Saturday 26 October 2013

Annoyed Carer

I'm finally getting Carer's Allowance on Monday, frankly it took them long enough. Well, anyway I got a letter off them today about backtracking (or arrears). Guess what? Apparently, they don't own me anything since I've getting Jobseeker's allowance. Okay, I have two issues with this. One, Carer's Allowance is actually more than Jobseeker's, so they still own me 17.50 (Yes, I worked that out). Two, and probably most importantly, I have not been getting Jobseekers. In fact I've spent 6 weeks without any money till last week where I got Income Support. Also apparently if they did own me any money (which fucking obviously do) then it wouldn't be from when I got my last Job Seeker's payment as that was a Tuesday. So I miss a week because I wasn't born on a Monday. I know when to pick my battles so we leave that idiocy so I plan a tattle the own trying to get of paying me 6 weeks of money.  Can't even call the idiots till Monday so I have two days of rage.

I know some people would say that I've done nothing to earn that money, but they're idiots too. I'm meant to get Carer's Allowance because I'm a carer. I look after my mum and other family too I guess. I've probably said this on here before, basically I'm only in my house who healthfully. My little brother is, but he austisic and handfully. I'm probably not that good carer but once I'm finish with the Prince Trust course I'm going to do alot more.

So back to what I'd had plan to actually write about in this blog and keeping my orginal introduction. It doesn't quite work appearing in the middle of a blog post but I don't care.

This week was full of pain, paint, I meant paint. We were painting for our community project.
First we painted YMCA's toliets and then painted half of a room upstairs of YMCA. Of course, there momments were people brusted into song, a specific song. Also something that is apparently hilous when two boys trucked their shirts into itself displaying their stomachs and backs, then of course then "I want to break free" came on the radio. Someone record it on their phone as they painted the walls. I just don't get what was so funny about it. I mean if it had been two girls who trucked their shirts like that it wouldn't be considered humourious but girls being normal. 

We also went back to the community centre to plant flowers in a tire and paint lament flooring gold. We also decorated the hall for them for Halloween.

So Halloween is next Thursday which awesome. No major plans. Two pumpkins to crave and a bloody Red Riding Hood costume to wear. Also start Panto rehearsals on Monday. Never done a Panto before, should be interesting.

Well, that all for this week, join me where I be spending alot time in the Library.

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