cakes.  Damn father.

I guess it didn't matter as without those missing cakes I was still the one who brought the most homemade baked goods. Frankly, I was the only who brought cakes in that had been made. Someone brought in a homemade quiche. I actually brought a bag with a quiche and my own caramel cake in it. The quiche was alright, though I sort of like quiche but it is hit and missed with me sometimes. It went alright, no one really did the tombola. I did it and won a purse that I will never use. There wasn't that many teams. However, we honoured by the presence of Queen of the South player/s. There were two of them, I don't know. I was more impressed by his jacket than him. I just don't get the appeal of football. 

Some of the kids were jackarses. Trying to steal cakes off the stand and then the tray outside. Asking if the cakes were free in the most rude way. I actually threaten to kick one whist I was holding the tray. The whole kid activities went off fine I guess. I didn't do much as I left to me on the cake stand that we decided to open early. We ended up giving away some of the stuff and I took a big caramel cake home. I had actually been tempted to leave that one at home. So I got a lift home from my mum and we went to Tesco's where I brought several hardbacks and a batman onseise which is fluffy and love it. It inspired me to do something I have done in over a year which was to read a Batman comics I've actually paid for.

I spent yesterday catching up my massive Batman comic book pile mostly. Frankly, I don't want to admit the number but I read eight issues yesterday and the unread number is 20+. Read some more today well and soon will have one set of comics catch up on. Meaning that I only one of other set of Batman comics to catch up on (if you don't count the justice league ones which of course feature the Dark Knight) and Superman comics catch up. So right now I'm only caught up with Arrow which currently only two issues out.  I also found out that they're doing a Batman/Superman comic which we all know I'm going to end up subscribing (they are one of OTPs, they totally love in each other, you can't deny that whether you seen that as platonic or romantic is your own business) to meaning I will be subscribed to the grand number of six comics.Though, one of those is Bi-monthly (though, sometimes it does seem longer than that).

I also brought books on amazon with the whole Black Friday. I need to stop buying books. I have too much a lot of reading material. Several hundred books and like 60 comics if talking about the that original release (Okay, it probably more than that). 

So my plans involves a lot of men in tight clothing that I can't help but sexualise (if they bother to draw Bruce Wayne without a shirt  (so beautifully too) it would be rude not to look) and finishing my last week on this Prince's Trust course thing.

Happy St. Andrew's day, it has sadly been overshadowed by that helicopter clashing into a pub in Glasgow. Sad but I guess these things happen. I think it was engine failure that made it clash, probably get answers next week.

See you next week where I'm bed. I always write these things whist in bed so its a guarantee that where I will be next Saturday. 

Saturday 23 November 2013

Doctor Who Perfection (and more tedious life things)

Oh, my god. Doctor Who was perfect. Well, not perfect. There are few things I take fault with actually. But the ending was perfect. I watched it in 3D which was slight panic doing as I just couldn't figure out how to put it in the right mode. It was mainly difficult because my tv has two remotes for some reason. Turns out that there was just a button to press on one of them. It was rather confusing. So I technically  watched it minute behind everyone else with the whole over 75 countries worth watching thing. It looked good in 3D though. It actually added something to it, it wasn't just a gimmick. It was rather cool with a random dalek randomly shooting out of people.
It was really good episode, yes they were faults, things I would have prefer not to be in the episode at all. SPOILER ALERT: I was so glad that Rose Fucking Tyler was not in the damn thing. I hate her so much, I would rather have another companion have been the interface thing but at least she wasn't actually in it. Frankly, she came back far too many times for someone meant to be trapped in another dimension. Queen Elisabeth the English twat was far too petty looking. I mean she wasn't even TV ugly. Elisabeth was historical hideous. I also she rather boring historian figure. She a woman, but so was her crazy arse sister who went around killing Protestants and then Elizabeth did the obvious smart thing of not marrying the King of Spain who having been married to her sister and spent most of the marriage in another country from his wife. Wow, she wasn't an idiot. She just had really lucky rule. That's enough before this turns into a proper rant of some form.
 A few things that happened this week that are worth a mention. I mean my life doesn't revolved around Doctor Who *Laughs awkwardly* someday the Doctor will come for me. *Clears throats* Moving. I did  a tiny bit of my room by moving the bed temporally back to its old location, in front of my new bookcase, so now I kinda can lay my head on the books. I could now just move the long bookcase to the other side of the bed and I'll be surrounded by books when I sleep. Though, it be as awkward to get in and out of as it was moving it and the long bookcase is going to be bitch to move too which will evenualy have to happen.
This week has been another sleeply fest. I missed two days of that Team course thing due to sleeping through  my alarm. So fucking tired lately, I am actually sleeping at proper times. I'm also sleeping past my alarm, unable to leave my bed till noon. It just my body is just being awkward again. My leg been going numb move often again. I guess I'll just have to live with it.
 I had this interview thing for this hospitality course. To cut the story short I did not get on the course which is disappointing but not devastating. Oh, well life goes on and this means I can go back to my original plan of sleeping my days away once this Prince's Trust course is over.
Okay, I guess it wasn't eventfully week and I can't be arsed to actually talk about what going on with the Prince's Trust course thing as it rather lack muster at the moment which might be a reason why I can't get out of bed for it. Motivation is usefully to have on cold, Scottish morning. I'm going to  Christmas Festive in Glasgow tomorrow so I probably talk about that next week. Bye Losers.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Sleeping on Bookcases

This week was a week of tiredness and messed up alarms. I don't really know why I was so tired. I guess it could the dancing my nights away at Panto Rehearse. Oh yeah, probably haven't said this yet but I'm doing Panto for the first time this year and we recently started on the dances. Maybe I'm just unfit or I'm having an "Episode". I have Firmo like symptoms sometimes and it came to light that they other tiredness illness exist in my family tree.  What other fun discovery will I uncover in time? Maybe my great, great, great, great grandmother is a serial killer. What fun would that be?

So I missed days at course thing. I don't think I missed much but who knows. I also accientially set my alarm to 6pm instead of 6am. Oh dear, it first time I've missed days in the whole thing. I go everyday for the rest of the thing.

