Wednesday 30 October 2013

Book Review: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

The last of my saga of reading Ghost stories by Susan Hill and then complaining about how bad they are.

Proud and solitary, Eel Marsh House surveys the windswept reaches of the salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral Mrs Alice Drablow, the house's sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman, dressed all in black, at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold, a feeling deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk of the woman in black -- and her terrible purpose.

Once again Susan Hill brings a pointless ghost story to the table. The Woman in Black is the best of Hill's collection of ghost stories. That does not make it good. It still has terrible slow start and incredibly dull characters.

I don't know why but Hill can't make sympathetic characters. I think with horror especially, it's important you care for the characters because otherwise what's the point. That rational part of your brain might be temporary tricked into being spooked by supernatural story but then you remember whilst house might be haunted in all 8 years of living there, they've done you no harm. Maybe the reason the characters are so unlikeable is because they always so privileged and we really learn nothing about them. All I know about Arthur is that he a lawyer with a country house.

There is actually a reason why the ghost is spitefully this time. She is frankly stupid spitefully but at least Arthur might actually did something to annoy her. Slight Spoiler warning, her kid who she was focused to give away because you know the times dies and then everyone else kids should die apparently.

The worst part is how freaked out Arthur gets over nothing. He goes from calm to terrified in a few sentences and it's not like something happens in those sentences. Yeah, like oh a creepy atmosphere suddenly. He doesn't see the ghost but in a state for days afterwards. He's frankly a wimp. The horror is just really badly written. There is not a single fearfully moment in the whole damn book.

It's written in the same lack of tension and imitation of Victorian Literature (which makes sense since that when its sort of set. Maybe it actually Edwardian though).  Hill can obviously write to a proper quality. That's all can be said.

Overall, it better than other ones. I gave it 2 stars for dead children. Yeah, that's all I've got to say.

P.S. this shows up the Wednesday before Halloween due to pure coincidence. 

Saturday 26 October 2013

Annoyed Carer

I'm finally getting Carer's Allowance on Monday, frankly it took them long enough. Well, anyway I got a letter off them today about backtracking (or arrears). Guess what? Apparently, they don't own me anything since I've getting Jobseeker's allowance. Okay, I have two issues with this. One, Carer's Allowance is actually more than Jobseeker's, so they still own me 17.50 (Yes, I worked that out). Two, and probably most importantly, I have not been getting Jobseekers. In fact I've spent 6 weeks without any money till last week where I got Income Support. Also apparently if they did own me any money (which fucking obviously do) then it wouldn't be from when I got my last Job Seeker's payment as that was a Tuesday. So I miss a week because I wasn't born on a Monday. I know when to pick my battles so we leave that idiocy so I plan a tattle the own trying to get of paying me 6 weeks of money.  Can't even call the idiots till Monday so I have two days of rage.

I know some people would say that I've done nothing to earn that money, but they're idiots too. I'm meant to get Carer's Allowance because I'm a carer. I look after my mum and other family too I guess. I've probably said this on here before, basically I'm only in my house who healthfully. My little brother is, but he austisic and handfully. I'm probably not that good carer but once I'm finish with the Prince Trust course I'm going to do alot more.

So back to what I'd had plan to actually write about in this blog and keeping my orginal introduction. It doesn't quite work appearing in the middle of a blog post but I don't care.

This week was full of pain, paint, I meant paint. We were painting for our community project.
First we painted YMCA's toliets and then painted half of a room upstairs of YMCA. Of course, there momments were people brusted into song, a specific song. Also something that is apparently hilous when two boys trucked their shirts into itself displaying their stomachs and backs, then of course then "I want to break free" came on the radio. Someone record it on their phone as they painted the walls. I just don't get what was so funny about it. I mean if it had been two girls who trucked their shirts like that it wouldn't be considered humourious but girls being normal. 

We also went back to the community centre to plant flowers in a tire and paint lament flooring gold. We also decorated the hall for them for Halloween.

So Halloween is next Thursday which awesome. No major plans. Two pumpkins to crave and a bloody Red Riding Hood costume to wear. Also start Panto rehearsals on Monday. Never done a Panto before, should be interesting.

Well, that all for this week, join me where I be spending alot time in the Library.

Saturday 19 October 2013

Dirty and Zombified

This week involved dirt and zombies (hence the title). I suppose we often picture Zombies climbing from their graves, covered in dirt. However, the two actually had very little to do with each other. Basically, I dressed up as a Zombie for the Funwalk thing. I don't actually know how much money we made from the thing, but not everyone did it. Some cause they didn't have sponsors/just didn't want to. Some seemed to disappeared whist we were doing it. In the end we did three laps of campus place next to the college. I'm not sure how many miles that is. Maybe 2 or 3, so did 5 miles of walking I guess. My legs did hurt later on that day and tired, but I feel like that when I did nothing near exercise. Its the fun of having my body.

