Monday 31 December 2012

Farewell to 2012 (Goodbye Loser)

Hi, so Christmas was Christmas and I got several childish gifts such as Monster High dolls and a Batman mask. I think the maturest thing I got was a skull bracelet and a Dark Knight Rises t-shirt. I am I shamed? No. Frankly, I'm very much aware of my geekyness as in I know I'm not the only girl pasted fourteen year old that collects them for the sake of it (I might be the only one that took it out of the box and then put it back) and I AM BATMAN.

 Who needs maturity anyway?

Obviously there is only a few more days left in the year, yet I feel weird reflecting on it until it completely over. Though, I know nothing going to change.

My goals last year were to:

1. To read a book a week or the equviant (52 books)
2. To generally write more.
3.  To write a blog post a week of some sort.
4. To do well in my exams.

So let reflect on those goals:
  1.  I read 97 books this year so far (I'm definitely going to read at least another book). I did miss the odd random week of finishing a book and during my exams I didn't read at all except of course my notes about books. I did have other mini-book goals that I completed. Such as finishing The Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes by ACD. I'm happy with my bookyness.
  2. I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo June and got 30000 words in a novel. I keep meaning to finish it, I will eventually.  I did have a few short stories, but I feel I could have done more especially during the summer.
  3. Well, in theory there was always a post on Saturday. However, this was done by cheating. Bad I know. This is why my notion of doing Wednesday posting will not be happening. Maybe when I've stopped college.
  4. I got three Bs in my exams and didn't fail anything. I now know them to be all useless because life's a bitch. That all I'm saying on the matter, so I will not responded to anyone challenging this. 
Other things I did this year are:
  • From doing Camp NaNoWriMo I started BookTubing. Meaning I have negated my main channel which is kinda sad. I will continue booktubing for the coming months. 
  • Killing serveral people with my mind.
  • Surived the end of the world
  • Went to T in the Park for the First time/spent four nights.
  • Beat my arch-enemy once and for all.
  • Also actually started using Tumblr.
Generally, this year been alright. Its certainly better than last year (2011). It could have been worse, it could have been better. 

Due to not having any other topic for next week, My 2013 goals will be appearing then. So I'm off to read that other book.

Saturday 22 December 2012

We Survived! (Now time for Christmas)

 Hi, so the worlds still turning, I know it shocking that the apocalypse has yet to come. Honesty I'm starting to feel like The Doctor or probably more like Buffy with the many "Ends of the World" I survived. I guess this is why there so many secret heroes out there. I can only now keep trying to prevent the end of the world with the rest of them.

So I saw the Hobbit this week. It was good, a tad long. I might have been better off leaving it till came out on dvd. Still very good. Basically at the end I swear I could hear the fan girls writing. Enjoy it, but I did have the horrifying moment when they showed a interview thing for the last Twilight. Just the completely wrong audience for that.Yay, for being the only teenage girl there. I went to this off peak showing on Tuesday at like noon. I actually walk for 40 minutes to get to the cinema. That amuses me, I think that everyone should walk for at least half hour before seeing any of the Lord of the Ring films.

So plans for my brief freedom (Christmas holidays) involved rewatching Sherlock, reading large books that awkward to carry around, watching the Christmas Tim Burton films (he really likes Christmas) and of course watching the Doctor Who Special.

 Hopefully, I'll survived that as well. 

Saturday 15 December 2012

END IS NIGH!!! (and it has been for the past five hundred years)

So since the world is meant to end next Friday (21st December 2012), I thought I would write an end of the world story (sort of) and since Zombies is the favourite cause among the others on my college course. Also I do sort have got a plan if was zombies and I suppose in theory a virus could cause brain cells to die and cause crazed actions as attacking and eating people. (Also I need to stop using the word AND).
I'm frankly cynical about the world ending this year or the next as so many Americans seem to believe. Maybe its because I've already live through so many other "End of the Worlds". There seems to be at least one every decade since I was born or maybe the cold war. If there was some sort of disaster it will purely be coincidental. Maybe it only be America since that where the Mayas are from. My theory is that the Mayas either give up on a calendar that was hundreds years into the future or they died out before they could finish it. So blame the Spanish.

So I give you ZOMBIES!!!:

I walk slowly down the street, my bus was still ten minutes away. The street is quiet, nothing that shocking just usually there at least someone else waiting for the bus. Its last and only one that goes around the west villages from the town. I was sure I wasn't the only person who had gotten off here this morning. There still plenty of time. I'm just being paranoid. Seen too many horror films to trust silence fully.

Just my own gentle steps seemed to be the only noise. It kinda bugs me that I've started to hum by the time I'm under the shelter of the bus stop. I scan the street for any for sign of life. I known there's be people in the houses, but you just can't tell from the outside. I see a woman walking towards me. Even from a distance I can see her coat is stained. I stared at her openly, trying to figure out what the stain is due to my boredom and likely hood of never seeing this woman again. Dried mud. No dripped. Dried dirty water. Blood. No too much to be that. You're be dead if all that was your own.

I notice the woman is limping and her hair covers her face as she comes closer. I know the right thing is to ask if she okay, but my insight is to flee. Instead of doing either, I decided to ignore her, moving deeper into the shelter, and not bring attention to myself. I turn away from the women, her still coming closer and begin scanning the road for signs of the bus. I really hope its early for once. It probably be late, it always late.

I breath in the fresh air to almost vomit. There's a repulsive smell, similar to the one of the dead mouse my cat had hidden in the stair cupboard. It was maggot infested when we found it. However, this smell was worst. I look around the shelter looking for the source. The only unusually thing I see is the women. The bus stop had smelled fine yesterday. That can't be her, can it? Who could stand to smell that bad?

She walks by the shelter in front of me. Oh my god, it is her. I cover my mouth and nose in attempt to block the smell, it doesn't help. I stare at her urging her to just go on. She keeps walking slowly. Before stopping and turning as if confused. She sniffs the air.

