Saturday 26 January 2013

Donating Blood and Guts

Hi, so I gave Blood two weeks (which I would have wrote about then if The Daily Mail & my brother hadn't annoyed me, but enough about them). It was actually a bit of a failure. It was all going well, my haemoglobin (iron in your blood) was fine, I've had issues in the past. However, half way through actually giving blood, the flow just stopped and refused to start again. I was rather annoyed with my vein idea of rebel. They have other uses for it , but they couldn't use as a transfer (I like to think they give the failures to the vampires because its doesn't matter to them) is obviously a shame especially since I'm O negative a.k.a The God of the Blood Types. Well, when giving blood in questions since they can give it to any one without fear of rejection (that might be the wrong word, stills fits though). So basically, its very important that I give blood and anyone who has that blood group.

Funny fact, half my family have that blood group but there can't give blood due to medical reasons.

I think my left arm doesn't like giving blood, because the last two times its missed behaved, so I'm just going to use my right time and jug down water before I go next time in April.

There is currently this horrible campaign (horrible because they're using the Hollyoaks cast) to get new young donors in. They want a 1000 which is kinda terrible considering Britain has a estimated population of 60.9 millionObviously, not everyone will be able to give blood and some will already give blood. But in Scotland only 5% of the population 5,254,800 according to google) give blood. Thats petty terrible.

It probably only takes 45 minutes at the max to give blood (and this is with waiting to been seen) and only once every three months (or six cause some people's haemoglobin doesn't recover in that quick).

Frankly, they guilt me something awful since I started giving blood. They gave me a gold card, after I had only donated four times that was weird. I kinda feel silly with it. Also a Christmas card with a joke about my blood time.

I'm also registered Organ Donor because frankly hypercritical not to be. I have a sibling who received a kidney transplant. Also I believe if I died suddenly  and they're able to make use of my organs after I have no use for them. Then go a head. (By the way, that is not permission for any one to dig me up and steal my body/organs).

I guess with my ill sibling, I've always been conscious of the whole donating things. I started donating blood as soon as I was seventeen. 45 minutes of my time could mean someone's life. SO DONATE DAMN IT!!! Because someday a blood transfer might save your life and then you'd never be able to return the favour.

So two rants in a row in a way, neither greatly constructed but there've got to better than my random "I have literally nothing to talk about posts. So basically I'm actually going to my much older sister's  (Well, she is 30 today LOL Happy Birthday loser) Birthday party tonight meaning this was pre-written (its Monday). I think I am going to try and write my Saturday posts before Saturday so they actually up on Saturday (what the hell, heres another SATURDAY).

So See you next week, I'm probably on my way up North or getting ready to go by now.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Book Review: The Small Hand by Susan Hill

Okay, any of you watch my BookTube videos know that me and Susan Hill are yet to make friends. Her ghost stories don't scare me nor do I find them even slightly spooky. Mostly baffled. I only keep reading as my local library has lot her books and they're short. 'The Small Hand' has not change my opinion.

The book summary goes like this:
Returning home from a visit to a client late one summer's evening, antiquarian bookseller Adam Snow takes a wrong turning and stumbles across the derelict old White House. Compelled by curiosity, he approaches the door, and, standing before the entrance feels the unmistakable sensation of a small hand creeping into his own, 'as if a child had taken hold of it'. Intrigued by the encounter, he determines to learn more, and discovers that the owner's grandson had drowned tragically many years before. At first unperturbed by the odd experience, Snow begins to be plagued by haunting dreams, panic attacks, and more frequent visits from the small hand which become increasingly threatening and sinister ...

 The main problem with this book is that I felt absolutely nothing for Snow (which is why I'm calling him by his last name). I really could not have cared less if he died. No one would have missed him. I feel no relief when he continues to not jump into various deep waters.