So I dressed up as a Zombie (which I heavy hinted at). Not a very good Zombie, I only had like 15 minutes to do my make-up. I missed step of putting a red based down before dark make-up and put my fake blood on as I was walking down to the meeting point thing. I actually bumped into my tutor from last year whist fleshly Zombified, I just mumbled hello in passing. Fun.

Not much to add to that really. I took a lot a photos of myself and random things out of boredom and visual stuff. Some are bit better than others, a few just looked like weird zombie selvies. I shall share a few of my favourites (note I don't say best) few on this post.

The rest of the week (okay, two days) were spent in at Community Centre doing wood craving (basically scraping the wood off bench in attempt to make a pattern) and busy work.
Honesty, some of it seem like we were just doing it for the sake of it. They had us cleaning outside tables that ain't likely to be used again till after Christmas and therefore we definitely need to be cleaned again before use (if you care that much about gems). I ended up seving stones which was boring and annoying as most of the stones went through the home-made sev. The sev also broke and ended up dirty but stylish.

Overalls make everyone look hot.
To be honest, I'm becoming rather dishearten by the whole course. I don't think I have improved at all in my team skills; more than half the promised qualifications seem like made up nonsense specifically for the course and not all usefully. I'm not making friends so no social side even getting earned (no offence to the other people on the course that's probably more my inability to socialise at all); it just routine to have. I guess it has help me improved with being less panicky of buses but I didn't need a course for that nor was it meant to be part of the course.

I also really hate the paperwork side as it confusing and ends with us spouting bullshit. I recently realise that I had ticked the wrong thing as it didn't make clear what we be made to write about/what was out choice and it kinda too late to go back as it effects other stuff I already wrote. Also apparently it unacceptable to put that you learned nothing new about self which is the truth. At the age of Twenty, I'm petty aware of my weakness and issues. Maybe someday another one will slap me in the face but the obvious ones are already known so writing that I socially fail and I'm stubborn are pointless (especially the school system already made those things obvious to me years ago).

Move on to more fun things, yet still annoying. I finally received money, though not from who was I expecting from. It wasn't Carer's Allowance like one might expect. No it was Income Support. It didn't even take a week from when I sign the form to get money and taking 6 weeks before I get payment for carer's allowance. That kinda ridiculous. So I have money and I spent most of it already. In my defence, I spent that money on things that I've been waiting to get such as External Hard Drive, a case for my Kobo, and I also owned my mother quite a bit of money. I also bought quick release for tripod. I'm still expecting to eventually find the other one but it doesn't hurt to have a spare and in my experience you find something as soon as you buy a replacement. That is the irony of life.

I also bought the first Christmas gifts of the season. I know I'm often complain about how let have Halloween before we have Christmas themed crap. But in this case the gifts kinda had to be bought now because they're on deal or chance they will be sold out by time Halloween over. Basically, I bought my own Christmas present yesterday as my parents have yet to learn the power of the internet so I know what exactly what I'm getting. Though, even I hadn't done the transaction I would still what it was. I'm getting the Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL Red and Pokemon X from my parents. I don't care what that says about my maturity. I mean I'm literally getting the same thing as ten year old boy (except he getting Blue one and Pokemon Y, I'm obviously got the cooler version). I wish I had the funds to buy it myself so I would have to wait 2 months and 6 days. 
Basically, I made my parents get cause it might go out stock which it now has. Though, petty sure amazon still have it and the blue isn't popular for some reason. I also might said some things that I know what my little brother getting for Christmas already. It is what he wants though. I made a comment about X is being better than Y and mocked him for getting Y instead of wanting Y. Oh, well... 

I actually brought presents that I plan to be giving someone. My sib went on this Disney Blu Ray kick and as they buy one get one free right now. It ends in November so I obviously got them now. So yeah, I have been focused to do Christmasy stuff before Halloween. Oh, well...
Well, that all for this week. Join me next next week where I'll probably covered in paint. 

Saturday 12 October 2013

Funraising and Baking (but not together)

Haló you lot, so I spent most this week standing just hoping someone would be interested in what I'm offering. No, I have not been trying to pick up people at bars without having the guts to go up to anyone. I was attempting to sell quiz sheets, 50p each. One quiz on Music, the other on Film&TV. I was repeatedly told that the question were too hard and I repeatedly said that the group were given the option to weigh in before the printing. I also I had made them awkwardly worded to avoid people from just googling the answers. Though, the only sheets that came in clearly have been. Everyone just nodded and didn't play attention. There were 22 questions in total and I came up with 20 of them. Seemed to be left to sell them too.