Maybe it not her after all, but why did the smell get so worst if not. She walks into the other entry of the bus stop. She turns to me. She stops again. Her hands are state, filthy and defiantly covered in blood. Her nails are ruined, broken length wise and some are missing completely.

"Can I help you with something?" I ask hesitantly. "Are you okay?"  She doesn't replied but she begins to walk again. I move before she can touch me. She walks into the wall. She craws at it with hands. She begins to moan at it. I step back from her. There something clearly wrong with her. I grab my phone from my pocket to call an ambulance or something. 

I heard a motto coming, I'm hoping it the bus. I run out to the shelter and knocking over a man. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I say as I offer him my hand. He grabs onto it. I have him off the ground when bites me. I let go of him and he lands on the ground. I look my arm he's took a chunk out of fresh from my arm. I scan the road looking for help. I see a mass of people coming towards. My instinct is to run, I listen to it this time. 

I run to the opposite direction, thankfully I see my bus coming from that way. I bang on the door as it goes past me. The driver slams on the brakes and I pull the door open.t

"Just fucking keep going," I shout as the driver as I climb on to the steps. He looks at me as if I'm insane.

"Please I'm being chased and there no one else coming," I show him my bus pass even though he sees me everyday.

He finially starts going as the mad women from the shelter slams herself as the door he just shut. I can her teeth and there bloody. I gulp, falling into the front seat. I take in deep breaths trying to calm down. I feel hot and sweaty not from running. I look at my injured arm. The wound was full of pus, it was too soon for it to be inflected. Oh god that guy must have been ill or something. Fuck. I fill with panic. I have no idea what to do. I fight to keep my eyes open. I lose.


The bus is late again. I jump up and down trying to keep warm. It not working much, the cold has sceept into my bones. I keep jumping until I see the bus, I get my pass out now so I can just go straight to a warm seat in the back.

The driver just nods at me as I get in using my pass as a shield against eye contract. The bus only has a few people on it including a girl who passed out in the front seat. Probably just didn't get enough sleep the night before. I managed to get the seat that heater hides under. The bus is quiet is normal, slowly filling up with each stop. 

I stare out the window having forget to begin a book with me this morning. World around us is a story anyway. We soon leave the crowded sheets to the countryside that separates the town from the villages and farms. I'm just admiring the moon reflecting on the lake when I hear the scream of a women. I look up at the front to see my a girl attacking the back of the driver. Two men are trying to pull her off but its too late to stop the bus leaving the road heading straight to the lake. A scream leaves my throat even though I know its no good.

Yeah, never expect much from these blog written for stories. They can be rather forced. See you next week, as I have faith in us both to survive.

Saturday 8 December 2012

A Non-Christmas Story

Haló babies. So since it petty safe to start talking about Christmas now that we are a week into December (in my opinion you should only start thinking about Christmas once December starts). However, we not going to be talking about Christmas. Just have a random start to a story. Except to say there a Christmas tree up in my house.


 I stare beyond the window. I gup. I don't why but a sudden feeling of dread has came over me as if something terrible has happened or was going to happen. I shake my head. The street below the window is empty. How had I got to the window. I must have wandered here whist I was thinking.

I had now completely forgot my train of thought.  Trains. Oh, yes. I was comprehending the best way to travel down to Manchester. It was an old uni's friend's wedding, May. We weren't exactly close, but once upon a time we had been. We still kept tabs on each other. Its just we ended up on other sides of the Kingdom after we're Graduated. She in London and me in Dundee. It was just one of those things. We went from seeing each other everyday, to never seeing each other. We never actually had any thing in common. So only small chat and discussion about what other people are doing now. She was still a good friend. Even now I'm sure could relab on her.

Also lots of other uni friends are going. It be a union of sorts. I wonder if Beth is going to the wedding, I know she invited. Maybe we could share our a car down. It probably cheaper if we all go down that way instead of the train. Its just so expensive now a days. Though, there is always that sort of vintage and nostalgia to it. Going home on weekends and Holidays to the parent's that slowly stopped being home the more time I spent at Uni. No, silly to waste money and time.

I message Beth and see.  A road trip is always fun.

"What's the Hotel called again?" Jim asks for the fifth time. 

"The Abigail" Beth replies frustrated. "God, I'm glad we didn't take the train. This is not just outside of Manchester."

"It probably is to May," I say from the back. May seem to have no sense of distance. She would always end up late for meetings and classes because of it.

"I don't know why I took her word for it," Beth says continuing her rant. We had been driving around for a least hour looking for this place. None of us were that happy about it. We had been literally been driving for hours. "I should have googled this place before hand. Just imagine we had came down tomorrow. We would miss the whole bloody thing."

She starts to go on about the nonsense of a morning wedding.  I ignore her, she complained about the Nine clock ceremony six times already. It good thing she and Jim are perfect for each other. He always forgets and she always repeats. They've always been couple before there were one. The one you knew would eventually be together in ten years. Though, I could have missed walking in on them. Actually, the last time I had physically seen May was at their wedding. 

"Just imagine asking a pregnant women to come this distance." I smirk, I had forgotten how much Beth says "Just imagine", it was basically her catchphrase. Beth was only ten weeks pregnant. May couldn't have possibly have known she would be with child when she had invited her.

"I was tempted not to come."

"Yes, but just imagine the wedding without your awkward dancing." Beth turns and glares at me. Her dancing style had always been a sore point. I smile back at her. 

"Honey, you're a wonderful dancer," Jim says. Beth turns back to the front saying nothing. 

I look out the window to see a dirty sign proclaiming "The Abigail Hotel". The letters are scratchy. Its in desperate need of repairing. The road it points to is dirt tacked and framed by trees.I can see the faint outline of white building as we drive by. Its the eeriest thing I've ever seen.

"Jim, you just miss the turning." I say, full of dread. If its in my voice, they're don't notice.


Its takes us half hour to get back to that turn. It wasn't long enough.