In more productive news (God, I wish sleep counted as being productive) I have built a pink bookcase all by myself today. Ikea say you need two people but they are liars. I wanted a red one but Ikea didn't have that one in stock. Lying, non-stock counting bastards. I'm not entirely sure why I'm trash talking Ikea. I like their furniture. I also like complaining and dramatising things. The hardest part was actually moving the camping bed out of the road. It was just awkward and hard. Maybe two people would have been helpfully when moving the bed. So now I have finally have it a place to put my books that seem be multiplying by themselves. Okay, I'm one solely fact that at least 500 hundred books and could challenge my local library's YA section.

I slowly continue the sorting my room out in the hopes of finally getting a bed that's not too short or dips in the middle. That all for this week, I'm off to sleep on between two piles of junk now.

Saturday 9 November 2013

Leaving the Library A.K.A only be surround by books at night and weekends.

Proof that I do occasionally consumed alcohol.
I'm in Glasgow (sort of) right now being focus to be in the presence of non-home bound family member. Doing stupid things like going to TGIFriday to drink cocktails. Well, we actually went yesterday and droved up then too.

I had my last week of work experience at a University library. I finish reading the 'Life of Pi' for review and wrote two reviews in the end (though I had read that book before). I also replaced stickers on the books. So much fun...I'm going to miss the shelving. I actually am. It was tiny bit of challenge but I really like organising book to a system. It doesn't matter if it it my making or someone else's. As long as it not just big Alphabet line because honest you always give up by the time you get to F when you're just browsing for say Horror.  So tempted to offer to organise my local library shelves. They just so terrible and they get doubles of books no one likes.

As user of local library, hell I even actually give them money because I keep forgetting to renew my books on the right day, I have every right to moan about the stupid mistakes. However, I plan to do nothing about fixing/avoiding in the future about these annoyances. It just how I roll. 

Today I actually left the home of one sister (I frankly wanted to stay in hotel), visit another and spent too much money. My nephews are somewhat cute. The youngest one has a thing for going through bags and stealing books from said bag. I sort of don't mind because an obsession with books is just something I can get behind. Even if reading them isn't currently involved with that obsession. Someday it probably will be. Till then stealing books is the right path. I mean the Book Thief and I know that's what I did. However, I was lead a stray.

We went shopping today where I spent too much money. Brought a onesies, wristbands featuring Batman and my favourite aliens and also in my highest form immaturity brought several Monster High dolls when we went Toys R Us.  I was probably too happy when my mum told me we were going. We also went to Asda where I definitely spent too much money on books and children in need merch.

We also tried out the wheelchair in a public for the first time, it was a lot easier on lament floor than on carpet in the hallway. I was one doing the pushing. I did almost crash into people as it was awkward to see beyond the chair when turning corners. My mum made a joke that I need the chair now from pushing her around day.It wasn't that bad on my arms, though the top of my feet hurt hitting both on them on the bar things on them. I wonder if I'll get bruises.

To finish we had proper Fish & Chips on the way home. That all for this week, now I'm going to bed to pounder what I'm going to do with Dark Knight trilogy Blu-ray considering I don't own a player.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Book Review: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Well, I could write a book by the time I'm 22 if I actually ever wrote anymore.

The year is 2059. Nineteen-year-old Paige Mahoney is working in the criminal underworld of Scion London, based at Seven Dials, employed by a man named Jaxon Hall. Her job: to scout for information by breaking into people’s minds. For Paige is a dreamwalker, a clairvoyant and, in the world of Scion, she commits treason simply by breathing.

It is raining the day her life changes for ever. Attacked, kidnapped and drugged, Paige is transported to Oxford – a city kept secret for two hundred years, controlled by a powerful, otherworldly race. Paige is assigned to Warden, a Rephaite creature with dark honey skin and heavy-lidded yellow eyes. He is her master. Her trainer. Her natural enemy. But if Paige wants to regain her freedom she must allow herself to be nurtured in this prison where she is meant to die

The Bone Season is apparently the next big thing. Sadly, I think this likely to hurt it more than help it as a series. It's the first in the intended series of six books (we definitely getting two sequels anyway). Its a good book but not amazing. It's an interesting world being built. Technically, a dystopia, fantasy and petty sure a parallel time-line (there's like a different history from our one). It's 50 years in the future with technology stuff but also magic.

Our protagonist is Paige Mahoney who for some reason came from currently free Ireland to an imprison Britain (London, England specifically) when a child. Paige is a Dreamwalker which a rare type of clairvoyant. Since Clairvoyants are illegal, Paige finds herself in World of Crime. But where else are you going to find yourself next in line when only 18.

Anyway, while on the train Paige accidentally injuries two Scion Police thingies and that where the fun begins. BA BA BA, Paige finds herself in Oxford, which has been ripped off the maps because its home to the Rephaite; creatures from another dimension who feed off human life force. I want to imagine them as lizard people, they're not described that way. They actually look like humans I think, but taller. Maybe its the name, green blood or the yellow eyes but they're lizard people to me.

So Paige gets picked by Warden to be his human/trainee, which is special because he never picks humans ever. Dark motives at hand. Paige helps plans of rebel amongst the Clairvoyants but we won't be getting into any of that. If want to know more about the dark motives/rebel, read the book.

Characters are interesting lot and there is a lot of them. In fact, I've already forgot most of their names. I like Nick though and the evil head lizard lady.

Information is given at good pace and I never found myself just flicking through the pages bored (which does happen with me sometimes. I'm usually end three times at once or jumping from things). The ending is handle really well, has a proper ending but leaves with wanting to know what happens next.

In summary, an interesting and good novel. I will continue to read the series but honesty I would wait till it comes out in paperback. I give it 5/5 stars for missing body parts. Like it is really good, it just not amazing, knock the air out of you good. Potential there though and the writer's young so she possible she could learn/mature to be as the series goes on.

I  have now reviewed the next two books: The Mime Order and The Rising Song (soon).

I got this book off NetGalley and Bloomsbury Publishing for Review.

Saturday 2 November 2013

Haunted Library

Sadly Halloween has once again past. Its sort of disappointing that I didn't have bigger plans on Halloween 2013 as it the only one I live through (morality anyway) with the number 13 in it. I'm also disappointed that no horror films came out this
Halloween. Though, it has been awhile since a heard about a horror film that actually sounded good.

