This blog is written purely to be written. I write something every week that will appeal on Saturday or fail. Did it for a year and hopefully here for another.

This blog is mainly full of random stuff such as my complaints, writing, favourite music and books. And of course me moaning about life in general. I've also started doing Book Reviews and my creative writing appears here too (sometimes).

I post up to 2 reviews on Wednesday and post that could be anything on Saturday.

About Writer
RV has always been a strange child who often writes about herself in third person, as you do. 

She learned to read at 11/12 years old, due to being dyslexic (which she won't shut up about). Since then has read anything she could get her hands on and now lives in a room full of awkwardly placed bookshelf and mysteriously appearing books.
RV is also writer of creative things (who others have said are good), a "capable" artist and hoarder of knowledge (mostly, useless and unlinked facts).
She is in fact massive Procrastinator who thinks too much. 

She can be found as herself or ? on most places.

Main Genres/areas:  Horror, Fantasy and whatever.
Occupation:            Carer/Queen of the Vampires.
Age:                       Early Twentyhood (1620 years or so)

P.S. I like books.

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