That's all for this week folks, I'm just too tired to write more.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Oh, I totally see Unicorns all the time (at the same rate as Haggis)

For some reason I was really tired on Friday. I had went into college, but I don't think that explains why I basically sleep for Twelve hours (waking up at 2pm on Saturday). Especially, having had a nap for a least an hour. You may have noticed that I wrote Saturday, instead of today. Well, I wrote this on Sunday (or today as likes to be known) but I'm going to put put it as Saturday because...coz.

Okay, I forgot. I only remember today. It didn't even click when I was watching Saturday TV that there was something I was meant to do something on Saturdays. Something I do every Saturday. Nope. Only on did I remember that I had forgot about my weekly blog post. D

Did anything happen this week? No, if I had actually properly did NaNoWriMo I could have spoken about that, but hell I only wrote 1734 words and then wander away. 

I did learn something interesting about my home country. That Unicorns are National animal. Yeah. I had my doubts about that too, but then again the royal crest does have a Unicorn and a lion on it.  I also google it and it was true. I guess Scots just like have mythical creatures.

The rest of the Britains no better. Welsh have a dragon and England have a lion apparently, but honestly that seems more Scottish to me. There are so leopards.

That's all have to say, good days losers.

Saturday 24 November 2012

The Possible Reason Behind my Book Sprees

I had realisation last night while watching Booktube videos.

I buy books out stress and avoidance.

During my exam study leave, I spent a good lot of my time on ebay looking for cheap/collections of Point Horrors. I did want those books, but I should have seriously been studying for my exams (which I now know to have been pointless).

This past month I have had this sort of panic about my life. I know what I want to do. I want to be a writer. But I know, well I'm not big headed to think that I'll be set for life if  I manage to become published. It would be lovely to be able to live off my writing.

Back to the point of the Sprees.

While I love books, I can be rather irresponsible with my buying. I've picked books over food.I also bluntly have lots of books of different genres, frankly I probably have more YA than my local library, in theory I don't need anymore books.

I just love books. I like being around them. Even not reading them they're something nice about just being around a large number of books. They're a comfort.

Books allowed you to escape your problems by hearing about someone elses and how they solve/deal with them.

And for what ever reason just hearing about and acquiring books makes me feel better. I didn't even notice it till now.

Yeah, that one theory as to why I've bought so many this month.

Saturday 17 November 2012

E-Readers (and why a Book spree means none for me)

You know how I said last week I was thinking of getting a Kindle. Yeah, thats not going to happen. Mainly because I went out and spent the cost of a kindle on books. Since last May I've start going through a phrase of just buying books in sprees. I can't just buy one.

However, this could just be that I always buy my books at a discount. Either they're on sale or second hand. Buying in mass, especially off the internet tends to be cheaper.

 Another reason I'm not getting a kindle is that the ebook are sometimes the same price as a physical book. Which I don't understand. Some of the cost of a paperback or hardback goes into the manfacture of the book, the cost of book to be transported to the store you buy it from. So the cost is justified for all physical books.

I know it will cost money to host the book on Amazon or whatever site you get the ebook from, but that can't be the same as making the book because then it wouldn't be worth it and all the books would be that much. Yet you still get ones at 99p. 

As a general rule, I don't trust technology. It always vulnerable. If I were to spilled a glass of liquid on a book I would be able to save it by dying out the pages carefully, a e-reader would be fucked. A book isn't just going to decided it won't let me read it, while technology can work perfectly one day and then refuse to function the next. This is the same reason I still buy cds when I can, and I was proved right when my ipod quit on me, conveniently right before Christmas two years ago. If I hadn't bought the CDs instead of downloading them, I would have had to buy them again. Great for YouMeAtSix, not so much for me.

Also the biggest thing against not getting one is I actually like be surrounded by books. I keep them, look at them in fondness. Also when are you going to stumble upon a ebook with the author's signature in it.


Well, that was undue dramatics. I'm off to add to my alarmly increasing library.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Where the hell is a phone?

Something thats been bugging me lately is that Phone booths are gone from the streets. I honesty think there's still a need for them. I'm not saying a great one. However, I've been in situations where I've really needed one, but none are anyway to be found.

I know most people have mobile phones now a days, but they can so easily go wrong. Who hasn't lost their phone, had the battery died, or simply left it in the house? 

I left my phone on the bus, on my first day of college and annoyingly I couldn't contract my parents to inform them of this (and something else, forget), no phone booths could be found. It also kinda sad that there's not a need for a British iconic and superman now has no where to change. Whats he going to do, spin around really fast? Yeah, I think not.

Okay, I just want to share that thought before my little talk about what I've been up. The party last week was okay, really didn't like the DJ. I still very much still prefer to read about a party than going to one. I got my bursay which has meant I've been spending money, bit too much
 However, most of this money has went somewhere usefully, such as my new bookcase. Lovely thing. Also more books....always need books. Clothes as well. Finally, got Nightmare before Christmas; so odd that I didn't own that yet. Then again it is on TV a lot. 

Thinking of getting a Kindle, which has apparently turned into me getting a Kindle Fire HD, not bought it yet, but it is a likely possibility. Might be my christmas present to myself. I just don't know.

Generally, off to do important stuff such as college work and my personal statement. At this very moment, I'm off to bed.

Saturday 3 November 2012

The Nightmare after Halloween

So this shouldn't be a surprising post, yes it is indeed about Halloween and how now is the perfect time to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. In my opinion, the correct time to watch it is late November as it is between Halloween and Christmas. So to be sad Halloween is over and approximately excited for Christmas. 

Anyway, my Halloween was okay. I didn't do anything much, craved a pumpkin and dressed up for a few hours. Also attempted to bob for apples. Yes, I cheated and just picked it up after I licked it several time.

My pumpkin that now haunts my dreams
My little Brother's...this was a nightmare getting done.

 Here are four of the pictures I ended up taking/being taken of me. I shall continue to talk while you look though. I never actually did anything that spooky that day. I read a few creepypastas. Main reason for this was I was gravely ill. Okay, not gravely. I had on and off painfully headache and my voice was on the edge of going. I just was tired even after a goodish nights sleep and I've kinda continued to feel this way for the past few days.