I basically just craved pumpkins and dressed up. I was a bloody Red Riding Hood, you know after she
killed the wolf and stabbed the woodsmen for the fun of it. I guess I could have went as Buffy from that Halloween ep when that house came to life or something. The costume was sort of similar to the one she wears in it. I was so tired on Halloween that I gave up on a pumpkin mid carve. I had already craved a Batsymbol pumpkin (which I think came out very well). I had scouped out the guts of the other one, had did the eyes and started on the mouth. My mum offered to finished it so I let her and changed to a bloody state.

The rest of Halloween was spent lying about couches and watching disappointing Horror films. I don't know why but any time I watch a Horror film with my sister, its petty crap one. We watched "Smiley" (which co-wrote by my cat, Glasgow. Okay, it just someone with the same name. Not the 'smile' part but he writes movies with 'smile' in the title). The ending is so good but the rest of the film is so slow and boring. The main character was unlikable and digoal. I don't know, maybe its because they used to doing short films and they just need more practice with longer medium. We also watched "The Hills run red": it was just crap. We started watching "Thirteen Ghosts" (remake) but fell asleep. My sister actually fell asleep before me and I had been up since 6 am.

I've had my first week of work placement. I'm at the college library, it also the uni library as well. So far the experience has been interesting and I get to read as part of it. Mostly just re-shelving but I like the process of shelving books. Its fun. I probably should have pick something more people involved but I like libraries and books. It nice to be surrounded by organised books all day and then go home to my mess of book shelve that cry out to be re-organised. It on my ever growing list of things to do involving my bed room. Though, as of today I can tick one off the list.

I finally got rid of my broken bed, dismated it and put it in the shed today. Most of it will probably burn. Everything that's not metal. It was so dusty under the bed. It was so much fun clearing up that mess. I dealt with everything that was under the bed; however I had a lot of clothes that were just lying on the bed. There now on the floor, in bag though. There just like this wall of stuff between me and the tv. Its next on the list to deal with. Second, would have to be my damp wall that was behind my bed. It got black mould on it and the wall paper needs replacing. I've put bleach on it, but the mould still sort of there. I guess it needs a proper wash with bleach.

I guess I now have the fun of picking out new wallpaper and getting to move the tv. That all for the week, join me next week where I have no clue what I'll be doing. Though, definitely more library stuff.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Book Review: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

The last of my saga of reading Ghost stories by Susan Hill and then complaining about how bad they are.

Proud and solitary, Eel Marsh House surveys the windswept reaches of the salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral Mrs Alice Drablow, the house's sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman, dressed all in black, at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold, a feeling deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk of the woman in black -- and her terrible purpose.

Once again Susan Hill brings a pointless ghost story to the table. The Woman in Black is the best of Hill's collection of ghost stories. That does not make it good. It still has terrible slow start and incredibly dull characters.

I don't know why but Hill can't make sympathetic characters. I think with horror especially, it's important you care for the characters because otherwise what's the point. That rational part of your brain might be temporary tricked into being spooked by supernatural story but then you remember whilst house might be haunted in all 8 years of living there, they've done you no harm. Maybe the reason the characters are so unlikeable is because they always so privileged and we really learn nothing about them. All I know about Arthur is that he a lawyer with a country house.

There is actually a reason why the ghost is spitefully this time. She is frankly stupid spitefully but at least Arthur might actually did something to annoy her. Slight Spoiler warning, her kid who she was focused to give away because you know the times dies and then everyone else kids should die apparently.

The worst part is how freaked out Arthur gets over nothing. He goes from calm to terrified in a few sentences and it's not like something happens in those sentences. Yeah, like oh a creepy atmosphere suddenly. He doesn't see the ghost but in a state for days afterwards. He's frankly a wimp. The horror is just really badly written. There is not a single fearfully moment in the whole damn book.

It's written in the same lack of tension and imitation of Victorian Literature (which makes sense since that when its sort of set. Maybe it actually Edwardian though).  Hill can obviously write to a proper quality. That's all can be said.

Overall, it better than other ones. I gave it 2 stars for dead children. Yeah, that's all I've got to say.

P.S. this shows up the Wednesday before Halloween due to pure coincidence. 

Saturday 26 October 2013

Annoyed Carer

I'm finally getting Carer's Allowance on Monday, frankly it took them long enough. Well, anyway I got a letter off them today about backtracking (or arrears). Guess what? Apparently, they don't own me anything since I've getting Jobseeker's allowance. Okay, I have two issues with this. One, Carer's Allowance is actually more than Jobseeker's, so they still own me 17.50 (Yes, I worked that out). Two, and probably most importantly, I have not been getting Jobseekers. In fact I've spent 6 weeks without any money till last week where I got Income Support. Also apparently if they did own me any money (which fucking obviously do) then it wouldn't be from when I got my last Job Seeker's payment as that was a Tuesday. So I miss a week because I wasn't born on a Monday. I know when to pick my battles so we leave that idiocy so I plan a tattle the own trying to get of paying me 6 weeks of money.  Can't even call the idiots till Monday so I have two days of rage.

I know some people would say that I've done nothing to earn that money, but they're idiots too. I'm meant to get Carer's Allowance because I'm a carer. I look after my mum and other family too I guess. I've probably said this on here before, basically I'm only in my house who healthfully. My little brother is, but he austisic and handfully. I'm probably not that good carer but once I'm finish with the Prince Trust course I'm going to do alot more.

So back to what I'd had plan to actually write about in this blog and keeping my orginal introduction. It doesn't quite work appearing in the middle of a blog post but I don't care.

This week was full of pain, paint, I meant paint. We were painting for our community project.
First we painted YMCA's toliets and then painted half of a room upstairs of YMCA. Of course, there momments were people brusted into song, a specific song. Also something that is apparently hilous when two boys trucked their shirts into itself displaying their stomachs and backs, then of course then "I want to break free" came on the radio. Someone record it on their phone as they painted the walls. I just don't get what was so funny about it. I mean if it had been two girls who trucked their shirts like that it wouldn't be considered humourious but girls being normal. 

We also went back to the community centre to plant flowers in a tire and paint lament flooring gold. We also decorated the hall for them for Halloween.

