Sunday 24 January 2021

How do I improved a system that I have no first hand knowledge?

 Why is so hard to find examples of C.V.s for the very specific job/programme I'm applying for? Also, do I write a cover letter. How do I write a cover letter?

Also, why do end up just wanting to point of the Ableism that these companies have partaken in? Why does everyone have to be so ableist?

I saw a clip of the Sia the Ableist Musical. It involves restaining someone having a meltdown for no reason, never mind that method has killed people. Honestly, fuck Neurotypical comfort. Be embarrassed by your kids, that says more about you than the kid. 

I also decided to watch 'The Night Clerk' which in a shocking turn of events is also bad. Not the worst thing I've ever seen but still...neurotypicals shouldn't be allowed to make media about us anymore. Now to watch Loop, let's see if Pixar is better. 

Doesn't use the word Autistic in the short, therefore it does not count as rep despite using traits and Autism Self Advocacy Network.  Okay, it's clearly showing Autism in the character's traits and title credit is similar to the rainbow infinite sign and uses a non-verbal autistic girl to voice the character. It's actually a good portrayal of an Autistic person. Actually, show the causes of a meltdown. 

Doesn't use the word autistic which is usually a major markdown on how I show the portrayals, but it is a short. If it was a TV show, it would not get a pass. TV shows have no excuse to reveal their character's deals. You say it or you officially fail. 

Frankly, we could be here all day with coded characters. Very popular in police shows. Jesus the amount of coded autistic characters in crime is a lot. Maybe someday they have the guts to use the actual word then it's not rep. 

I should probably put these thoughts into application. Time is always moving. 

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