 I finally heard back from SAAS about my Bursary. So I actually have money now, more money than I've ever had before. At this point I would like to remind you all that I'm poor and prone to books sprees. So that might not be saying much. But it was backtracked months. So I guess that enough with hinting how loaded I am now. Though, I've stopped hoping from gaining money from my ads on Youtube. I'm not going to do anything stupid with it. Probably just pay things that need paying, visit to England at some point to annoy a certain someone and buying a bookcase.
Also comic books...

I'm actually spreading my Saturday being social and going to a party. I know a strange thing to be coming from me and its not even fancy dressed geekfest.

Two parties this year, and I had plans last summer, I'm turning into a social butterfly. LOL, just imagine if that ever happen. No my nights remind to be sober and book reading fun, code for there is a book in my bag and I am not getting drunk as it is boring.

So I'm off to get my stuff ready and put my favourite programmes on record to watch tomorrow. 
Farewell for now, losers.

Wednesday 31 October 2012


Hi, since Halloween is such a special occasion to me and I feel I've almost negated it on here, I thought it deserved a Bonus Blog (it also happens to be Wednesday, possibly thinking of posting regular posts on Wednesday, if it happens it'll be next year). My last one was actually high quality, which is a rarity with my Sat posts, so I shall try to continue the trend.

Inspired by my recent discovery of I can not for the life of me actually remember how I stumbed on to it. It was possibly Youtube, but that doesn't sit right with me. Oh, spooky. By the way, you can find me as PhoenixAngel on it, only in the comments for the moment. Also stay away from the uncategorised section if its dark outside or on alone and like me have too active imagination sometimes. Though, still alive at the moment.

 I thought I do my hand at scary story for you all. I would just like to say that it been a while and I want to get back in the swing of these since my NaNoWriMo is horror related. Not telling till Saturday.


It was Halloween and April was stuck inside. She had the intention of trick treating, but this year the monster had brought a thunderstorm with them. It probably creating the most cliche possible setting for a horror story, April was just waiting for the power to go to out. It thankfully didn't.

Still April found herself staring out into the rain filled street empty of trick or treaters. Any of other night it would be a normal sight, this night it was extremely sad one for April. The only sign of what occasion it was, was the drowned out pumpkins and decorations that had been put out early. She gave a side glance at the pumpkin that shared the window with her. It crookly ginned at her, she still need more practice at craving them. But it was alright for her second attempt, she had only been allowed to crave her own lantern since the last Halloween.

Her mother hadn't trusted with her knife till the ripe age of 13. Her age was actually the main reason that the lack of Halloween activity saddened her. She was so close from leaving the age of acceptable trick or treating, well until she had kids of her own which should be a long time away. She really only had two more years until everyone would just make due with parties.

Halloween falling on a school night had mean all the parties had been. It kinda annoyed April that no one really made a proper effect to celebrate on Halloween unless its actually date fell on Friday or Saturday. She had though.

She sat wearing her costume, semi-concious of not rubbing her white make-up off. She had choosen to go that year as a bloody ghost as it was the only horror creature she had never been. She began to stare at the flashes of light, just willing the rain to turn off before its too late. It was half-past-seven and if it didn't turn off soon then they're would be no point going out. April sighed loudly.

"April, why don't you just eat our trick or treat sweets?" said April mother while watching the TV.
That was another thing that depressed April, they was not a decent horror film on. The only one she had found in the listing was one she seen, and it had been so crap that it wasn't even funny. She could go watch all the Cartoon specials but she had seen them all too and just didn't feel like it. She would rather watch the nightmare of a Halloween.

"Its not the same," April muttered. The joy of Halloween sweets was earning them by walking to all the houses in the local area, performing the trick of your choice and then sorting your haul to see what you got.

April knew exactly what they had in terms of candy, just the multi-packets and plain fruit. What April wanted was tabit or chocolate apple. Not toffee ones, they just hurt her teeth. Only the homemade was had good quality apples, the supermarket ones always just the bad ones. If she had known that there was going to be a storm, she might have tried making her own. Yet, she had no cooking chocolate in the house and the apples were bit rotten.

"Why don't you go read or something?"

"Good idea," April sounding almost cheerfully, before exiting the room. The night was about to get Only to come straight back with collection of Classic horror stories and took her place back at the livingroom window. April sat there very still reading, if anyone had past the window they would have thought that April was just a very realisic decoration and of course get a shock when the reading ghost turned the page of its book.

As tempting as is to end the story here, as a happy tale of how written horror saved the night. This is not where its ends otherwise itself would not be a work of horror.

As April was reading the thunder stopped, but not the rain. There would be no going out at all. April was no longer sadden by this, as she was lost in the haunting of an old mansion that had its inhabits spooked to the cores. She was interrupt with the flash of light outside before lights inside disappeared.

"Mum," April shouted in her presumption that her mother had turned the light off in exiting. April had been so in glossed that she didn't realised that TV had went off too. She turned back to the empty room as the lights flicked back on. Her mother must have wander off during an ad.

April look back at the street, it was in complete darkness. The street lamps were out. April was confused by this as the street lamps were meant to have a back-up generator.

As she scanned her neighbours windows for their power status. She noticed a figure walking along the street, she was shocked by this. 'You have be a nutter to walk in that,' she thought to herself. She continue to watch the hooded figure as it got closer to her house. Getting bored of their slow pace,she went back to her book, but the words seem bury now and she just couldn't make them out.

She rubbed her eyes and stood up from the window. She was probably just tired and going blind in her old age. She figured she probably tell her mother about it though. April was about to walk out the door when she heard a knock at the door. She was tempted to ignore it, but decided to answer thinking it would be petty important to be out this weather. 

The front door was in off side bit of the livingroom, it was cold and dark as the radiator was never switched on. April flicked the light on, but they refuse to come on. April felt a swell of panic inside her, she ignored it. She opened the door before she had the chance to freak out.

The door open revealed, a small boy dressed in black at the door.

"Trick or Treat," he whispered to the door. April stood and stared at the lone boy. His eyes and hair were covered by a hood. The skin visuable was pale white. April couldn't tell if it was make-up or from the cold.