So Halloween is next Thursday which awesome. No major plans. Two pumpkins to crave and a bloody Red Riding Hood costume to wear. Also start Panto rehearsals on Monday. Never done a Panto before, should be interesting.

Well, that all for this week, join me where I be spending alot time in the Library.

Saturday 19 October 2013

Dirty and Zombified

This week involved dirt and zombies (hence the title). I suppose we often picture Zombies climbing from their graves, covered in dirt. However, the two actually had very little to do with each other. Basically, I dressed up as a Zombie for the Funwalk thing. I don't actually know how much money we made from the thing, but not everyone did it. Some cause they didn't have sponsors/just didn't want to. Some seemed to disappeared whist we were doing it. In the end we did three laps of campus place next to the college. I'm not sure how many miles that is. Maybe 2 or 3, so did 5 miles of walking I guess. My legs did hurt later on that day and tired, but I feel like that when I did nothing near exercise. Its the fun of having my body.

So I dressed up as a Zombie (which I heavy hinted at). Not a very good Zombie, I only had like 15 minutes to do my make-up. I missed step of putting a red based down before dark make-up and put my fake blood on as I was walking down to the meeting point thing. I actually bumped into my tutor from last year whist fleshly Zombified, I just mumbled hello in passing. Fun.

Not much to add to that really. I took a lot a photos of myself and random things out of boredom and visual stuff. Some are bit better than others, a few just looked like weird zombie selvies. I shall share a few of my favourites (note I don't say best) few on this post.

The rest of the week (okay, two days) were spent in at Community Centre doing wood craving (basically scraping the wood off bench in attempt to make a pattern) and busy work.
Honesty, some of it seem like we were just doing it for the sake of it. They had us cleaning outside tables that ain't likely to be used again till after Christmas and therefore we definitely need to be cleaned again before use (if you care that much about gems). I ended up seving stones which was boring and annoying as most of the stones went through the home-made sev. The sev also broke and ended up dirty but stylish.

Overalls make everyone look hot.
To be honest, I'm becoming rather dishearten by the whole course. I don't think I have improved at all in my team skills; more than half the promised qualifications seem like made up nonsense specifically for the course and not all usefully. I'm not making friends so no social side even getting earned (no offence to the other people on the course that's probably more my inability to socialise at all); it just routine to have. I guess it has help me improved with being less panicky of buses but I didn't need a course for that nor was it meant to be part of the course.

I also really hate the paperwork side as it confusing and ends with us spouting bullshit. I recently realise that I had ticked the wrong thing as it didn't make clear what we be made to write about/what was out choice and it kinda too late to go back as it effects other stuff I already wrote. Also apparently it unacceptable to put that you learned nothing new about self which is the truth. At the age of Twenty, I'm petty aware of my weakness and issues. Maybe someday another one will slap me in the face but the obvious ones are already known so writing that I socially fail and I'm stubborn are pointless (especially the school system already made those things obvious to me years ago).

Move on to more fun things, yet still annoying. I finally received money, though not from who was I expecting from. It wasn't Carer's Allowance like one might expect. No it was Income Support. It didn't even take a week from when I sign the form to get money and taking 6 weeks before I get payment for carer's allowance. That kinda ridiculous. So I have money and I spent most of it already. In my defence, I spent that money on things that I've been waiting to get such as External Hard Drive, a case for my Kobo, and I also owned my mother quite a bit of money. I also bought quick release for tripod. I'm still expecting to eventually find the other one but it doesn't hurt to have a spare and in my experience you find something as soon as you buy a replacement. That is the irony of life.

I also bought the first Christmas gifts of the season. I know I'm often complain about how let have Halloween before we have Christmas themed crap. But in this case the gifts kinda had to be bought now because they're on deal or chance they will be sold out by time Halloween over. Basically, I bought my own Christmas present yesterday as my parents have yet to learn the power of the internet so I know what exactly what I'm getting. Though, even I hadn't done the transaction I would still what it was. I'm getting the Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL Red and Pokemon X from my parents. I don't care what that says about my maturity. I mean I'm literally getting the same thing as ten year old boy (except he getting Blue one and Pokemon Y, I'm obviously got the cooler version). I wish I had the funds to buy it myself so I would have to wait 2 months and 6 days. 
Basically, I made my parents get cause it might go out stock which it now has. Though, petty sure amazon still have it and the blue isn't popular for some reason. I also might said some things that I know what my little brother getting for Christmas already. It is what he wants though. I made a comment about X is being better than Y and mocked him for getting Y instead of wanting Y. Oh, well... 

I actually brought presents that I plan to be giving someone. My sib went on this Disney Blu Ray kick and as they buy one get one free right now. It ends in November so I obviously got them now. So yeah, I have been focused to do Christmasy stuff before Halloween. Oh, well...
Well, that all for this week. Join me next next week where I'll probably covered in paint. 

Saturday 12 October 2013

Funraising and Baking (but not together)

Haló you lot, so I spent most this week standing just hoping someone would be interested in what I'm offering. No, I have not been trying to pick up people at bars without having the guts to go up to anyone. I was attempting to sell quiz sheets, 50p each. One quiz on Music, the other on Film&TV. I was repeatedly told that the question were too hard and I repeatedly said that the group were given the option to weigh in before the printing. I also I had made them awkwardly worded to avoid people from just googling the answers. Though, the only sheets that came in clearly have been. Everyone just nodded and didn't play attention. There were 22 questions in total and I came up with 20 of them. Seemed to be left to sell them too.

We made £32.89 which is weird considering we only sold things for 50p and a pound. We meant to be doing this Funwalk on Tuesday sponsered. Like if we all get 5 quid each that'll give us £90 to buy paint and plants and stuff. Frankly, I'll do it but I'm not going to be getting any sponsers because I don't know anyone and I don't feel comfirmable asking family members. I suggested a Zombie Walk, but only one other person liked that idea. Something about it being too similar to the whole Haunted House thing but like it the season of Halloween. Which reminds that I've still started making my Horror film thing. Maybe I'll be lazy and do Zombies. You know with psychology sort of Zombie bullshit where it ours and them and the same. Though, this is made harder as I have lost part of my tripod, like I can buy a replacement, but I don't have money at the moment.