When I got to the ending I was like WTF. I so want to rant about how its ends, but I don't want to spoiler it for anyone after reading this review and still wants to read 'The Small Hand'. I will say it leaves you very sympathetic and it actually has a reason behind the "haunting" unlike "Doll".
I really left this book with nothing, no feeling or thoughts. This book is so scary that you could read in the middle of the night in a house alone during storm that knock out the power and still be 'meh'. 

While the plot content wasn't good, it was well written and still readable, so I gave 2/5 stars. Just though.

Book Review: Slated by Teri Terry

So I'm going to start doing written Book Reviews. For those who like my Saturday ramblings, don't worry these reviews won't count towards that (unless I'm really being Lazy).

So Slated by Teri Terry (Yes, I can't get over that name either) is set in 40 years in future Britain after rebels and revolution has changed the government dramatically. The protagonist is girl called Kyla who has been Slated, meaning she had her memory wiped by the Government. You are Slated if you have committed a serious crime and are between the ages of 12 and 16.  So she only has memory of the past nine month of her life. She doesn't even know why she was Slated. However, she keeps having nightmares, indicating that she hasn't forgot everything. If you're slated you wear a Levo on wrist which monitors your mood levels. Ten meaning your extremely happy and if you get angry or depressed it lowers and if goes below three you be knocked out. If two you're die.  Kyla due to her nightmares keeps going dangerously low.

As well as her nightmares, Kyla is adopted into a new family and is not certain she can trust her parents. With people disappearing from her new school, she begins to question the government.

I gave 4/5 stars to Slated as while there nothing wrong with the book, there was just something missing. The plot was well structured and all the characters had purpose. I always hate when there just random characters for no reason. There was few things that bugged me about Slated, but honestly these are probably just my pet peeves. I found it rather unsettling that Autism had been cured. That all that stated, it doesn't really play into the story really either. Not said how and as someone who has Autistic traits it stuck with me and started me questioning it: did they do something to the brains of the Autistic or did they wiped out the genetics for it which would make me very uncomfortable if that ever happen. Also I never think British would ever have chocolate chiped pancakes for breakfast. That very much a treat, not a meal. BBC Three showing the weather seems wrong in so many ways.

It also passes the planned sequel test. The main events of the novel have a satisfying end, but you're left with plenty of questions which make you want to read the next book.

I did enjoy reading Slated, I recommended to any YA dystopia lovers and I am looking forward to the next in the Trilogy, Fractured (April 2013).

 P.S. Hopefully, my reviews will get better with the more I write/film. I did do a video review as well.

Saturday 19 January 2013

An Open Letter to my Brother

Sorry to do the people who read my blog and were looking forward to me discussing my Blood Donation experience. Frankly, this is a long time coming. This isn't something wrote in a rash moment, in fact I have wrote/filmed several things in an effect to get this off my chest.

This the same brother who appeared in a post last January which actually cause a disagreement which is main reason why my next post had "avoiding the bitchy" in it and only tiny about school as I didn't want to give the Stalker satisfaction of thinking I cared about her. Basically, his wife found my blog by stalking my twitter. I call stalking because she didn't follow me, but had checked it out more than once, though apparently its normal to google ones sister-in-laws regularly.

This brought on due to recently rumbling. My mother sent him quiet the polite message to try to clear the air a bit before a family gathering, even though the rest of us had decided that we weren't going to talk to him and that he and his wife were are going to sit in a corner by themselves for most of the night. Anyway, my brother called my mother up shouting and then this nonsense started up again. I've told myself several time just to let it go (its hard when it comes up every six months), frankly I really feel like I don't have a older brother. Its more like he's dead or something. Yeah, I had a brother when I was four but he just disappeared.

If were to ask my brother he would probably say I'm too young to be counted for words and action because he never talked me about them. He always went straight to our mother. This has angered me in the past because I'm my own person and my mother couldn't really stop me from posting on the internet my emotions and thoughts, not caring who sees it. To be honest this might say its a letter to my brother, its more at/about my brother since I shan't be sending this to him. Mainly since it wouldn't do anything. Sure I could say:

You have deeply hurt me and I no longer feel to trust you. I can no longer make nicely with you as I don't feel it worth the effect for me to speak as you don't know the privilege that is my voice. I don't speak much to people as this is a struggle for me which I kinda hoped you would have realise with being my brother for all my life. However, if you didn't know this after eighteen years, then I don't think there much hope.