We made £32.89 which is weird considering we only sold things for 50p and a pound. We meant to be doing this Funwalk on Tuesday sponsered. Like if we all get 5 quid each that'll give us £90 to buy paint and plants and stuff. Frankly, I'll do it but I'm not going to be getting any sponsers because I don't know anyone and I don't feel comfirmable asking family members. I suggested a Zombie Walk, but only one other person liked that idea. Something about it being too similar to the whole Haunted House thing but like it the season of Halloween. Which reminds that I've still started making my Horror film thing. Maybe I'll be lazy and do Zombies. You know with psychology sort of Zombie bullshit where it ours and them and the same. Though, this is made harder as I have lost part of my tripod, like I can buy a replacement, but I don't have money at the moment.

I know I'm getting Carer's Allowance but don't know when payments will actually start. So we wait while being poor. I liked it better than Jobseeker’s Allowance which is pain with filling the form thing especially when they never send you out the forms. Ar, but lets not get into that right now.

Today, I attempted to make Carmel cake for the first time. It seems that they came out out alright. I tasted the small ones. They were nice, though apparently they tend to taste better the day after. I might make more later, as in next week. I made the pastry myself but the caramel came out of a can because it hard and sort of dangerous to make. Basically, I still have ingredients left over.

My hair turned out well by the way, someone asked me if it was for Halloween.  Of course not, but I plan to look awesome this Halloween. I always look Awesome.

So that they only things that happened this week really. This weeks was bought to you by the word "and". I'm off now to find a zombieish outfits.
Empty tins of Heaven.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Purple and Blue All Over.

Halo peeps, I bet you all dying to know how spending almost three days with people I barely know went. It went as best as to be expected.
Tiny bumpbeds from Ikea.

My trustworthy team mates basically drop me, or more let me fall. It was this thing called a Team Beam, a log up the air (someone walked under it without ducking) and we were meant to help each other other. I wasn't fully over before they let me go. I hit the ground on my right side and laughed. I don't know why, but I laughed when I get hurt apparently. Anyway, now I don't want to see any of them again. Though, that my more of panic at social situations and regret of my choice of vocal communication.

I've learned my lesson, never speak. Never ever. Only write weird ramblings on the internet, that is the one true form of communication.

So how were the actual activities? Fine, alright. Dinosaurs. Okay, there weren't any dinosaurs. There haven't been dinosaurs in millions of years. Just skeletons. There weren't any skeletons either, well not dinosaurs ones. Back to the point, it was sort of fun but I don't think I really learned anything from it. I don't think my team/working with others were improved at all. So it wasn't really very usefully. I guess I just extended the time I've spent away from my parents of lately. 3 days without them, how lovely.

Where we staying was petty nice, it would make awesome horror movie setting. I mean just by the exterior, but it does actually have a creepy history. It really run down looking, it mostly wood which cracked and chipped. Though, I think that part of it charm. There was this toilet that had cravings all over the wall. I really regret not getting a picture, as it was so cool looking. Terms of horror, it also has the whole isolated in the woods thing. Apparently, we were 15 minutes from anywhere.

Now I bet you want to know what I mean by creepy history. Basically, it was built by this Victorian dude who had no heirs so the house ended up abandoned till the war where injured soldiers were treated there (or something). It then become a hospital for kids with these disease where the only cure was flesh air. Forget the name of it. Anyway, Room 9 (or ten, there was little of confusion. Though, apparently girl hanged herself in room 10 which I'm petty sure is bull. Where was I again, oh yeah Room 9) is haunted. People who have sleep there have felt presences sitting on the end of the bed. Basically, Room 9 was where they took the kids they knew weren't going to make it.

Sounds like a fun time, no? I'm sure a capable writer/director could do something awesome with that (maybe me with I could be arsed). We also did this game where we had our eyes shut and held each other hands. It felt where much like we were holding a Séance. Though, we only got told the story before we left so no one would freak out. Someone in my room did claim to see a figure standing above the person next to them. Well, that what they get for claim the single beds.

I'm finally dying my hair Purple and Blue tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I'm actually did it. Soon my hair will match the bruises all over my legs. Strangely, I have no bruises the side I landed on (you know from falling off the log thing). I was honestly expecting my right thigh and ribs to be covered in petty colours. Well, no luck (or is it lucky, I suppose it depends on your point of view. That all for this week. Type to you again when I am more colourfully.