I know I'm getting Carer's Allowance but don't know when payments will actually start. So we wait while being poor. I liked it better than Jobseeker’s Allowance which is pain with filling the form thing especially when they never send you out the forms. Ar, but lets not get into that right now.

Today, I attempted to make Carmel cake for the first time. It seems that they came out out alright. I tasted the small ones. They were nice, though apparently they tend to taste better the day after. I might make more later, as in next week. I made the pastry myself but the caramel came out of a can because it hard and sort of dangerous to make. Basically, I still have ingredients left over.

My hair turned out well by the way, someone asked me if it was for Halloween.  Of course not, but I plan to look awesome this Halloween. I always look Awesome.

So that they only things that happened this week really. This weeks was bought to you by the word "and". I'm off now to find a zombieish outfits.
Empty tins of Heaven.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Purple and Blue All Over.

Halo peeps, I bet you all dying to know how spending almost three days with people I barely know went. It went as best as to be expected.
Tiny bumpbeds from Ikea.

My trustworthy team mates basically drop me, or more let me fall. It was this thing called a Team Beam, a log up the air (someone walked under it without ducking) and we were meant to help each other other. I wasn't fully over before they let me go. I hit the ground on my right side and laughed. I don't know why, but I laughed when I get hurt apparently. Anyway, now I don't want to see any of them again. Though, that my more of panic at social situations and regret of my choice of vocal communication.

I've learned my lesson, never speak. Never ever. Only write weird ramblings on the internet, that is the one true form of communication.

So how were the actual activities? Fine, alright. Dinosaurs. Okay, there weren't any dinosaurs. There haven't been dinosaurs in millions of years. Just skeletons. There weren't any skeletons either, well not dinosaurs ones. Back to the point, it was sort of fun but I don't think I really learned anything from it. I don't think my team/working with others were improved at all. So it wasn't really very usefully. I guess I just extended the time I've spent away from my parents of lately. 3 days without them, how lovely.

Where we staying was petty nice, it would make awesome horror movie setting. I mean just by the exterior, but it does actually have a creepy history. It really run down looking, it mostly wood which cracked and chipped. Though, I think that part of it charm. There was this toilet that had cravings all over the wall. I really regret not getting a picture, as it was so cool looking. Terms of horror, it also has the whole isolated in the woods thing. Apparently, we were 15 minutes from anywhere.

Now I bet you want to know what I mean by creepy history. Basically, it was built by this Victorian dude who had no heirs so the house ended up abandoned till the war where injured soldiers were treated there (or something). It then become a hospital for kids with these disease where the only cure was flesh air. Forget the name of it. Anyway, Room 9 (or ten, there was little of confusion. Though, apparently girl hanged herself in room 10 which I'm petty sure is bull. Where was I again, oh yeah Room 9) is haunted. People who have sleep there have felt presences sitting on the end of the bed. Basically, Room 9 was where they took the kids they knew weren't going to make it.

Sounds like a fun time, no? I'm sure a capable writer/director could do something awesome with that (maybe me with I could be arsed). We also did this game where we had our eyes shut and held each other hands. It felt where much like we were holding a Séance. Though, we only got told the story before we left so no one would freak out. Someone in my room did claim to see a figure standing above the person next to them. Well, that what they get for claim the single beds.

I'm finally dying my hair Purple and Blue tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I'm actually did it. Soon my hair will match the bruises all over my legs. Strangely, I have no bruises the side I landed on (you know from falling off the log thing). I was honestly expecting my right thigh and ribs to be covered in petty colours. Well, no luck (or is it lucky, I suppose it depends on your point of view. That all for this week. Type to you again when I am more colourfully.

Saturday 28 September 2013

Wake at 5 am.

Week 2 is over, Bitches. Something weird is going on as I kept waking up at 5am (well, during that hour). I mean its even on days I don't have to get up at 6am. I woke up 5 something yesterday (I have Friday off) and I woke up 1 minute to 5amtoday. I really hope it doesn't happen next week, as we going on residential meaning I don't have to get up till 8am. I remember when getting up at 8am was such a challenge, now it sounds like a lie in. Ar... sleep nostalgia.

So the course is petty much going. We did Food Hygiene thing, paper work, resi info and start on Funraising. So that was my week. Not much to report.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Book Review: The Savages by Matt Whyman

Vegetarianism and Cannibalism are basically interchangeable. Just ask the Fannibals.

They'd love to have you for dinner . . .

Sasha Savage is in love with Jack - a handsome, charming ... vegetarian. Which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that Sasha's family are very much 'carnivorous'. Behind the family facade all is not as it seems. Sasha's father rules his clan with an iron fist and her mother's culinary skills are getting more adventurous by the day. When a too-curious private detective starts to dig for truths, the tight-knit family starts to unravel - as does their sinister taste in human beings . . .

The Savages explores the relationship between family and food. The Savages are petty normal family, well maybe except for being a cannibals and having a possible future serial killer. So Titus, is the father and head of the family. He thinks that the family's unique diet is what bonds them, which is why Sasha is bit concern to tell him that she went vegetarian, a challenge set by her current and first Boyfriend Jack.

Titus is a ruthless business man and is expected of dodgie business practices cause his next prey (in business) to hire a private investigator, Venon English, to find evidence of such in attempt to save their company. Anyway, Venon becomes convince that the Savages had something to do with the death of a model, leading him to become a tiny bit of obsessed with finding the "Truth".

Whyman has really done a good job of creating a realistic family. A mother, lying about Money; a father having seconded thoughts about his career; a slightly rebelist teenager and slightly socialpathic brother. Maybe he just autistic, doesn't understand why anyone outside of his family matters. But then again he does almost kill his sister.

Interestingly, there is sort of comparison of cannibalism and veganism. I suppose in away there both extreme views. Cannibalism is everything fair game, including your fellow man while veganism is not touching anything that came from animal (I always wonder if vegans breast feed their children as that would be something from an animal). I personally don't like either, as I believe it best to use our canines but not each other. Okay, I'm going to just say that I might reading a little deep, but that my right as reader. It just makes me think that's all.