I could tell you how hurt I am by your lack of understanding, but that wouldn't help, would it since I know this is been brought to attention several times. 

I was hurt by your lying and hurtful nature of you not standing up for me or any one else in the family. Just because you've got married, doesn't mean you abandoned your family, but that what you did. You seem to have no loyalty. I've told you several times why I am upset with you, however you don't listen. You ignore the issues and act like it nothing. To bluntly honest, you have to be stupid you seriously think you've done nothing wrong at all. I admit to my mistakes, though everything I've said was honest. When I post things online, I don't care if anyone sees it or their reaction, because I never post something I wouldn't say to the person face if I think they would actually knowledge it. This is why I never said it to you because you never actually responded to anything said to you. You just jump to defence. 

For the record, yes I don't like your choice in a wife. Mainly because she very self centred, a liar and goes around telling her version of the truth when she has no bloody right. While numb to the events of 2011, I can't justify to let go completely because I never said anything about her. I just repetitively called you arsehole which you've never proved me wrong. I couldn't go through with being part of the wedding since I liked neither of you and that would have just been a big lie. I only went as far as I did for mum. When quit the first time that would have been that, I wouldn't have went to the wedding. The night before I said I didn't want to go. I could done without the wedding which was frankly terrible. It incredibly rude to leave your guests standing for hours. I was especially surprise that I didn't tell your new wife to fuck herself when she told me to go back to the dinning room. I was so angry during the speeches, since from my point of view they were all lies. I was angry through the whole thing, since I probably shouldn't have been there, you couldn't actually afford to get married, in the same way you can't afford to go on holiday to America. 

I hate your attitude to money.You shouldn't favour people because they can afford to give you thousands as a gift and not a loan. Mum and dad have done a lot for and as the youngest sibling I petty much see everything. I am kinda a shamed of you and would avoid you on the street. Though, the avoiding part is due to not having anything civil to say to you in passing. Mum and dad have been though a lot an like your stranger when comes to the struggles that they've faced.

I would never say this to your face because you wouldn't listen, I wouldn't want to be misquoted and mainly I don't know you well enough to feel comfortable speaking to you anymore. Please don't respond unless you're going to be civilly and actually address the points to me. Contact mum and I'll know to write you off.

That big pile of text is petty pointless and I don't know if I do feel better after writing it. It won't really solve anything from it being in existence, but I've sent to it out to the universe. I

Saturday 12 January 2013

The Daily Mail Ruin everything.

Last Sunday, while Scanning the books on sale at my local supermarket, full of disgust at all the trashy porn books that never seem to move, I suddenly spot Fault in our stars by John Green in the top right corner. What a shock to see a book that I found on internet, I've never seen anywhere else.

UK paper back has come to town and the Daily Mail can continue to FUCK THEMSELVES.

I really hate Daily Mail as they attack everything I love, I have yet to actually read the "Fault in our Stars" for reasons but I trust the Booktube community when they tell me its good and the Daily Mail basically attack books all feature on To be Read list.

Because the Daily Mail do not know that Young Adult books are different from Children's books. Just because they can be put with the Children department of Publishers does not make them the same, this is only because they are books for Young people who are in between the stages of Childhood and Adulthood. YA books are always in a different section from the Children's books.

I would go on but we all know even if I challenge the "Teen Sick-Lit" Article word for word, they will learn nothing and loyal readers of the Daily Mail will take their word over the words of teen who knows the truth about the world of fiction that deal with real life issues because I had most of them.