"Do your parents know your out?" April ask sweetly. She figured the boy must have sneaked out, she had to admire his spirt for that, but he only six years and his parents must be worried about him. It might have been the wrong question to ask but too late.

The boy just smiled at April and said

"They're know where I am."

April bit her lip.

"I'm sorry, but I don't we have any sweets," Her brother had probably made off with them by now and were in the back of the house. It didn't seem right to leave the boy alone even for a second, however she didn't want to invite him in. "I don't think you're going to have much luck tonight. I think most people gave up with the rain."

"You're wrong, I'm sure I'll get my treat," the boy said in still a low voice. "Don't you want to go trick or treating?" He ask and held up his hand to April.

She look into the pale pam. She did want to go trick or treating. It suddenly felt like her last chance, as though there wouldn't be another Halloween...for her.

She took the boy's hand and went out with him. That was April's last Halloween. Her mother discovered her daughter's electrified body lying at the window. The thunder had turn to lighting and April had just been too close to the socket that was right to the window when it hit the house.

Though her neighbours did swear they gave sweets to a ghost that Hallows Eve.

The End

Oh, by the bye, I'm going as Death this year. Merry Halloween.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Two Empty Weeks (At least I read)

Well, I've college on Monday. Were the hell did those two weeks go? Time sure does flies when you doing nothing, while avoiding productivity. Does that mean doing nothing is fun? Probably a bit, well more than doing work.

However, I did do something slightly productive by finally finish reading the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes.  I won't say more than that, because frankly I've went on about a lot these past months and made a video (down below) that probably says too much on the matter.

I've read other books and in act of childish I've been reading children books, A series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. But then again when I was a child I could not read, so then why shouldn't read them now....Yeah, I have nothing to say this week. 
Just doing nothing all week, I sort everything out tomorrow. Still need a proper Halloween costume, any last minute suggestions are welcome. Everything is done tomorrow.
I'm truly off to annoy my black and white cat and dog.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Blood Chest (The possible start of a Novel)

Hi, you lot, so I haven't brought anymore books this week, which is meant to be a good thing. Though, I did end up getting books from the library yesterday but that no big deal since they're kid books (so short) and I've already read one. You know I've start to confuse what I've said on my blog and what I've said in my vlogs/book videos.
A family of pumpkins now live in my room.

 So as you know holidays mean I've done nothing or nothing interesting to talk about. But I did write something this week and I'm thinking of maybe using it as the basis of my NaNoWriMo novel. Not sure though yet, I shall think about as well as figuring out what my costume going to be this year. Vampire is tempting as always, maybe I just be a heart broke ghost. We're see...

Working Title: Blood Chest (Silent Beauty) 

I bite my lip, I stare at the front of the class not at all listening to what the teacher is saying. I begin to bite harder and keep adding pressure till I taste the blood drip into my mouth. I lesser the pressure, but keep my teeth where they are, keeping the wound wet.  I eventually let go when the bell rings. The blood begins to heavily flow now my chin. I ignore it. I pack up the paper and the book of the month into my bag, being carefully with neither. I walk up and go to leave with everyone when the teacher says my name.

I don’t remember his name; I’ve been referring to him as Mr English in my head since the start of the year.  I actually think he’s too young to be married, but master for whatever reason went out style for boys over the age of twelve. I turn around leaving my face bank. The blood drips now on to my chest at this point. I still don’t whip it away.

He stares at me shocked. Has he never saw blood before?

“Your lip is bleeding.” He’s says dumbly.

“I know,” I say only moving my lips in response. He’s clearly confounded by my lack of action. The blood continues to drip down. He follows red drop from my chin to my chest, where continues down under my top.  He jumps a little when he realise where he looking at. He was only doing out of instinct to follow movement. He’s not a prev like Mr Music.

“What was it you’re wanted to talk to be about?” I ask blandly. He jumps again; I fight the urge to smirk. I don’t why, but I can unnerve teacher petty easily and for whatever realise I get a small pleasure from it. I know that’s bad thing, but I can’t help who I am.

“It’s about your essay.” Oh, yeah that. I now notice it in his hands.

“It’s very good. However,” O, big word uni boy.  Is “but” too good for ya? I’m tempt to say this but don’t for obvious reasons. “You can’t just write on whatever book you want. It’s important that you stick to the class book, you need to practice for your exam…” This is where I stop listening, I hear exam and I switch off.

He’s stopped and waiting for a response.  I just look at him and bite my lip, restarting the now dry wound.

“Stop that.”

I scape my teeth across my lip before letting go; the blood starts down my chin again.

“Here,” He says holding out a tissue to me. I just shake my head at it. “Please.”

“It won’t happen again, I just felt writing about something more interesting in comparison to book I’ve already read six times”

“You’re only need to read it twice.”

“How many times have you read it?” I ask doing my best to keep my voice toneless. He shakes his head at me.

“That’s not really the point.” We stand, him awkwardly, in silence.

“May I go now, sir?” I drag the sir out.

“Yes, no,” he says muddily. “You’re a good thinker, but a horrible student…”

“Oh please,” I say interrupting. “You’re not going to do the cliché inspiring English teacher thing, are you?” He looks shocked. “Here how it’s going to work, you leave me alone and I’ll get an A in my exam.”

He looks annoyed now.

“I’m your teacher…”

“I’m just a candidate. No one actually cares as long as I don’t drag the school down with me. It’s your job to prevent me from doing this; if I ain’t failing then you have nothing to worry about. Now if you’re done, I have a lunch to read through.”

I walk out the room without waiting for a response. I know there’s a good chance that I might get into serious trouble. I don’t really care. I knew I was asking for trouble with that essay but he gave us that same question three times already.  I wrote it to amuse myself and never did the real one. So I just handed it in. I suppose, I could have told him I handed in the wrong essay the next day…I just didn’t care that much.
I feel eyes at the back of me as I rush down the hall. I snap back to see a boy staring at me.

“What are you looking at?” Original I know. He looks me up and down.

