Saturday 26 September 2020

Time is Moving

 Life is something I should be living. 

I miss the cinema.  The cinemas are open but I am scared to go, especially since the rates are rising again. I'm really worried about not getting to see Wonder Women II. Maybe it's release will be delayed again and now having looked it up. It has been delayed for Christmas, 25th actual Christmas day which an odd choice for the sort of film that usually has a midnight release. That probably not gonna happen so Santa won't be missing out. It's actually boxing day which I doubt I'll be there for opening day. 

I never finished a post last week. Time is also getting away from me which doesn't help. I want to finish my film watching project this month, at least stage 1 of it. I have ten films left so it's not likely to happen but the project deadline is next year anyway. I've seen some good films doing this, but also a lot of shit films that make me question a whole gender.

I do love films and there's worth in them. But watching films from decades ago where the only diversity comes from a white woman and making the choice not to watch the film of a known groomer is not fun. Cis Men need help, especially the ones of the 80s. 

I'm off because I have sixty films to watch. 

Saturday 12 September 2020

Broken Glass Everywhere

 Sunday was a bad day. I started the day by being reminded that my car's MOT was due. The next day meaning I couldn't drive it for two days because I couldn't get an appointment till Wednesday to fix it. It did pass the first time but new tires are in my future. All four of them which is confusing considering I think I replaced all of them last year and your front tires are meant to go first. 

I opened my cupboard, for a glass to fall out and then shatter everywhere. I found bits a day later. I had already hoovered the kitchen. 

I then went out to clean my car, to find under a pile of napkins, mould. Great. I do clean the rubbish out of my car. I have no idea how long it has been there. I'm gonna try the carpet cleaner. Clean it out properly. I need seat covers for the back. Covered in dog hair because Skye kept barking at me as I was cleaning it. He's a wee rat. I had to let in the car while I did the front.

Skye is such a needy dog. Not sure what I did to make him that way. I also haven't read much this week, but I have caught up on six months of a book podcast, with more eps to go. I really only read on Monday this week and nothing else, so hella behind on all those reviews I should do. Have a few sitting to do as as well. 

I'm meant to be announcing StrangeAthon tomorrow but I'm having a real hard time drawing a tree. Also not filmed which is so me. I need to do better, so I will be off to try.

Saturday 5 September 2020

I am tired. Always.

 I just want a break. I haven't slept right for a few days. Maybe weeks. I just want to sleep and reading.

I have missed all my September arcs. I don't know because I've been reading them since mid-August so I had plenty of time to read them so I don't what happened.

I have finally finished painting my walls, having issues with the fireplace. I have wood paint and the last person has painted it with wall paint, so its not drying right. It'll need a few coats. I probably should have sanded it before.

I should have painted all the walls, but I think one wall and a half is for the best. If I ever move, it will be revealed that there's no paint behind the bookcase but that's future Rachel's problem when I move or decided to move it for some reason. It probably would have been quicker if I knew I was going to paint all the walls I did. I needed to paint part of the wall due to an incident with a candle.

I don't have much to say. Lots of reviews that I'm late with and should write. Also BuJo properly again so that's another thing I need to do.