Okay, that might seem a random attack on the Daily Mail and I know I should know better than to ever read one of their articles especially after someone gave the link because they themselves were annoyed by it. Basically, I found the article the same day I saw that I saw "Fault in our Stars" in the store and was rather surprised by it since my local supermarket (which could get its own rant post if it doesn't watch it self) doesn't have any YA or kids books in it really. Just the odd notion of one sometime. They're mostly filled with porn books and the random best seller.

I hate The Daily Mail, everyone I like hates The Daily Mail, the BBC get away with making jokes about their idiocy, in my Higher English Discursive Essay "Media: Corrupter or Scapegoat?" I basically ranted about the My Chemical romance incident and I got away with it.  The Daily Mail are just idoits, they say teens are either kill each other because of drugs/violence or are going to kill themselves due to being influenced by music and art.

I can't them serious as a newspaper. They published an article where the Writer says other woman don't like her because she "beautiful". No, she wasn't that good looking. They probably hate her because she a Daily Mail writer.

They annoy me so much, they say such horrible things. I know its the same with bullying when comes to The Daily Mail, I should just ignore them because getting upset about is not going to make them stop. Though, unlike bullying, ignoring them (its does work with some of the loser) will definitely won't stop them.

If Tanith Carey (writer of the idiot article who doesn't know what YA is) or anyone else from the Daily happens to read. Being a MCR fan and reader of "sick-lit" nothing has depressed me more than reading that article or any of the other Daily Mail articles. If I were going to kill myself over something I read, it would be a Daily Mail article, because they make me lose hope for society. However, then I listen music (sometimes it MCR) and go on tumblr, so I remember that my side of society is still good and that there is hope that someday all of society will be good and educated. *sigh* Someday...

For more in-depth look at the article, I suggest reading this one instead of reading the actual Daily Mail one so they don't get the count. Trust me, the actual article will just annoy you too.

Now, I'm off to read decent literature and try not to blend my arm; I'll tell you why next week.

Saturday 5 January 2013

HELLOOOO 2013 (Goals for this year)

Hi, so I went shopping today. It was a challenge to leave the house, due to sleeping till noon and people refusing to leave their beds. So I have new clothes but more importantly lovely new books.

However, this post is not about that.Its about what goals I have for this year. Trufully, there're not that different from last year and I've went through them on my book/vlog channal ( ). Well, some of them. HERE ARE ALL THEM NOW:
  1. To read a book a week (one or two misses will be forgotten)
  2. To up 2012 book total so read 100 books ( I read 98 books in 2012, so there's logic to the 100)
  3. I want to finish writing The Stranger a.k.a my June Camp NaNoWriMo novel a.k.a the novel I've been working on since I was 15. Look at the right side bar to see how that's coming.
  4. CATS!
  5. To continue with this weekly blog and to maybe not remembering about it at 6pm and then procrastinating till 9pm and just making it before Midnight (I mostly make it).
  6. I think maybe focusing more on Creative Writing. You know that's my real forte in writing, not making my real life sound some what interesting sounding. Mainly because its rather boring (hell, I'm watching Jonthan Ross show just because David Tennent was on it). I know how about I just start lying about real life, combine them both. So I actually met David Tennant today, he slapped me for some reason...Well, I did say he looked better as a woman.
  7. On the other subject of writing, I want to start keeping a diary every day. This is something I have attempted before (two times I think). I did it last year, but I kinda forgot some days...weeks...a month. Basically, I'm just going to note down that happens to me everyday.
  8. To read more classics/great works of Literature for reasons. 
  9. Oh, YEAH. I have the desire which is shared by my parents, to pass my driving tests. Need to do my theory and practical. This is especially a challenge due to, from Monday I will no longer be insured to drive. Thanks Sex Equality insurance law, but still allow the bastards to charge 1000s to insured young people. Fucking taking advantage pricks. Moveing on.
  10. To keep being my fabulous self *serious face* LOL.
So that's all my goals for year. See ya next week where I will be discussing in detail my wild night on the set of Doctor Who. We were so wasted.

(P.S. I actually made it.)