Saturday 8 January 2022

Goals 2022

 Another year, still a continuing pandemic 

  1. Read a Book a Week: An oldie but a goodie. Also technically failed already because I didn't read in the first two days of the year. 
  2. Read 100 Books: Going to go for the standard due to the failure of last year. 
  3. Watch 16 films a month: Might seem like a random number. Basically, my current bullet journal spread has a space for 16 in its basic form. 16 is doable. I watch to watch more high-quality tv as well, but that's a harder static to track. I guess I could count series or episodes. 
  4. Get my TBR Down: physical books but I also now have a collection of audiobooks waiting to be read, as well as NetGalley books. I have calmed down but also stopped reading physically. 
  5. Write a Review a Week: If I'm reading, I should review it. It's good for me. Also, Netgalley is a place that I still get books from. I know should probably stop, but the books are so shiny there. 
  6. Write a Post a Week: You might be able to see a pattern forming in these next few posts. I need to write more and more frequently. I need to force through writer's block and just let things go. 
  7. Finish a Novel Draft: I do have like six novels that I have never gotten to the end of them. I haven't gotten to the end of anything in a while. I have ideas that I think would work.
  8. Write a Screenplay: I am out of practice for even a short film. If you want to be a writer, then you have to write. I am writing, I just want to write the same thing over and over again until it's a complete work. 
  9. Make something Creative: Maybe a podcast, maybe a faceless essay channel. I want to inflict my vision on people. I still have video ideas but they're different from my older ones. 
  10. Continue Bullet Journaling: I did this on and off last year again but I have decided on colours ahead of time. Shockingly, I would spend a lot of time not being able to figure out what colour I should next month, then not do it till days into the year. We see how that goes. 
  11. Exercise most days: I keep meaning to sign up for the gym/swimming pool. I got a trampoline but it broke in the wind so there are issues with using that right now. I just want to have stamina and my clothes to fit me. 
  12. Applying for Things: I'm once again toying with college and university again. I don't know I feel stuck in life and just want to do something to get out of this rut. It's so hard being disabled and not knowing if I could handle something. I just want to do things again. Work experience would be good. 
I'm in a rut so see you again next year.

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