The vegans ain't very well portrayed (though vegetarian get off about the same as the cannibals). What I mean is that two vegans in this book ain't very likable. You got Jack, Sasha's boyfriend whose a douche. He only plans to stay with Sasha till she sleeps with him and then sorts of cheats on her (he tries but never gets that far). Then there Amanda who want to (get other people to) actually kill meat eaters. Though, I've never really liked vegans (well, the stereotype or idea) as they remind me of PETA who I hate (but that is topic for another post). Sasha is the non-annoying type of vegetarian as it about choice. The books does make you reflect on diet. I think that we should have more vegetable based diets, like not every meal needs meat in it, but still meat is good for you. Balanced diets are important.

I liked the ending, even if it is bit unrealisic. It was satisfying wrap up.

Overall, I gave it 5/5 stars for Psycho Vegans. Highly recommend to anyone, with the switching narration I think it should appeal almost anyone.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Routine and Buses

Like I said last week I've started a Prince's Trust team thing course this week and it went a little like this.

So I actually got out of my bed for 4 days with minor complications. On Monday, despite having been still awake at midnight. I woke up at 5am, an hour before I actually had to wake up. Then when I got on the bus, it turns out that the bus prices have went up by 80p since I last paid for one (which was before summer) meaning I didn't have enough in change on me and mum didn't have any change either. Lucky for me the driver let me on for a student anyway. I mean I am meant to be getting on for nothing anyway.

The actually Monday was alright I guess. We get out petty early, complared to the rest of the college. So I don't actually have to wait for the college bus and get home early than 6 bloody O'clock. Lucky for me my mother is fine with picking me up from CD otherwise I would have wait for 2 hours around the college. I also worked out with the bus pass they gave me that I could literally just travel around Dumfries and Galloway all day like a homeless person.

I walked down to the town centre on Monday, but actually got the bus down the other three day. On the Monday there was this man who made all the boys wait until the girls/woman were on the bus. Now, I'm not sure whether to be glad or not that such manners still exist or be annoyed with the sexism. Yes, this really more of the sort of harmless sexism. I personally think everyone should calmly queue up and patiently get on the bus, which basically everyone does as this Britain and not you're not going anyway until everyone on the bus anyway.

We had first aid on Tuesday, we took coreskills test on Wednesday so apparently I'm now ready for Intermediate 2, what a shame I already have Higher B (I blame it on being Dyslexic as I knew the words were spelt wrong but couldn't remember how to spell whether or bachelor); we had terrible LGBT talk (okay, it was probably just terrible for me) on Thursday and on Friday I slept in because we don't go in on Fridays.

Like I said above, we had this LGBT talk thing which I hate. I always hate when I have contact with the LGBT. Now saying that makes me sound homophobic, but kinda the opposite. It just makes me so uncomfortable having to sit and listen to all these LGBT bullshit. I suppose it was better than my high school one which made me so angry. I'm not shamed or uncomfortable with what I am. If anyone was to directly ask me I wouldn't lie. I'm Biromanic Demisexual, its the label I like. Sometimes I do just say I'm Bi when I don't want to go into the whole Demi thing. Though, if I was a Homosexual, I wouldn't use the terms Gay or Lesbian because I really kinda hate them. It also bugs me that once again woman have a specific word, but still come under the only appropriate word for the male. Personally, I wish they was a word to say you're attracted to men and word for being attracted to woman. A hetero man and Homo woman would use the same word to describable their sexuality. I was also given a this wrist band that said "straight against hate" which made me super uncomfortable cause it kinda implies the wearer to be Hetero which I'm so not. We were given this elevation form and I'm wrote it was kinda Homophobic just to presume that in a room of 12 people that they're all Hetero. I know other "Queer" people are made to feel uncomfortable too by the LGBT talks. It really something they should work on. It like say sexuality is not a big deal but then go on to make a big deal about it.

I also don't see me making many friends on these course. Maybe I'm being too judgement, it's only been four days. I know I need to talk more, make more effect, but it just not in my nature. Who needs friends? Just have that one that lives miles away and fondly remember the times you had a sort of group that you saw almost everyday.

So that all for this weeks, which will probably involve less hot chocolate. I spent so much money at Costa.

Saturday 14 September 2013

6am Wake Up calls (getting up is hard)

Haló Loser, once we again I will soon find myself on a bus at 7 something on my way to college. This time I won't be trying to get a mislead HNC. It this meant to be like team sort of thing ran by the Prince's Trust. I actually lack a lot of inform of this thing, but it gets me out of the house. I think it be good as it has a work placement and in all my 20 years (er...), I haven't ever had proper work experience. Also 12 certificates and weird team building things. Also I might possibly lack real human contact, so newish people might be a good thing. Though, I could just start talking to my family more.

Friday the 13th was yesterday, so bad luck was had by none. Frankly, the number 13 is consider lucky if anything in my family. 13 June was the date that my sib received her transplant which is now of drinking age. I got a comic book, 2 books (I now own all of John Green books) and got Kobo mini. They were half price in Whsmith, I wanted the Touch, but they were sold out. I've been thinking of getting E-reader to get just read my free books (Netgallery and library bitches). I figure for 30 quid, it worth saving my phone battery and eye strains. I suppose it be good for those bus journeys.

I found Saturday the 14th to be bad luck if anything. When I woke this morning, my laptop was refusing to start. I got it to start eventually, however I'm scared to turn it off again. It reminded me that I really need to get a extenal harddrive to back up everything. I've been meaning to do it for years. Also I should probably catch up on editing all those waiting videos. Which reminds that I have to get my personal statement sorted. Then my sky box went weird and I had to unplug it to fix it. I sometimes wonder if I put too much stain on my sky box, but then tenner a month it should be able to handle it.

God, really not looking forward to getting up 6am again. I mean when I decided to do the course, I kinda forgot about the whole bus thing. I really hate that bus ride, it not just the length but also the windiness of it. It also not the quickest route but there no bus for that one that would get me to college on time.

Maybe I'll document the course week by week, so basically give myself a topic for the next 12 weeks. I'm not saying I'm guaranteeing that every post will be dedicate this alone. Just it something to write about. Oh yeah, for anyone who cares post from weeks ago will continue to appear randomly on this blog if you know what I mean.

I also started reading again, I even finished two books today and with long bus journeys I'll definintely be reading more or die of boredom; We're see.

See ya lot next week or accientally come across each other on the internet. Whatever happens first. 