“A vampire by the looks of it,” he says smugly.  I glare at him before continuing my path outside. I bang out the door. There only few people about, I run around to behind the building before anyone can fake interest to why my face is covered in blood.

I dump myself on the brick wall that doubles as a bench. I exhale my frustration into the empty air around me. I take in one more breath before I take out the book I’m currently reading out of my bag. I’m soon lost in the life or death problems of the protagonist. It’s actually kinda of shallow compared to the last in the series. The romance is such a major feature in this one. I easily bore of romances in books or any media; at least it isn’t a triangle.

I realise there someone near me when I smell cigarette smoke. I look up at the future cancer patient.  It’s vamp boy. He is leaning against the building staring at me, puffing smoke in my direction.

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” He says smugly. His whole appearance said smug. His clothes were dark, but proper and expensive. Not something he cared much about if his battered converses were anything to go by. I scuff my fake ones against the wall. His face was that brand type of handsome, that he had tried to disguise with a lip piercing and obviously fake black hair.  Going by the fag in his mouth he was rebelling against his proper and rich parents.

“Go away Emo,” I say meaning it as an insult. He ignores me and sits next to be on the wall. I begin to cough. The only thing that sets off my asthma is smoke. Besides that I only have weaken lungs from childhood infection.

“Want a puff?” he asks smirking, putting the fag in front of my face.

“Sure,” I say grabbing it, throwing on the ground and use my boot to grind it against the tarmark.

“It okay, you can have the rest of it.” I give him a death glare before returning to my book. He begins to read it at my shoulder. He actually has the nerve to put his head on me. I hit him with the book, it’s a shame it’s only a paper back, before getting up.

I’m tempted to just leave, but this is my place and this prev had followed me here. I wasn’t fleeing my territory.

“Do you normally stalk girls?”

“Only the petty vamp ones.”

“Why, do you do have a deathwish?”

He chuckles.

“You know most girls would take the compliment?”

“Of being called mythical monster?”

“No, of being called pretty.”  I didn’t. Petty or “beautiful” always seemed like an insult to me. My mother was always telling me how pretty I was if only I would make an affect or her and others would say it when something had gone wrong.  I knew I wasn’t ugly, but I didn’t really see why it matter either way. To me it was being clever (in some way) that mattered. I didn’t like this boy at all.

“Well, the girls you know ain’t that great.” I say sitting farer down the wall from him and begin to read again.

“So is there a reason why you’re walking around as though you’ve bite someone?” He asked after a while. I put my earphones in and put my music loud enough for him to hear also. He keeps talking. I ignored his words and his eyes for the rest of lunch.

I get up as soon as the bell rings. I have to walk past him to get to my next class. As I do so, he grabs me around my hips. I hit with the book and push him off. Didn’t he understand personal space? He pulls my earphones out.

“I said can tell me where Mrs Smiths’ room is.” It’s an acceptable question to ask if he’s new, which I realise he obviously is if he spends his lunch annoying strangers. I really don’t know anyone in school so I would have no clue.

“What’s the number?” I only knew the heads by their names, everyone else was room number and subject.

“113” he says not sounding smug for the first time. Damn that my classroom.

“Just play stalker,” I say as I turned around and leave him on the wall. He doesn’t follow me at first and then I hear his steps. Once he catches up with me, he starts asking stupid questions like what’s my name and I am seriously going to class like that. He informs me his name Alexander Laviat. Only then do I respond with

“Why should I care?” I say trying to make it clear that he’s wasting his time. He smiles at me.

“Because I’m a vampire hunter.” I’m tempted to hit him again, but I just roll my eyes. He probably piss himself if he ever meets a vampire. Trust me, I’ve met several. They’re never “nice” to mortals of any kind.  
I try to lose him in the correct hall and slip into Room 113 without him.

“Lila, what happened to your petty face?” Mrs History exclaims upon seeing me. I ignore her and go to my place in the back. She continues to fuss about the blood, but I just my shake head at her. Refusing to say a word, I’ve already said too many today.  She only stops when a confused, but somehow still smug Alexander wanders into the room. He sees me and smirks. Mrs History finally goes and fusses with him.

When he sits next to me, I kick him hard under the table so he knows his mistake. He just continues to smirk.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Books Sprees (Invadison of the Novels)

My arms are playing up again, I'm spitting pains in my back. I woke up twice and I really couldn't move my right arm, it was that numb. My fingers went bit odd after that, back to normal now.

So that my normal. I don't why but I've been thinking darker thoughts lately. Not as bad as this time last year. I'm not depressed before you start any of that nonsense. That was last year 2011, my darkest year yet. I blame the school system (I actually do partly, a lot). I think it probably me just subconscious reflecting on the situation.

 I've taken to reading three books a week, which if I continue with this trend and with my current books read number (of 64); I shall have read 97 books this year. Though, that's a bad number so I have to read at least one more so its even number.

I've recently been buying a lot of books, yes that number is actually 10 but that's a lot considering I have no money. I have used money meant for food. I haven't brought in any months. I guess when I buy books I do it in sprees. I did buy a book I've been meaning to get for years is of course "The Perks of being a Wallflower" I could probably do a joke blog with the same title. Maybe next week.

So yay, my room is getting invaded by books. There's a boxes everywhere of them, but then it been that way for months. I'm been moaning about a new bookcase, no clue where I would put it. I could just put it in the middle of the room. I'm probably going to reorganise my bookcase.

Oh by the way, I'm off for two reading and stuff.... I might get something productive done. Might.
What do think of the idea of me dressing up as a alien for Halloween?

Saturday 6 October 2012

WTF Writing

Hello Lovies, I read "The Fry Chronicles" by the fantastic Mr Stephen Fry this week. Which somewhat explains why I've decided to dub my Hermes 305 (not a 301 like I said in previous post): Fry. Frankly, its doesn't deserves such a good name; rightfully it should be called Billy Bob or some rather boring like Steven. Why don't I dub it one of those, because even if I despise the damn thing, everything which I decided to name must be called something interesting or at least standable to me. I'm also on a mission to kill a cat called Steven (no clue why) therefore my typewriter can't share the same name.

