Saturday 22 June 2019

A List Of Not

My goal of applying for things is not going well. I just cannot bring myself to do it. As I'm writing this, I should be finishing an applicant for a potentially cool job.

Things I did instead of filling out this application:
  • Went to the cinema and saw four films in a row (one was in 3D)
  • Watch videos about the Drama that is Vegan YouTube (take victims for the love of God)
  • Cuddle my dog like a baby
  • Joined a readathon and start trying to come with a TBR for it.
  • Have mini-panic attacks about wasting time instead of just answering these questions.
  • Argue with my dog about her crying at me.
  • Check my DNA update on (not sponsored). 
  • Annoying my dog by waking her up
  • Wrote several nonsensical tweets about this process.
  • My dog demanded love by attack kissing me.
  • Reminiscing about past Productions, I was involved with.
  • Shutting down American Headcanons of Harry Potter. 
  • Wrote this list.
I ended up summiting the application but have no faith that it will go well. But that's life. Who knows maybe they're be real impressed by rambling for six paragraphs for one question. I suck. If I hadn't procrastinated, but I also have been trying to read six library books in one day.

I get too anxious about these things. I haven't been pushing myself as much. I mean have been failing to write on this blog or review books either. I have done some smaller reviews but not to a standard at all. More just random thoughts about books that will never get proper reviews.

I haven't filmed anything, editing has been touched and then abandoned. I still want to do all these things. Part of it being a carer but mainly I think I've been letting the day get away from me. I lack structure. Maybe a schedule would help, but I'm not sure if a self-made one would work.

Not sponsored but I brought Grammarly Premimun. I wonder how it can possibly worth £20 a month. We're be seeing if it is.
I'm certainly going to cancel it after this month. I was just feeling slightly panicked, and I should go back into writing, so maybe it will be usefully.

Going to see Pink tomorrow which is bound to be a thing, since we did not manage to get Disabled tickets.