Saturday 7 September 2013

I Win (Short story of sorts)

Hi, losers. This week I give you a story that start out as something else but turn into something completely different with naughty words in it. I was initially writing something about Time Slips which turn into something sort of involving superheros (I never tell how, well maybe if you ask really nicely). Basically, I started writing something and other character started shouting at me to write their story instead.

I've been really tired lately, so enjoy this rarely seen creativity.

 I Win

"You know Darren, this totally not the best way to meet our deadlines?" I say slipping my hot chocolate. Darren had dragged me from my desk on the pursuit of "Coffee". I frankly think the stuffs disgusting.

"No, this is the perfect way to finish them," He smirks behind his latte. "It gives the Deadline fairies the chance to do them for us."

"I'm petty sure, you're thinking of elves," I say, nudging his knee under the table. "And they're only known to make shoes in the middle of the night."

"No, I'm not. Elves make shoes, fairies write articles, reports and essays."

"Where were these fairies in high school?" I snicker.

"They were helping the smart kids get As," he says with his theory failing.

"Yeah, but if we have to leave our desks for them to come out, how would they help the smart kids in tests?"

"They...They reveal themselves to people they like."

"Oh," I say, pretending that this is big revelation and not Darren's typical bull. "So they like you, but not me."

"I wouldn't take it personally," he says coyly. "We can't all have my charm and good looks." I kick him hard under the table. He jumps up, shaking the table, spilling his drink. I slip mine, as he sits back down.

"You've got to really look out for those gobins," I say innocently. "They're known to attack arrogant boys."

"So why haven't they attack you?" I'm tempted to kick him again, but instead look at his hand where I can see a burn forming.

"You should probably get that under cold water," I say, feeling almost guilty. I really hadn't meant to make such a mess when I kicked him.

"Why don't we go back to your place?" He smirks at me."And you can ice it for me?"

"Sure," briefly enjoying the look of surprise in his eyes. "While we there, you can have a cold shower, to make sure you didn't miss any of the burns, obviously."

"Or you could just give me a complete rub down?" He says continuing to flirt with me. For some reason, this is our favourite game to play. He attractive enough, Okay, there's not really a but. We're young and chasing things or something.

"Sorry, do I look like your gym teacher?"

"Na, his boobs were bigger." He says leaving me stumped. He begins to look smug. I sit stuck for few moments.

"Anything bigger than a C just gets in the way," I replied finally. It was weak retort but size jokes were low anyway.

"I win," he says.

"I hope the gobins bite you in the arse."

"You're just upset that the fairies like me," he says replies nudging my leg under the table. I'm almost tempted to kick him again. He would definitely deserve it.

"Oh my god, is this your weird way of coming out to me?"

"What? Oh fairies as homosexuals. I said they liked me, not that I was one!"

"You're right, that must be why I put up with you," I reply waiting.

"Wait, you're gay," he askes shocked. "I thought you went out with Dean."

"`No, whatever gave you that idea,"I say as if serious. I had, had brief thing with Dean.

"" I watch him struggle for a reply, before I begin to laugh.

"I win," I say triumphantly.

"So you're not gay?" he asked clearly confused now.

"Bi actually. It just never came up before."

"Cool, we can have three way," he replies.

"I've always wanted to have sex with two guys at once."

"I'm straight."

"That what they all say, right before they end up with a cock in their mouths."

"Seriously, can we stop talking about this."

"Why, are you scared of the gays?"

"I'm not the homophobic one. You were calling them fairies a second ago."

"No, I wasn't. I honestly thought you were coming out to me," I lie convincingly. I'm quite good at it. Though, it bit of stretch to believe someone would come out using a story about Deadline Fairies.

We sit in silence as we finish as drinks. Maybe our game had went too far.

"If you are gay, I don't care. I was only messing around," I say finally.

"To be honest, I've never gave it much thought."

"Then you're probably not. I mean, not sure how anyone could go through puberty without getting any thoughts..." I stop to reminisced on my own thoughts of boys and girls.

"Well, maybe I did have some thoughts," he says shyly.

"Oh, really do tell," I say eagerly. Damn the Slash lover inside of me. I probably know way too much about male gay sex than any woman has right too.

"Can we maybe not do this such a public place," he says using his hand to indicate the café. I doubt anyone was listening to us, but for all I know our whole conversation has been live-blogged on to twitter or tumblr.

"Fine, then get some "coffee" to go and we can go back to my place," I say getting up.

"Could you get mine for me, I just need a second?" He says, shoving the money into my hand.

"Okay," I say taking it. I try my best not to smirk.

I get the drinks and meet him out side. "Feeling better," I say handing him his coffee.

"Yeah, just my hand has started to hurt," he replies as we begin to walk in direction of my flat.

"Sure it did," I say eying him. I decided to let drop as he has started to look uncomfortable. We walk mostly in silence for the fifteen minutes it takes to get home. Our banter has kinda been lost.

I open the flat door, I shout a greeting to empty house. I guess both my flatmates are out, but I still take Darren to my room and shut the door in case they come back.

"So a penny for your gay thoughts?" I ask once we're both sat on my bed.

"My history teacher had a nice arse," he replies. "I would always stared at it when ever he turned his back to us."

"Its official, you're a gay," I joke. He just death glares me. I sigh. "Like I said, it no big deal. If you only like girls, you're hetero, if like only boys you're homo, if you like both you're Bi. I personally think everyone a little bit Bi. Well, maybe not if you're Asexual..." I stop once I realise I've been rambling.

"Can we just get drunk and do something stupid?" He says jumping off the bed.

"What like asking my next neigbour if he wants a threeway?" I say. He turns red. I grasp at him. The guy right next to us this bluff, professional type. I see him in the hall all the time, I had pointed him out to Darren when we had seen him jogging and I had... we both obviously had admired the view. "Oh my god, you're fancy my neighbour."

"No, he..." he hesitant. "Fine, he's hot."

"That he is," I smirk. "Well, we don't have to be drunk to do something stupid." I run out of the room.

"Wait, what?" he shouts after me. I'm already out of the flat, banging on the door. "You're unbelievable," he had ran after me.

"He might not even be in," I say as the door opens. My neighbour stands wet and shirtless, he has a nice chest. He only has dorky glasses and sweat pants on.