I'm sick of my own life, therefore I'm back to the scheme of writing fiction for these rather than my actual life or some lame arse point.

The Horror of Writer Okay, not that.

My head hits the desk, in frustration I begin bang it repeatly as though the abuse will cause my brain to come up with the thing I demand of it.I stop and rub my now sore forehead. That didn't help at all. Really not that.

There was once a girl by the name of Rebecca. Now, Rebecca was hideously plain, not like that Jane who keeps saying she is while all the boys chase after her luscious lips and long smooth legs.Rebecca was slightly gay for Jane, but that couldn't be helped as Rebecca was slightly confused. Rebecca was looking forward to summer as she would no longer have to strip naked for gym with the other girls.  She shivered in...embarrassment.

Rebecca was not ugly, no just plain. Her features were neither pleasing or displeasing. Her best friend was sort-of-petty Anna, they had big plans for the summer. Those plans had been massive, but Anna had gain a boyfriend the month before summer ended. She now interested in kissing him (and not sleepover experiments) leaving poor Rebecca to her own devices somewhat. Rebecca had no hope to get a boy of her own, no matter what Anna said. Unless she became easy like Easy Ruth.

The last true school event was the big party that Easy Ruth was holding that everyone was inviting to. Rebecca and Anna are meant to be going with each other, though Rebecca was now worried she would end up sitting in the corner by herself while Anna did straight things with the boy. Anna showed up at Rebecca's house at 2 past seven while Rebecca was putting on a plain blue dress.

Anna sighed (inside) when she saw Rebecca. She didn't appeared to have made an effect, besides shaving her legs. She wore no make-up and her hair was straight as normal. They had this debet before, while Anna had began to wear make-up daily and wore a a skirt that was three and half inches above her knees. Her shirt hinted at her womenly figurer. Rebecca look at best the 50s worst five years old.

They left at past 10 and arrived at Easy Ruth's at 20 past. She was wearing a top as dress and large breast were shoved in Rebecca's face upon entering. If Rebecca hadn't a pair herself, she would have swore that Ruth was flirting with her. It must have just been teasing when she asked if Rebecca liked her perfume.

The house was full of teenage hormones and their carriers. The night started calm, until a game of spin the bottle was suggested after every teen's lips had made contract with alcohol. Rebecca didn't understand this game, it seem so easy to go wrong. She didn't want to play, but Anna made her. It would be a long game. A giant circle was formed, going girl boy girl since that apparently would make things more interesting.

It was a night full of homosexual and heterosexual experiences. Boys kissed boys, a boy kissed Rebecca, Rebecca kissed Easy Ruth whose hand had made contract with Rebecca's left tit. Rebecca watched nervously at first but the kissing began to blur. That was until Not Plain Jane's turn. She bent down to spin the bottle giving  an eyeful. The bottle seems to take forever to choose its next victim. It landed to Rebecca's right. Jane drunkly crawing her way across the circle, before fosting her tougue down Rebecca's thoat. She pushed her on to the boy she was meant to kiss.

Rebecca was no longer confused when it came to Jane. She was a horrible kisser, but her boyfriend was much better. Rebecca moved after that summer. Anna became close with Jane intimately. Easy Ruth got knocked up before running off her Social Studies teacher, Miss Rook.


I hope you wonder WTF did you just read, as much as I went WTF did I just write. So much filler, I don't have words.

Saturday 29 September 2012

DAMN IT MOFFAT (I promise Last Doctor Who post till christmas but that only cause I can't think how it will come up again till then).

So I've just watch

Saturday 22 September 2012

When the cat is gone, the mice will read.

I am ill. I thought I would start this week's post off with my moaning. Okay,  I don't actually have that much to moan about. The bus to college didn't show up, well according to them the bus was 15 minutes earlier than plan without warning, after it being 15minutes late every other day before. I think they're just skipped my stop due to it being usually empty and its meant to be the first stop. Its not my fault I live in the village of the damned. I'm also still waiting to hear from SAAS to hear about my grant. Its been 30 days since I sent the addition information, so hopefully Monday a letter will come. Till then I am broke.

My parents are gone for the weekend, so be my sib have the house all to ourself. So obviously we have big plans for this weekend. However, as we're both geeks these plans include watching Doctor Who, Comedy World Cup and QI XL. I know we're so cool. Until then I plan to read Sherlock Holmes stories (and watching some lame British horror 'Demons Never Die').

God, I hate being ill. I always feel like I can't breath when I have a blocked nose. Maybe I have something to write about if I didn't have such a boring life, full of such interesting books.

Saturday 15 September 2012

My Sherlock Problem (with disturbing DW action).

I said I was going to talk about Sherlock Holmes today didn't I? Well, I'm not. Not really anyway, since frankly I talk about him far too much. It really just my problem which I inflict on my best friend. We had a  lovely chat last week until my phone declare we had talked too long.

I've bleached part of my hair so now I have sherlocks (that is probably no way the correct way to use that word), someone said (on the internet) that Sherlock meant golden hair. I have found no proof of this, and all the name meaning website have a different means such bright hair (which is certainly all my hair), light hair (some) or with cropped hair (none). Lock means hair most certainly.

I want to just do all my hair, but my mother is strongly against it. I want to do it as my last act of teenhood, It something that won't get away when I'm older, its not as premarted as a tattoo (someday, but have yet to find the right one) or a piercing (there can go horribly wrong, as in death). It's something I wanted to do for a while. I think I'm going to leave as it is for now and do it in October right before Halloween. That totally won't crashed with me dressing up as a female Sherlock (Vamp! version most likely). We'll see as neither plans are set in stone.

I've been fan-arting, something which I have never finish a piece of this yet and what I'm currently working on is challenging piece. Its Doctor Who related and might end the unverisal if were ever to happen. It also Slashy and can't help but giggly while drawing it. Even just looking at it sets me off. I have been informed that I must now finish it.

I would just like to take this time to make clear something. I am not Sherlockian or Whovian. I am Sherlockish and Whoish. This makes perfect sense since I am British, they are British therefore we are ab "Ish". The "an"s of North America are trying to inflict their ways on to us. Never. I will hurt the next person who address me as such.

Seriously, nothing to say this week.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Doctor Who thoughts as they happened.

GOD, Doctor Who makes me giggly. Watching it as I type. What with the orange opening? Queen Nefertiti is the best Queen of Egypt ever.  This is probably going to be rather random to begin with. Dinosaurs in space, isn't that like a little boy's fantasy. I would say kid except I wasn't that much into either as a kid.
LOL, Squeaky voice robots fantastic.Oh I know those voices, I love both those voices.

The Earth Lizard people are back.  I don't imagine a (can't think of the name of this) Dinosaur licking someone like a dog. I like Rory's dad better than Rory, its so sad when children go up...can't think of the right word. Everyone knows the Doctor is more like a PhD doctor than a medical one.

Eleven is really growing on me. At first I wasn't sure of him, I thought he would be better than nine who I did not like at all, but he's much better. Though, Ten will always be my Doctor.

The Doctor doesn't have a value, he's priceless. But definitely not worthless.

"Don't ever judge me by your standards" He probably stole that off someone. I'm now stealing that.

Robots are funny, as expected. "They've stolen a dinosaur." "I see that."

Gay kiss, well just give the fangirls what they're want then Doctor.

Oh, not the doggy Dinosaur *weeps dramatically*

Lestrade is all I can think about.

Ew, old man. No one likes a creepy rapist trying it on with a several thousand year old Queen. Nefi could definitely take him anyway.So could anyone he is on crunches after all and rather dimwitted.

Ha, I saw that coming didn't I?

Aw, who doesn't want to see their home from space. And Earth is rather petty. Thats amusing and sweet ending.

 Next week Cowboys. These writers are such boys.

I'm off to annoy my best friend, I tell about my (our) Sherlock problem next week. 

Saturday 1 September 2012

Blogger's block (with London's Safety being poked at)

It surprisingly hard to come up with a blog idea every week. I mean I know there's people out there that blog something everyday. I tweet most days, but most of those barely past as amusing nevermind interesting. Maybe it would help if had a life outside of books and the internet.

I mean I can't really write book reviews (from English I took the ability to only write essays about characters and deep themes, most people don't want that or most of the books I read are too shallow to do that or have been done who knows how many times before). There are no currently geeky shows to watch (the realisation I only watch cartoons and BBC productions) and I forgot to write about The Dark Knight Rises when anyone, including myself, remotely cared (it was overly obvious from a fan point of view). The Olympics are over and no offence to the Paralympics but channel 4 suck at sports so I've given up any notion of watching them (or any sports).

Wait, Doctor Who is back on tonight; technically I could just wait and watch that. Then I could freely bitch about why do the writer hate Rory so much (they've killed him at least Three times) and how I'm not fond of any of the Ponds (its nice to re-watch River Song's death). Okay, I could do all those things right now, but you know me... I like to bitch at the only semi-appropriate time.

I would also like to state that I hate Docter 9 and Rose that while the plots were okay (besides the characters) I never watch them because frankly I would have happily killed both. Still sightly sad that Rose didn't die...

Also why has London not been nearly destroyed the past two Christmases?

Oh, for those expecting a update about  how my first week of college went... there isn't one (not clearly written one anyway).

Saturday 25 August 2012

The Realisation that hit me at 4.58 in morning (Oh, why must this war continue?)

Sleep is boring. 

Okay, sleeping isn’t actually the boring part. Its self can be rather interesting with the whole dreaming and disturbing oddness that comes with them. It’s the getting to sleep that the issue. I was inspired to notion of it being boring from BBC Sherlock and if you follow my twitter (@RachelVerna) or my Youtube vlog (all links can be found at the side) you will know that I’m quite a big Sherlock fan (working my way through the original Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes by ACD). While lying awake one night after many a night struggling to find rest, I realise that I just can’t shut my mind off. 

With the lights out, my mind goes into overdrive.  Every possible thought goes through my mind, what I should have done that day, what I need to do tomorrow, why the hell did I say that to such and such in the P6, Oh that would be good plot line or I totally think they going to have that in the next episode…such is the nonsense that comes to me at 4am.

And even if I can get my mind to go blank, then my senses go into overdrive. Suddenly, I can hear everything that going in around my house. Whether it’s the TV that been left on in the living room or the buzzing of bug flying around my bedroom, it’s enough to keep me up till sun rise. I end up getting out the bed and getting my ipod. 

But then the patterns in the darkness would come, but I always fight the unknown of the darkness and my wondrous imagination, by having a light source.   However, my imagination is too good to be conquered by something that simple and will frankly always win the war. I only take the humble battle most nights. I will caught shapes in the corner of my eyes that are suddenly something; I will create layered horror stories in the middle of night involuntary.  To think I use to have night terrors.

Even in my deepest need for sleep, these things all still keep me awake. Most night I give and paddle about, reading (don’t even suggest that makes you tired, if you actually enjoy reading it will waken you more) or watching whatever crap happens to be on at five am. The Curse of an Active Brain.

So in this bring me to the conclusion that trying to get to sleep is boring and most nights I wouldn’t even try if wasn’t for the matter that I’m actually having to be do stuff during the day. As of this Monday I’ll have to be getting up at six in the morning instead of going to sleep, all to catch a bus to college. I won’t get home until half sixish as well, I imagine my bed will be the most appealing once I arrive home. This will be my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next year. The Price of an Education. 

For those interested, the orientation day was as boring as I imagined and no I never talked to anyone which is what both my parents asked me. Also I missed out of seeing (in person) my Best friend (yes, Miss English) because of it. As the theme of sleepless nights has continue, you would be correct in thinking that my problem from last week has not been solved. God, I can’t believe summer is officially over now (in my mind it’s over with the term start). So Farewell to summer this year and Farewell to you this week. Wish me luck for college.