"Hi," he says staring at us.

 "Hey," I reply and nudging Darren shoulder.

"Can I help with something?" he asks confused.

"I'm your neighbour," I say, intentionally not giving my name or exact location. "Well, my friend here wanted to ask you something." I looked at Darren to find him gone. "Oh my god, the fairies have took him."

"Are you on something?" he asks concerned. Probably for his own safety.

"No, just life. Oh by the way,  you're hot. If you ever want a threesome, feel free bang on our door." I say walking away. 

"Er...thanks I think," I hear him replied. I keep walking down the hall until I hear him shut his door before actually walking back into my flat.

I find Darren at my desk, playing with a pencil.

"I can't believe you abandoned me like that."

"I can't believe you actually knocked on his door," he says avoiding eye contract.

"Why not?" I say as dump myself on my bed. "We both obviously fancy him, why not offer him a threeway?"

"You didn't" he says finally looking up at me.

"If you have to ask that question, you're clearly don't know me well enough."

 "Oh, I know you," he says, almost bitterly. "What would you have done if he had said yes?"

I never actually thought he would, I mean who accepts come ons by complete strangers. Okay, lots of people.

"I never actually gave him the ability to accept. I stated him the opportunity and walked away. He doesn't even know where I live."

"How can you be sure of that?" He says, making a good point. I mean if I know where he lives, then there good chance he might have seen me. Damn, my pink hair. He'd probably never notice me otherwise.

"Even if he does, he seems like alright bloke, we never had any problems with him and also I'm petty sure he's gay."

"How do you know?"

"Boyfriend, saw them making out in the hall once, twice, actually a few times."

"You stalker," he states. I would deny it but I did like the view.

"Well, they shouldn't put such a show on in the hall." I throw myself back onto the mattress. The bed boards creak. 

"Was it a good view?" he asks. 

"Yes, it what slash fictions are made of."

There suddenly banging on the door. 

"Who do ya think that'ra be?" I say quietly, pulling myself up. 

"You should go answer it," Darren says spinning the pencil on the desk.

"No, you should," I say. "It be the neighbour; if you answer it, he'll think it's the wrong flat."

"That's almost smart," he says standing up. "Fine, I'll answer it but you owe me."

"You're the best," I say. "I'll make sure to give you a happy ending later."

He groaned. "Please don't say stuff like that unless you mean it."

"I wouldn't say it, unless I meant it," I say seriously. Maybe I'm sick of the games.

"I best go answer that," he says without looking back. I go to listen at my beddoor. 

"Hi," I hear Darren say. I fight the urge to laugh. 

"Where the pink haired one?" deep male voice asks. I don't recognise the voice. I'm totally dying my hair tonight.

"Hur?" Darren cleverly replies. "No one matching that description lives here."

"Oh, really," the deep voices say. "Do you know she offering threeways at this address?"

"Oh really?" Darren echos, faking shock. "I had no idea."

"I know for a fact only girls live here," the male voice says. "So who are you?"

"If you must know, I'm female. I like to dress more, what you probably call Masculine." Darren would actually make a petty girl if he wish to dress that way. Wait, how does he know only females live here?

"You have quite the bulge for a female,"Mr Deep says flirtatiously.

"I keep a sock down there, I think it makes these jeans look better." He replies just as flirtatiously.

"Shame," is Mr Deep's barely audio reply. I hear Darren inhale. "Bit hard for a sock." Darren just mumbles.  OMG, did that guy just grope him? Oh, I really wish I could see what going on. 

"Okay, I don't live here," Darren confesses, huskily. "I'm just visiting my friend."

"Well, do you want have a threeway?" Mr Deep asks. 

"Sure, what sort?" Darren replies confidently. 

"The fun sort," is the reply. 

"I'm not sure my girlfriend will be that appreciate that." 

"Is she the pink hair one?"  

"Maybe." Traitor.

"So she does live here?"

"Maybe." I jump up at that and push through the door. Mr Deep and Darren are basically touching, they standing that close to each other.

"Remind me never to trust you in an uncover mission," I say walking to the door. Mr Deep is quite hot, wait he's the hot neighbour's boyfriend. Not sure why that surprises me.

"When would we ever go uncover, we're music journalists?"

" I am, you're just the photo boy," I say cockily. Darren is just good writer as am, he does the writing sometimes and I do the photos. It bit of joke between us that we're not meant to switch. Our paper weird. "I might change routes someday."

"Not without me," he replies, still eying Mr Deep. "You're stuck with me."

"Not if I leave the country," I reply. Or the planet, I think. I too begin to eye Mr Deep, it the first time I've had a good look at him. I smirk at him when I realise I  recognise him from somewhere other than my hallway. I'm not going to mention it, I decide.

"I'll leave with you," he says, not turning to look at me once. I look down to see him hard, I shake my head.

"Now whose the stalker," I mumble. 

"So have been going around offering Threeways to all the neighbours?" Mr Deep interrupts.

"Only the hot ones," I say wrapping my arm around Darren. "Would you like to come in?" I flutter my eyelashes.

"I'm not sure my boyfriend will be that appreciate that," he says seriously, but there mirth in his eyes. 

"Maybe you shouldn't go around offering threeways to young girls then?" I say making it clear I've heard the whole conversation.

"Maybe you shouldn't be going around offering threeways to half naked men?" he says back.

"How was I to do know he'd be half naked?" I replied in a winning bow. Mr Deep looks stumped. He spends a minute just looking me over. 

"I win, if you would like to play another round, knock another day," I say pushing Mr Deep into the hallway by his shoulders. "I have something hard to solve," I whisper into his ear before shutting the door on his face.

"You're a mental case, you know that right?" Darren says looking me over.

"At least I don't get turned on by strange men!" I reply, locking the door. You never know.

"Who says I was turn on by him?" 

"I know I was," I reply. "Just listen to that voice." Darren gives me a look and I give him one back. "I'm kidding, sort of."

"He was hot, I was hoping he would bend me over." That reminded me.

"Did he really cop a feel?" I ask.

"Yeah," he replied. "God, I almost came from him doing that."

"I always knew you were prev." I say walking to my bedroom. "Come along, young one I'll show you good time." 

"Yes, Sir." I slap him for that one.